NEW Store Release - The Crafty Maid

  • HZR fans, rejoice! HZR is back with a brand new title. You can get The Crafty Maid at the Affect3D Store starting today!

    When a young guardsmen takes the maid he has been courting to their Lord's private chamber, she's overwhelmed with joy, which leads to some very sloppy sex! But when the Lady of the manor and the Lord (a goblin no less) come in for their own fun, the maid comes up with a plan to give her lover a chance to escape! For sure. there's lots of cocksucking, juicy pussy and anal fucking three-way fun! But will this tale of romance have a happy ending?

    TCM Main Product Image v2

    Containing over 150 images (with your choice of images with or without text), The Crafty Maid gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Those who have been following HZR's work will know the lengths this artist goes to in making each image the best quality it can be. And that trademark quality is on display everywhere in this set! With the titles strong focus on sex and storytelling, it's more than deserving of a place in any 3DX fan's collection. You can get The Crafty Maid for only $10! Go check it out!

    Buy Now The Crafty Maid over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

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