Become A Writer For Affect3D and get paid!

  • As grows, we want to do more to get the community involved. That's why we're giving everyone the opportunity to write articles for Affect3D. Starting today, we're introducing a brand new writer submission process to enhance our existing editorial content. So if you've got the ideas, we want to hear them!

    With the new writing submission process, we've made it easier for you to get published on the site, have fun doing it and get paid all at the same time :) How this works is simple: Create an account for the Affect3D site. While logged in, fill out the article submission page with your topic idea, giving us a taste of what you wan to write about. If your article idea is approved, you'll be able to write the article and then see it appear on the front page for all our visitors to see and with attracting more than 4 mio pageviews a month, that's a lot of eye balls.

    You can choose from a vast array of topics. From the major happenings in 3DX/Porn to the latest technology, you can write about anything that's having an impact in the 3DX community. Can't think of a topic? Don't worry! We've also included several column ideas, so you can choose one that piques your interest and write about it. You can even submit you own topic if you're interested in something our columns don't cover. Not only that, we've also created a tier payment plan for various article sizes, so you can write about what you love and get paid for it!

    If you're interested and want to get started, follow our simple 2 step process. All you need to do is submit your article idea on our article submission page and if it's approved, you can start writing! So come write for one of the fastest growing 3DX sites out there! We'll be waiting to see what you have in store!

    Click this link to get more information on pay rates and how to submit your article idea!

    Check out the front page post Become A Writer For Affect3D and get paid!

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