NEW Store Releases - High Elf Carolyn & Lustplorers 10

  • We have a dual release at the Affect3D Store as FantasyErotic and Jepner have released their latest titles! Starting today, you can get either FantasyErotic's High Elf Carolyn: The Rescue or Jepner's Lustplorers 10! Or you get can both!

    Both titles are on the opposite spectrum of the fantasy genre. High Elf Carolyn: The Rescue explores the mythological side as Carolyn finds herself as a meal for a hungry beast. Before she's devoured, a hero saves her from the pending danger. For his heroism, Carolyn rewards him with a fucking! On the other side of things is Lustplorers 10, the continuation of the sci-fi series. In this issue, our heroes accept a dangerous mission to save their friend Rihanna. What lurks in front of our heroes as they venture to an unknown planet? There's only one way to find out!

    0 affect3d-main_product_image-TheRescue0 affect3d-main_product_image-Lustplorers10

    FantasyErotic and Jepner are tremendous artists who should be in your 3DX collection. Fans of either artist will enjoy these excellent titles. And if you're not a fan yet, then now's the time! You can get High Elf Carolyn: The Rescue at only $11.95 and Lustplorers 10 for only $9! So check them out now!

    Buy Now High Elf Carolyn: The Rescue or

    Buy Now Lustplorers 10 over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

    Check out the front page post NEW Store Releases - High Elf Carolyn & Lustplorers 10

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