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  • WARNINGS: Animal genitalia, transgender, religious symbols, desecration.

    This picture was set up in Second Life, then post-worked in PaintShop Pro 14 for effects such as depth of field, lighting, framing and signature. The signature is "Rhiannon Tamerlane", the name of my avatar in Second Life.


    (1024 x 567; click on the image for the full-sized version, 3260 x 1805)
    Skin, tail & tail textures by me
    Ears from Mephitis Jezebel's AVentity Anthro Equine, re-textured by me
    Breast are Lolas! Tangos deliqc, retextured by me
    Penis is Scara Starsider's Realistic Horsecock; Jacob's Ladder made by and added by me
    ! Outfit:
    Boots are CD Queen Bitch by Candy Dollinger
    Riding crop by Ely Mode
    Wimple is Bombard Wimple by Maryiah Lefevre
    Demon skull necklace by Cilly Spirt
    Demon skull nipple covers & belly button piercing made by me from a copy of the necklace (item is copy/mod)
    Shoulder cape by Jadye Glenwalker, retextured and glow effects by me
    Crosses on boots by me
    ! Sim:
    Church of the Sacrificial Virgin

  • This is an on-going story, featuring futanari characters and their sexual adventures.

    ! Apartment 3A, Chapter 1 - Noisy Neighbours
    © 2012 GingerM
    ! Thump, thump, thump… Dammit, they're at it again, I cursed and looked at my clock. 3 AM. Great; I had to be up in a couple of hours. Muffled exclamations and moans accompanied the rhythmic thumping. I still hadn't met my next-door neighbours but one thing I knew; they were the Energizer bunnies of sex; they just kept going and going and going. Night after night I woke to the thumps and moans of the pair of them getting it on.
    ! I had seen one of them, or at least I think it was one of them; I came home late one night and there she was, a tall redhead unlocking her door. I didn't actually see her - what? Roomie? Lover? Partner? I had no idea - but a pair of slim brown arms grabbed the redhead and pulled her inside as the door thudded closed behind them. I had simply shaken my head and gotten the mail, then unlocked my door. Five minutes later, the wall between our units was shaking and I could hear them through the drywall.
    ! I suppose I'd better explain a bit; I live in Apartment 3B and they live in 3A, both on the top floor, and share a wall which - at least on my side - runs along my living room and bedroom. The rest of the apartment is toward the outer wall of the building and I assume their place is basically the mirror image of mine. Unfortunately, that means their bedroom is right on the opposite side of the wall from mine, so I get to hear their bedroom escapades, every night.
    ! It was really pissing me off because the apartment was one of the few I could afford and it was otherwise a nice place. Heck, for that matter, I didn't know my neighbours weren't nice; their only fault was their taste for noisy, prolonged sex at all hours of the night. Well, and that they didn't seem to care who heard them, either. However, it was a problem, because they kept waking me up. I don't know what they did for a living, but apparently they could sleep in if they were fucking like that at 3 in the morning.
    ! The problem is I don't like confrontation. I know, I'm a wuss. I get enough confrontation at work; being a woman in the engineering world isn't easy. First, there's the guys who leer at you or make what they think are terribly funny remarks; then there's their choices in art, which usually involves provocatively-posed women in little or no clothing. I swear, engineers are boys who never really grew up. It didn't help that my inclination doesn't run toward men, either. I'm sorry, but I like women. I like some men as friends, but I just never got into men the way other girls my age did. And I was a gangling kid, all braces and buck teeth, even in high school, so I never worked up the nerve to approach another girl.
    ! Going by the comments - intended as compliments, I'm sure - I've gotten from my male colleagues, I'm sure I've improved. I don't wear braces any more, and the rest of my face eventually caught up with my teeth. I guess they approve of my butt, too; early on I was patted a couple of times until I let them know I wasn't interested. Problem is, that just started them speculating on my taste in women and pairing me up in their imaginations with some of the other women who work here. The rest of them are in administrative type jobs; I'm the only female engineer. That doesn't stop the boys from theorizing about erotic liaisons between me and Molly, the admittedly-decorative receptionist, or me and Linda, Theresa or Emma, who are in the typing pool and who I confess have figured in some of my daydreams… but I digress.
    ! So I let matters slide, sort of; every so often I'd sidle out, filled with a reasonable amount of courage to ask my randy neighbours if they could at least stop by midnight, and I'd cave. I did learn something else interesting, though, in the process; they had quite a social circle as well. More than once I caught sight of other women and occasionally men leaving their apartment, mostly alone, but sometimes in pairs. I still hadn't met either of them and I still had no idea about the redhead's roomie/lover, but apparently their appetites weren't limited to just each other.
    ! I confess their sex life titillated me, too. More than once I spread myself on my bed, naked, and jilled myself in time with the thumps and bangs and ecstatic moaning coming from the other side of the wall. Sometimes I could make out words, too, and marvelled at their imaginations. They were both very fond of strap-ons and other toys, I gathered, from the number of exhortations I made out to 'stuff that nasty bitch's cunt' or 'fuck her stupid'.
    ! Matters came to a head about a month or so later, I guess. I'd come home absolutely dragged out, too tired to do more than reheat some pizza, shower, then crawl into bed. I swear, I hadn't been in bed more than 30 minutes when it started, again. Honestly, I thought they were going to push their bed right through the wall, it was that loud. They were really carrying on, too; I could hear their words remarkably clearly, and they were absolutely nasty!
    ! "... yeah, yeah, do me, ram it in!" "Fuck yeah... on your knees, bitch, I'm gonna slam your slutty mouth 'till you choke!" "Oh yeah, do it! Then I'm gonna bend you over and blast your dirty cunt!"
    ! Admittedly this was the kind of talk that got me awfully hot when I spent a Sunday afternoon listening to them and playing with myself, but this was the limit! I was tired and their blatant lack of consideration for others with their constant, noisy bedroom games had gone too far. My temper roused, I grabbed my housecoat and threw it on over my birthday suit and stomped out, across the landing and hammered on their front door.
    ! Looking back on it, I don't know if they could've heard me with the noise they were making, but that didn't occur to me at the time. "Hey!" I shouted, "It's 11 at night, for heaven's sake!" I followed that up with another smart tattoo on the door... which opened.
    ! Normally I don't make a habit of walking into someone else's place. Under normal circumstances I'd have closed the door and kept on knocking, or perhaps leaned in to shout for them. But this time I took this as being something between an invitation and an amazingly rude lack of manners, ignoring me at their door. So I pushed it open and stepped into their living room.
    ! I have to say, their taste was very, very good. Art deco isn't something I care for myself, but they had done it well. At the time, though, that was strictly secondary to my concerns. Their hallway, like mine, was at the opposite corner of their living room from the entrance, a miror-image of my place just as I'd figured. I strode past the kitchen, the bathroom toward the open bedroom door, from which the sounds of thumps and bangs as well as panting, moaning and cries of lust were coming. There was also a smell, too - the pungent scent of sex. There was an odd, musky tang to the unmistakable smell of aroused women, but I wasn't really paying attention, except to realize that despite my anger, I was also getting quite aroused as well.
    ! I banged the bedroom door wide and yelled, "Hey!" and the two figures writhing together on the bed stopped as if shot. "It's 11 at night!" I repeated myself, planting my fists on my hips. "How 'bout a little consideration for people trying to sleep!?"
    ! The redhead - I recognized her easily - had a look on her face. She had incredibly fair, peaches-and-cream skin, and green eyes that blazed with anger at my intrusion. She was wearing a... corset, I guess, and she was crouched over her partner, the only part of whom I could see were tawny legs encased in sheer cream pantyhose splayed out in a 'V' either side of her bedmate. Judging from their positions, I guessed the redhead was using a strap-on on her lover. Their bed was a solid oak-framed thing with the headboard right against our common wall; so that was what had been banging and making such a ruckus! I was secretly a bit impressed, too, that this pair could be so energetic as to make that very solid frame move so forcefully.
    ! "Who the fuck are you?!" the redhead demanded, rolling off her playmate. Her playmate looked equally pissed, her legs dropping to the bed as she glared at me. If it hadn't been for that glare, she would have been quite lovely as well; short-cropped hair dark as a raven's wing and eyes that would have been a warm brown if they hadn't been filled with anger. She rolled off the other side of the bed with cat-like grace, striding around the end.
    ! That was when reality took a hard right, for as I confronted them, both unashamedly naked and caught red-handed in the middle of what was clearly Olympic-level sex, my eyes were drawn to a glaring impossibility - two of them. Both of them had cocks. Thick, heavy, erect cocks.
    ! Time seemed to come to a halt somehow; I only remember the next little bit as flash-frozen images. The redhead's cock must have been over a foot long. The base of the shaft looked like it merged right into her vulva; I could see the nub of her clitoris and the smooth seam of her nether lips. The tawny girl's cock didn't look quite as long, but was definitely thicker, not that the redhead wasn't thick as well; at the moment it seemed like both of these… girls? had young trees growing from their crotches. Like the redhead, her shaft blended smoothly into her pussy
    ! Time unfroze when I saw a thick, creamy drool of what must be semen oozing from the wide slit in the crown of the redhead's penis. Unable to help myself, I glanced between her lover's legs and I could see the tell-tale sheen of wetness along her inner thighs.
    ! "The fuck?!" the tawny girl snarled.
    ! "You… ha..." my brain scrabbled for traction, unable to logically process what I saw. "Noisy," I babbled. Cool air swirled around me, and I realized that in planting my fists on my hips in an assertive display of righteous mad, my housecoat was now open, practically framing my body.
    ! That certainly distracted them from their anger; the redhead's face smoothed into a sultry smile and she licked her lips lewdly. Her lover was slower but nodded slowly, looking me up and down as though I were a prize-winning sirloin and they hadn't eaten in a week. That maddening breeze was making things worse; I could feel my nipples standing out atop my breasts in fat pegs, and delicious shivers shot through my crotch as I moistened. God, how is this even possible?! I wondered distractedly. I'm hot for chicks with dicks!
    ! My body didn't seem to care, and neither did my impromptu hostesses. "Well, this certainly puts things in a different light," the redhead purred as she took my arm.
    ! "Yup," the shorter, raven-haired girl agreed, taking my other one. "We're sorry; we really didn't know we were making that much noise," she went on in a soft croon.
    ! "But we'll make it up to you," her redheaded lover added. Everything seemed to be quite distant, somehow; as though someone else were operating my body. Whoever it was let them walk me to the bed, my housecoat slipping from my shoulders as we went.
    ! "I'm Allison," the redhead said with a grin, "and this is Shaniqua." They moved me onto the bed, then both crawled on with me, one on either side. "Now you just lie back and let us make it up to you for our inconsiderate behaviour," Allison added.
    ! The evening took on an extremely surreal quality, no doubt of it. Here I was, lying in the middle of a king-sized bed, completely naked, with two impossible women in bed with me. I had no idea what they were, how they came by those penises, but that just didn't matter. Allison and Shaniqua began exploring me, their hands running up and down my sides, over my breasts, along my legs and teasing my heated, juicing, needing pussy. At one point they were both suckling me, each with a nipple caught lightly between their teeth while they flicked their tongues in unison over and around my aroused pegs. Then they took turns kissing, licking, tasting my pussy lips, and I could only lie there, moaning and shuddering with pleasure.
    ! It got weirder… some time later, Allison sat astride me, thrusting her cock (and how strange is that to write?!) between my breasts while I squeezed them together, making a snug, warm, excited tunnel for her to fuck... I was getting a titfuck from a woman. With a cock. But that wasn't all; Shaniqua was straddling me, her perfect little brown ass flexing rhythmically as she drove her cock into Allison's mouth, one hand on her hip, the other wrapped in the redhead's waist-length hair. "Oooh yeah... that's right, suck my cock, bish," she chanted while Allison made rude gobbling sounds, her throat bulging a bit. She was playing with her tits as well while she kept up a steady pace between mine. I didn't add anything to the conversation; I was too busy enjoying the wet, slippery, thick cock fucking my tits. Eventually I heard Shaniqua draw in a sharp breath and suddenly wetness splattered down from her; she squirted on me! She evidently came from her cock as well, because she clutched Allison's hair and jammed her hips forward while Allison's throat worked in a swallowing motion!
    ! I don't know where they kept their testicles, but there was no doubt they could make cum, and lots of it! Allison's cheeks puffed out a bit, then white goo was leaking from her lips around Shaniqua's tawny cock, running down her chin. Shaniqua kept cumming for at least two minutes, and by the time she was done, Allison's lips and chin were glazed, and thick cream had plopped onto her breasts, where she rubbed it into her skin. That set her off, too; her cock between my tits jumped and then it felt like a firehose had gone off in my face! She groaned urgently around Shaniqua' schlong, but a mouthful of girl-cock didn't seem to slow her down any, and I found out what Shaniqua had been doing in Allison's mouth.
    ! That thick monster spat, over and over and over again, blasting Allison's cock-goo into my mouth! I swallowed as fast as I could, and the taste wasn't as nasty as I'd been told it was; slightly sweet, slightly salty. However, I didn't have as much going down my throat as she'd had since she'd been tit-fucking me, not throat-fucking. On the other hand, I got a lot of her spooge on my face - it splattered my cheeks, my forehead, my nose, plastered my hair - and more painted my neck and tits!
    ! Shaniqua pulled her cock out of Allison's mouth and flopped back down on the bed next to me while my hands - also splattered with girl goo - released my breasts to free Allison's cum-spurting impossibility.
    ! "Fuck me, that was good," Shaniqua grinned, pushing her hair out of her face. Allison rolled off to lie on my other side, licking her lover's semen from her lips and chin and nodded agreement. "Oh yeah... I love a good tittyfuck, babe," she purred. "But now that we're both well warmed up, I think we need to give our new friend -" she looked inquiringly at me. "Hey, what is your name, anyway?"
    ! Shaniqua laughed and reached across me to grab Allison's cock, jacking her slowly. "Geeze, Ally, don't you even get someone's name before you fuck them?"
    ! Allison - Ally - just laughed and began rubbing her semen into my skin. "Hey, I just came on her face and tits; I haven't fucked her." She looked at me hungrily, expectantly. "Yet," she added, and let her sperm-messy hand trail down my belly to resume exploring my quivering pussy. "So what is your name?"
    ! "Ah... Heather," I got out. Things had gone past surreal, past weird; I was in Twilight Zone territory by now, and it seemed easiest just to go with the flow.
    ! "Heather," she and Shaniqua repeated together, then Allison looked roguishly across to her lover. "Now we can fuck her."
    ! You know, coming from a man or a pair of men, that would have seemed crude, like I was just a piece of meat, a thing for their pleasure. Somehow, though, hearing those words from these two women, and seeing the smoky heat in their eyes, I wasn't offended; I wanted them to fuck me. "Yes, please!" I moaned softly between my two lovers. "Take me…!" My heart pounded in my chest at the prospect. There was something incredibly alluring about them - maybe the intensity of their desires, the dark, dangerous aura of insatiable lust both of them radiated. I felt elevated, raised beyond the common, in the presence of two elemental forces, and at that moment, there wasn't anything I wouldn't have done to pleasure them, and if all they wanted was to push their girl-cocks into me over and over, why that was easy!
    ! Between them I was turned on my side, facing Shaniqua. Two sets of hands stroked me all over, then together they lifted my leg. Shaniqua's brown eyes bored into mine, their depths swirling with her rampant sexuality, and between my legs I felt her cock's glans nuzzling against my drenched lips. She was guiding herself into me, I realized, and then she was there, I could feel myself being opened and God she was thick! She pushed into me, an irresistible force that wouldn't be denied, and I bit my lip as I felt my cherry give way, tears welling briefly in my eyes.
    ! "Ooo... Ally, we're busting a virgin!" Shaniqua chuckled. "Aww yeah... she's so tight, Ally; you're going to love her cunt...!" Shi pushed again and again, working herself farther into me, filling up amazingly! I had no idea a cock could feel so good inside me, and somehow the fact it sprang from a woman's loins made it even better! Finally she seemed to be all the way in; I felt stuffed, in a very good way.
    ! Allison hadn't been idle; while Shaniqua opened me up, her hands kept on roving over me, stroking from shoulder to hip to thigh, and from time to time I felt her lips brushing along my shoulder blades. Now that her lover was socketed inside me, I felt her warmth press against me from behind; her nipples were as hard as mine, pushing against my skin, and one smooth, pale hand crept around to cup a breast, her thumb toying with my nipple. "Ready?" she asked, breathing in my ear, and I nodded, my whole body trembling. Shaniqua wasn't thrusting yet; she simply held herself inside me, her mound pressed against mine, her cock disappearing up inside my stretched cunt.
    ! She nodded as well, and I felt her hands come to rest on my ass. "Go for it, Ally," she answered intently, and I felt Allison's cum-slicked cock sliding between my buns. She's going to fuck my ass at the same time, I thought, and the idea nearly made me faint. To be double-penetrated, like in the nastier magazines the guys at work liked, feeling them working inside me, back and forth... A little mini-orgasm rippled through me, sending a fresh welling of my juices to bathe Shaniqua's thickness inside me.
    ! Only I didn't feel Allison's cock try to push into my anus; I felt her move forward between my thighs, until her plump glans was pushing at my lips next to Shaniqua's cock! Oh my God... they were both going to fuck my pussy together! I shuddered and instinctively lifted my leg, trying to make room. I felt Allison's hips rocking, felt her hardness sliding between my firm assbuns, felt her knob trying to enter me... but it would never happen, Shaniqua was already in me, as thick and hard as a steel pipe, and there wasn't room! But that wasn't going to stop Allison, and I gasped in mingled pain and pleasure as somehow she managed to stretch me enough, and her staff began to slide up into me.
    ! "Oooo... fuuuck..." I panted, hyperventilating; never mind being virgin, never mind this being my first sex with a cock inside me; my first time was going to be with two girl's cocks - larger than any man's cocks I'd ever read about - stuffing my hole, stretching me to the limit! Allison and Shaniqua knew what they were doing, though; it hurt, but Allison took it slowly, pushing just a bit at a time then pausing to let me adjust, while Shaniqua's fingers clenched and relaxed their grip on my ass.
    ! "Hooo... tight isn't the word, Heather," Ally's soft voice came in my ear. "You feel so fuckin' good... I can't believe 'Niqua and I are getting to do you this way for your first time." Her lips brushed along my ear while she thrust again, working herself further in.
    ! Shaniqua moaned softly as well, her fingers tightening again on my butt. "Geez... oh fuck this is nice...! God, Heather, this more than makes up for you walking in on us!"
    ! I couldn't say anything; I had no breath left. If Shaniqua filled me up to the stuffing point, both girls in my poor little cunny was something else; I didn't dare ask how it was even possible, or what would happen to me; all I knew as my body adjusted, was that I wanted this to keep happening, to last forever. Both girls began thrusting, rocking in time together, and I clutched the pillows, biting them to keep from screaming in pleasure. Shaniqua kept her grip on my ass with both hands, and Ally kept... well, 'rubbing' is far too plebeian a word for what her thumb was doing; she was masturbating my nipple, and it responded like a cock, standing out stiff and proud as her fingers gently kneaded my tit.
    ! Warm wetness bathed my other nipple and I let got of the pillow to grip the raven-dark head bent to my breast as the tawny cockgirl suckled. "Fffff... yes, Shaniqua!" I panted, my fingers clutching her to my bosom. "Keep doing that... nnnggh…." I didn't know how much more pleasure my body could handle; it felt like every nerve was a live wire with surging jolts of electricity shooting through them. I forced myself to let go of her head, and she raised it to smile at me, like the cat that got the canary.
    ! "Mmmm... you can call me 'Niqua too, Heather honey," she murmured. "Any girl who can take both our cocks like this can call me pretty much anything she likes."
    ! "Same for me, sexy," Allison added. "I'm 'Ally' to you."
    ! I nodded, panting, while both girls moved into an alternating rhythm that drove me to heights of pleasure I had no idea existed. Jilling myself was a pale, pale thing compared to this heady delight, and both 'Niqua and Ally were groaning as well, their cocks gripped and massaged by my stretched pussy, and adding further pleasure as their shafts rubbed against each other inside me. I put my hand on my belly and started; I could feel the bulge of their cocks inside me, shifting with their strokes. Surely no girl had ever been so well and truly fucked as this! I know men's magazines advertise things to increase a man's girth and length, but there was no way any man could equal either of my new-found playmates... and I had both of them inside me.
    ! How long they fucked me like this I don't know, but it was some time. Having erupted once each with me already (and Lord only knows how many times before I'd walked in on them) they were in no immediate hurry to finish. I floated on a sea of lust and pleasure, whipsawed and hammered between these two incredible creatures, while they methodically fucked me to near mindlessness. I had orgasm after orgasm, until my thighs and their cocks were sticky with my juices and the sheets darkly damp. Not to say they were bored or boring; I was acutely aware of both of them - their heat, their scents, and above all the massive cocks rampaging into my gaping puss.
    ! Both of them were perfectly in sync with each other; as they came closer to release, they sped up, meshing their strokes until they were thrusting into me in unison. Shaniqua's face was a mask of lust; her lips drawn back to show her teeth clenched, eyes closed as she concentrated on nothing but fucking me. I couldn't see Ally's face, but I could feel her breath, panting in my ear as she matched Shaniqua' thrusts, both cocks spearing into me together.
    ! They came together, explosively, shuddering in simultaneous release. I felt the dual orgasms, cock-cream blasting from the fat knobs of their cocks deep inside me. "Ngguuuhh!!!" Allison grunted, her fingers clutching my boobs, matched by Shaniqua's equally intense "Hnnnfffff!!!!" in time with the first volcanic eruptions of girl spooge. I remembered how much both of them had come and wailed lustfully as I realized what both of them were pumping into me! My pussy clenched hard, gripping both cocks tightly, milking their seed in repeated orgasmic contractions while they panted and fucked and came...
    ! By the time both of them had emptied themselves into me, my poor abused little cunny was a goo-smeared, cum-leaking mess. I swear to God, their jizz squirted out from the little gap between my nether lips where their cocks rubbed together in me… absolutely squirted out and painted my thighs and theirs with thick, white cream. I felt them beginning to soften inside me, then Shaniqua gently pulled her cum-slippery cock out. "Aww, fuck yeah... oh man, I haven't cum like that in... I dunno," she sighed.
    ! I pulled myself against her, her breasts warm against mine, and then Allison's shaft was slipping out of me as well, and I gave a little moan, feeling very empty. I could feel cum leaking from my loose cunt lips, bubbling out, rich and frothy. I could feel Shaniqua' cock all sticky and messy against my belly, and Allison's equally slick, drippy cock nestled between my ass cheeks. "That," she announced with a satisfied smile in her voice, "was amazing...! Heather, you can play with me and 'Niqua any time you like, hon."
    ! Impossibility on impossibility... I had met two girls with amazing appetites for sex; two girls who had cocks, of all things; two girls who enjoyed using those cocks on each other and who had evidently found me a worthy bed partner as well...! I felt elated, and somehow supercharged. My eye fell on the bedside clock; it was well after midnight, but curiously, I didn't feel the least bit tired. Neither did Shaniqua and Allison, either; though relaxed, they showed no signs of wanting to call it a night.
    ! I won't recount in detail the rest of that amazing night; suffice it to say we had much, much more sex... I remember eating out Shaniqua while Allison pounded me from behind; I remember Allison eating Shaniqua while I plied a borrowed strap-on - a double-ended one - and stuffed my ersatz cock into Allison's juicy cunt, the latex balls slapping lewdly against her thighs. I remember sucking Allison's cock while Shaniqua licked my cunt and sent me into a frenzy. I remember watching them in a sixty-nine, fingering each other and sucking each other's cocks while I tit-fucked Shaniqua's toes; I remember kneeling in front of them, sucking both their cocks until they spurted girl-cock cum over me from their apparently inexhaustible supply. I remember being spit-roasted, with Allison taking my anal virginity while I gobbled Shaniqua's cock until she bucked and fired rope after rope of cock-cream down my throat. I remember both of them on the bed in front of me, bottoms up while I ass-fucked them in turn with the borrowed strap-on. I felt amazing, riding one crest of pleasure to the next, and both my lovers showed me new and wondrous things to do with them until - I could scarcely credit it - the rosy glow of dawn stole through the window.
    ! We were, all three, absolute messes. Cum covered us - matting our hair, glazing our faces, smeared over tits, with fat white drops dangling from nipples; pooled in belly buttons and painted over our butt cheeks. All three of us were leaking girl goo from our pussies and asses, oozing in frothy white runnels down our thighs; our lips were smeared and stained with sperm. The bed was a mess - the sheets soaked with pussy juices, jizz and sweat - and the rest of their bedroom wasn't much better. Cum splattered in pearlescent stars on the walls; there were droplets and small puddles of their cum on the hardwood floor. The wall common to mine now had deep dents from the finials of the headboard battering at the drywall; some of it my doing, when I had braced myself on it, straddle-legged while Allison fucked my ass with pounding strokes while Shaniqua knelt behind and thrust her tongue into Ally's dripping snatch. My housecoat had been the target of more than one of their cumshots, too. Allison and Shaniqua had shed their fetish outfits during the course of our marathon, except for Shaniqua's stockings, now torn from the night-long frenzy of our orgy.
    ! Together we made our way to their bathroom, fondling each other, not wanting to give up physical contact. They bent me over in the shower and Shaniqua pumped another load of girl-cream into my much-fucked pussy while Allison's girl-cock stuffed my throat and the hot water beat down on us, washing away the mess we'd made of ourselves. We dried off and Allison said, "Might as well take the towel so you can go get dressed," and the last I saw of them before leaving was Shaniqua masturbating Allison as she stuffed herself into the redhead's cunt, eliciting animal moans of hedonistic pleasure.
    ! I felt gloriously alive! I hadn't slept a wink, but my entire body tingled, charged with energy. I chalked it up to the amazing night I had spent and with a light heart, went to dress. I usually wore something fairly conservative - not quite a librarian look, but not far from it. I wanted to minimize the comments from the men in my workplace. But today I looked at my wardrobe with a new eye, and instead I picked out my one 'daring' blouse - semi-sheer, with lace panels in the sleeves and over my breasts; under it I would wear my cherry-red bra. I found a smart grey skirt I'd forgotten I had; it would definitely get attention, coming somewhere between mid-thigh and knee length. My one pair of evening heels completed the ensemble. My collar-length blonde hair, normally just brushed out any old how, I had fluffed up a bit so it was softer and fuller, and carefully I applied my cosmetics. I considered myself in the mirror, and my reflection looked back at me, running its tongue along its lower lip in perfect time with me. Yes, I'd want me.
    ! My male co-workers didn't say a word when I came into the office; they just stared, and I smiled, enjoying the rush of my power to strike them dumb. Molly stared, too, and I felt her eyes on me - on my ass - as I put a bit of extra swing in my hips going past her desk. All morning I felt strange... alive and excited and on edge. I was definitely going to see more of Allison and Shaniqua, of that I was sure. It was entirely possible I was pregnant, too; I wasn't sure of my timing but given the amount of sperm they had spurted into me from their girl-cocks, it would be almost a miracle if I wasn't pregnant. But that I would fix; if they hadn't knocked me up last night, I was willing to give them more opportunities. Somehow it didn't occur to me to wonder at this, though on the face of it my sudden urge to be impregnated by two girls had to be abnormal.
    ! I spent a bit of time at lunch doing a careful bit of discreet hacking; using an IP anonymizer service, then going to one of the less-popular search engines. I had to find out what my two amazing lovers were. The answer wasn't long in coming; the term, it seemed, was 'futanari'. There was an amazing amount of images and stories - most quite graphic and explicit - about them. It seemed there was some disagreement about the exact sexual attributes of futanari, or futa as they were popularly known, but certain things were common. Without exception they were beautiful; they were much, much better endowed than men; their sex drive would shame gods; and they were possessed of unbelievable stamina.
    ! I didn't feel that good after lunch, but I wasn't surprised. A night of no sleep and vigorous sex with two girls was bound to take a toll. It was odd, though; I didn't feel tired so much as sick to my stomach. Cramps clenched in my belly, until I had to tell my boss I needed to book the afternoon off sick. When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom and curled up on the bed, clutching my belly. The cramps were getting worse, but they didn't feel like the curse, either. Very soon I was flushed and sweating, too; I stripped off my clothes, letting them fall wherever - 'hung up on the floor' as my Mom would say. The cramps were getting sharper and seemed to be moving, centering at my mons, just above my clit.
    ! Sudden pain shot through me and I doubled over, biting my hand to stifle the screams. I had seen Alien as a little girl and all I could think of was the chest-thing, bursting out of Ash, only much lower down. I clamped my hands over my mons and recoiled; something was moving inside me! "God, what's happening to me?!" I moaned in agony. My flesh rippled and crawled under my hand; I could feel a swelling there, like some obscene tumor... and the pain, my God, the pain! Whatever it was was trying to get out; some parasite, some growth... wildly my imagination cast back to the night I had spent with Allison and Shaniqua; what if they weren't human? They had planted something in me, some monstrous thing that was chewing its way out from inside... then the skin under my hands shifted, and I felt the growth swelling.
    ! Two soft, cool hands came to rest on my shoulders. "It's okay, Heather," Allison's voice said, and Shaniqua's voice chimed in, "We're here, honey." I hadn't heard the door open, nor their steps, but they were here... and then a fresh pain shot through me, and then something was pushing hard out of my groin, and I felt it shifting, moving, slithering under my hand, and I pulled my hand away. "Welcome, sister," my two lovers' voices said in the same unison with which they had double-fucked me the night before, and I looked down between my legs.
    ! I had a cock.

    ! Apartment 3A, Chapter 2 - How to Relieve The Tension
    © 2014 GingerM
    ! I watched Molly walking down the aisle, delivering something - paperwork of some kind - to one of the guys in the engineering bullpen. Molly gave me a warm smile as she passed, and instead of just gawking as I once would have, I smiled back, just as warmly, and briefly ran my tongue along my lip. I had had a few lesbian fantasies about her, as well as Linda, Emma and Theresa, but they had remained strictly that - fantasies, in the privacy of my head. I remembered the look on Molly's face when I came in, two weeks ago to the day, for the first time in my career not looking like a refuge from Nerd Central. Instead of my usual shapeless, baggy outfit, I'd dressed up - sheer blouse, pencil skirt, heels - and people had noticed, oh yes indeed.
    ! Those shapeless, baggy clothes were gone - well, okay, I'd hung on to a couple pairs of jeans and comfy shirts, in case I needed to get my hands dirty - but everything else was gone. I'd gone out the next day and blown most of my paycheque on clothes. Sexy clothes. Clothes that would draw the eye. 'Niqua and Ally had helped me fine-tune my cosmetics, too; adjusting my choice of eyeliner to make my blue eyes really stand out, for starters.
    ! The main difficulty, actually, was that it wasn't just my heart beating faster at her smile; it was my cock twitching, hardening in my panties. I tried thinking of other things - reports, engineering formulas, alloy ratios - but it didn't help. With a sigh, I pushed the keyboard aside; time for a trip to the little girl's room, before the bulge became entirely too visible in the front of my skirt.
    ! "Damn, Heather, you spend more time in there now," a familiar voice called after me as I turned at the door with the (gag!) pink "Ladies" placard, "but I like the results!" That was Todd Jones, the senior fluid engineer. Most of the guys were more or less harmless, but he grated on my nerves, and I wasn't the only woman who felt that way. Every one of us felt like he was mentally undressing us each time he looked our way. If you only knew, I thought, letting the door close behind me, you'd be running fast and far…
    ! I was an old pro at this by now, though I remembered how surreal it felt the first time I stroked myself. 'Niqua and Ally had come into my apartment that afternoon, the afternoon it… well, broke out, I guess. It was about seven-and-a-half inches long then. After the initial freaking-out had passed, they had taken me to bed and showed me just how much they liked my new addition. Both of them had ridden my new shaft, though there'd been a bit of disagreement over who got to take my very first shot of cum. 'Niqua had won that argument, but compromised by taking it orally, and letting Ally be first to take my cum in her pussy. Then both of them had plunged their nearly foot-long girlcocks into me, one in my cunt and one in my ass, and the three of us together stroked my brand-new cock until a third load of jizz erupted from it. Like them, while I didn't have a scrotum, I certainly had testicles, just I didn't know where.
    ! "Oh, you're a nice size!" Ally had chuckled, her fingers wrapped around me. I guess I'd looked disappointed, because she and 'Niqua laughed. "Heather, hon," they said, "a nice size already. You're gonna grow, girl; we a- both did." I caught the hesitation but didn't think anything of it at the time, being preoccupied with them. We'd spent three or four hours in my bed, fucking each other several times, with our cocks, our fingers, our tongues... exploring each other's bodies, delighting in the pleasure we could give each other.
    ! They were right; I did grow. Sex was the trigger for a new futa; it spurred her cock to grow to its full size, and now the turgid flesh rooted above my pussy measured almost thirteen inches from root to crown, and was easily two-and-a-half inches across; big enough around that my fingers wouldn't close around it anymore. That wasn't the only thing that had increased either. The first few times I'd jacked off (strange, to call it jacking off, but since jilling's already taken...) I'd simply grabbed a wad of tp and shot my load into it. Three or four good-size spurts made a soggy wad of the tissue, but that wasn't enough now. The night I first met 'Niqua and Ally, they'd been fucking for a few hours, but they were still able to pump nearly a pint of cock-cream into me the first time they shared me, and I hadn't noticed much of a drop in their production through that entire night. Now, two weeks later, I was matching them in length, girth and volume, and our nightly orgies were gloriously sloppy, sticky affairs.
    ! My calf-length high-heeled boots clicked on the tile floor as I went straight to my usual stall, grabbing a handful of paper towels from the dispenser. With practiced ease I opened the front of my skirt and tugged my straining cotton panties down, letting my cock spring free. I planted my feet wide, either side of the toilet's base and curled both hands around myself, tugging briskly. Pleasure surged and roiled through me in response, and in my imagination my cock wasn't encased by my hands, but by Molly's gorgeous breasts. In my mind's eye, she knelt before me, eyes shining with lust as she squeezed her boobs around my turgid length, and soon my breath was coming in ragged panting gasps as I tit-fucked her vigorously.
    ! "Ooooh... yeah, that's it, that's so good," I chanted under my breath, my hands flying along my length. My hips rocked, pumping my cock in my grip, in time with my fantasy-Molly. Now I was thrusting hard enough that my glans was bumping against her chin, and with a sultry smile, she dipped her head, her lips parting to welcome the tip of my shaft between her wet, warm lips. Her tongue, shocking pink, flick out to curl around my knob, sending a surge of knee-trembling pleasure through me. A slow, oozing warmth down the inside of my thigh told me the heat in my pussy wasn't just in my imagination; I was leaking my juices even as ecstasy churned inside me, right at the base of my girlcock.
    ! "Nnnnh... good, oh yeah, good, work it, hon, lick me, suck me," I moaned urgently. Pre welled up from my knob, running down over my pumping fist, slicking my shaft in my grip, and in my fevered imagination, it wasn't pre - or not only pre - but Molly's spit. Imaginary-Molly moaned around my cock, sending vibrations through the quivering length of my staff, and I felt myself getting close to release.
    ! Quickly I shifted my feet just a bit wider apart, and bore down on my achingly stiff cock, forcing it to aim downward toward the toilet bowl. One last flash of mental masturbation, imagining Molly's mouth around me, her eyes gazing into mine, bright with lust and desire, swallowing the entirety of my cock until her nose bumped against my mound... and with a gasping grunt, I came hard!
    ! A thick streamer of jizz leapt from my cock, splattering against the porcelain of the bowl, and hastily I leaned forward a bit, to ensure my load went nowhere but into the water. A loud splash followed the next jet that shot from me, and then another and another, the splashes overlapping as I came and came and came, one creamy load after another splashing into the toilet, turning into creamy, sticky streamers in the water! My hands gripped my cock firmly, milking and squeezing my shaft of every drop and after a couple of minutes of non-stop orgasm, the flow ebbed, until a last string of girlcum drooled from the slit in my purpled glans. "Ooh... yeah, Molly," I murmured, shaking my cock. There was no way a wad of tp would have sufficed to contain that cum-splosion, there was easily a couple of pints of she-spooge in the bowl, going by how far up the liquid level had risen.
    ! "Heather?"
    ! Oh shit - Molly! I panicked. Did she hear me? I hadn't heard the restroom door open, but I'd been lost in the glow of orgasm while I fantasized about face-fucking her… God, did I say those things aloud? Or just in my head?
    ! "Uh, just about done," I replied, tripping over my tongue. Frantically I stuffed my slow-relaxing cock back into my panties, then yanked my skirt zipper back down.
    ! "Okay," her voice replied, sounding slightly puzzled. Shit, shit, shit… I must've said that aloud...
    ! I caught sight of myself in the mirror over the sinks as I emerged from the stall and winced. While there was no tell-tale bulge in the front of my skirt, my hair was more than a little mussed, and my blouse showed damp spots from sweat breaking out while I'd jacked off. It didn't help that my face was flushed, too, as though I'd just finished a marathon.
    ! Her face looked puzzled too - lovely, kitten-ish, but puzzled. "You okay, Heather?" she asked, looking at me. "You look kind of… I don't know... feverish," she finished, her eyes on my face.
    ! "I, uh, no, I'm, um, okay," I stammered in reply, feeling like an utter idiot. I took a couple of steps closer to her, then glanced at myself in the mirror again as I tried to push my short blonde curls back into a slightly less dishevelled look.
    ! "Okay...?" she replied, her voice rising. Something had caught her attention; her pencilled brows furrowed as she sniffed, and cocked her head to one side. What - oh oh… I hadn't yet washed my hands, and they were smeared with pre-cum… and I didn't dare look, but I'm sure there was cum, too... and she was smelling the fresh-mowed grass scent of it.
    ! Operating on pure impulse, I took two swift steps, then pulled her into my arms. "Heath-mmmmphhh!" she got out as my lips captured hers in a lust-maddened kiss. For half a second, she tensed up, pushing against me, then - well, she didn't realx, but she wasn't pushing against me. Instead, hir arms slid under mine, curling up my back, and I felt her fingers digging into my shoulders through the thin material of my blouse. Between my legs I felt my cock hardening again, but I didn't care. I wanted her so badly it hurt. No more hiding what I feel, I thought to myself. I didn't know if I counted as a lesbian anymore, now that I had a cock as well as a pussy, but I looked and felt like a woman, and I definitely felt like a lesbian.
    ! Molly wrapped herself around me, one leg curling around mine, one hand sliding up into my hair to push my head down as we kissed madly, lips parted, tongues entwined. I could feel her breasts against mine, separated only by our blouses and bras, and none of those could conceal the tell-tale hardening of her nipples or mine. Wordlessly - because we were both still kissing like mad things - she ground against my thigh, her skirt riding up. Dampness smeared along my hosed leg; she was soaking through her panties already.
    ! Panting heavily, we broke the kiss by unspoken mutual consent.
    ! "God, I've wanted to do that!" "I've wanted you so badly!" we said simultaneously, then laughed briefly. "You too?" we asked each other, looking into each other's eyes. I was acutely aware of her hands sliding down my back to my ass, and mine slid up her sides until I was cupping her breasts, just as in my fantasy.
    ! "Lean back," I told her as I dipped at my knees a bit, bringing my face level with her bosom. Her blouse fit perfectly - not too tight, but not concealing, and slowly I began to unbutton her, until her brassiere-encased boobs swelled free of it. Her bra was a front-clip type, fitting snugly. It was a half-cup type, lace-trimmed, and her pert, stiff nipples poked out just above the lacy scallops. Slowly I exhaled over each one, then flicked my tongue to taste her, and felt her shudder in response.
    ! "Oooh… Heather..." she moaned. Her scent rose up from under her skirt, pungent and sweet. I undid the clip, letting the cups fall away to reveal her breasts in all their glory, then slowly ran my hands up her legs, feeling the sheer hose encasing them rising up under her skirt. "Mmm... oh yeah..." she purred when my lips captured one nipple, suckling on it, and her fingers roved through my hair. "Wow.. Heather, I had no idea...!"
    ! You really have no idea, I thought, then giggled around the mouthful of nipple. I could feel her panties against my fingertips now, and discovered - by touch - that she, like me, shaved herself bare - or at most, kept herself very closely trimmed, at most a 'landing strip'. The dampness I'd felt on my thigh was wetness now; she was dripping wet already. I was curious, in a distant kind of way, why she was already so aroused, but that was for later; right now, the sensation of wet woman against my fingers, the scent of her arousal filling my nose, was far more important, and I could feel myself as hard as if I hadn't just unloaded my hidden balls into the toilet, and my pussy just as wet as hers. My panties were soaked through, and my cock pushed up through the waistband, trapped under my skirt.
    ! Squirming and moaning told me she was enjoying my mouth and fingers, and I let that breast slip from my lips as I shifted to the other. Under her skirt, my fingers curled in her panties' thin waistband, tugging them down over the curve of her hips, giving my fingers access to her juicy womanhood. Urgently I explored her, spreading her labia apart, and the loud moans told me this was exactly what she wanted.
    ! I couldn't wait any longer; I wanted, needed to be in her. I wrenched my skirt open then yanked my panties down to my knees, freeing my cock. "Molly…!" I muttered around her nipple in my mouth. My cock swayed, bumping against her leg, and that must have registered through the haze of lust clouding her mind. "Heather, what on -" she started.
    ! My lips on hers cut her off as I rose back up. "Don't ask," I murmured into her mouth. My hands hoisted her skirt to her waist, bunching the material - it was going to be thoroughly wrinkled afterwards - then my hand slid over the curve of her ass, down the back of her thigh as I lifted her leg and pushed her back against the sink. My cock slid up her inner thigh, caressing and caressed by the sheer silk stockings, then I felt her heat, wet and ready, anointing my glans. Growling under my breath, I tightened my grip on her as my hips rocked, driving my shaft into her!
    ! Her eyes widened at that, and she exclaimed something I couldn't make out since her mouth was muffled by mine. It didn't matter - she was incredibly ready, wet and slippery, and she gripped my she-cock tightly as I entered. I tried to take it slowly but deep down, I didn't want to take her slowly; I wanted to fuck her hard, powerfully. Lust, pent-up for years, stoked by masturbation sessions over the past couple of weeks gripped me, and all I could do was thrust into her over and over and over, fucking my cock into her welcoming wet warmth!
    ! "Hnggh….!" I groaned, breaking the kiss with an explosive gasp, and she gasped right along with me. "God YES, Heather!" Head flung back, she bit her lip hard until blood beaded as she tried not to scream her lust to the sky. "Jesus CHRIST, hon... FUCK me! Stuff that big hard rubber cock inside me, you crazy girl!"
    ! "Not rubber," I gasped, my hands on her hips while mine bucked hard, driving my cock into her with deep, lunging thrusts! Heat and slippery wetness embraced me; I could feel my cock knob butting against the gates of her womb, and the sheer, heady pleasure of fucking her - finally! - was sending me into orbit! "Real... explain later," I got out between rutting strokes!
    ! "Oh my GAWD...!" she got out. "You mean... you can cum?"
    ! "Can and do," I grunted, leaning in to kiss her throat. "Cum... a lot…"
    ! She was silent for a moment, aside from wordless gasps and moans while she rode me, her greedy puss gripping my hungry shaft eagerly. "And… does it... do you... can you get me...?"
    ! I nodded - I didn't really know if I could put a baby in her, but it seemed likely, and the idea sent a fresh wave of lust thundering through me, making my pulse hammer in my ears and the rising coil of orgasmic ecstasy building inside me jumped like a living thing in my gut.
    ! "Don't!" she squealed, her eyes wide in alarm. "I, I'm fertile!" Somehow that news was just perfect; suddenly the thing I wanted most in the world was to ram my cock right into Molly's womb and give her a baby - maybe twins - and that spurred me, driving me to buck harder, trying to force my cock past the barrier of her cervix! "No!" she cried out, even as she locked one leg around mine! "Please, don't! You'll - oh God, you'll get me pregnant…!" she gasped, her face a study in lust and fear and perplexity at the notion of being impregnated by a girl! But her body was sending an entirely different message; her wet, squelching puss gripped my lunging, plunging girlcock, rippling around it and her arms tightened, holding me against her, her leg locking me inside her!
    ! With a gasping grunt, I braced, pressing her hard against the sink while I rocked back - then thrust as hard as I could, burying myself - well, not balls-deep, not having balls, or outside balls, anyway - but right to the hilt! "FUCK yes!" I groaned aloud, feeling the boiling, churning pleasure suddenly explode! She squirmed and writhed, pinned on my girl-meat, and began wailing wordless in lust! Hastily I clamped my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams of lust, even as I felt the rushing creamy heat surging up my cock! My glans was pressed hard against her cervix, and my cream shot, over and over, bathing the mouth of her womb with my spunk! "CUMMING!!! I shrieked, then buried my face against her shoulder since I couldn't NOT scream in pleasure! I was fucking Molly's luscious, juicy cunt; my she-cock was shuddering in release, pumping thick, goopy jets of girl jizz! My hips bucked over and over with every shuddering, jerking explosion, and ropes of spooge erupted from my cum-spewing girl-shaft; I felt like I was a human volcano, and my cum the white-hot, life-giving lava was boiling up from my loins to fill Molly's lovely, fertile womb!
    ! She gripped me hard, her pussy rippling to milk my seed, her arms clenched around me while she shot the rapids of orgasm with me, shaking and shuddering and moaning in ecstasy while I came and came and came…! Until finally I was empty and I drew a deep, gasping breath as I took my hand off her mouth. She'd bitten me in the grip of her orgasm; there was a set of upper and lower teeth marks so perfect you could have taken an impression from them. Hair wildly disarrayed, breasts heaving, she smiled, panting as she caught her breath, and dropped her foot to the floor. She was shaky on her feet, and both of us looked like we'd been through a hurricane. Her eyes followed my cock as I pulled out of her, giggling together at the sloppy, wet, rude sucking sound of me pulling out of her, and a string of goo trailed from her pouting pussy lips to the last of the pearly good oozing from my cock's cum-slit. As if still half-hypnotized, she reached out with a finger to scoop that string of girl jizz onto her finger, then brought it to her lips, sucking on it seductively.
    ! "Wow…!" she got out finally, watching my cock as it softened. "How on earth...? I mean, a real, live, cock...? And cum...?" she mused as I pulled my soaked panties up and re-zipped my skirt. She looked magnificent, even with her blouse open, bra the same, skirt rucked up around her waist and cum oozing from her nether lips in a slow, creamy drool.
    ! "Come over to my place tonight?" I suggested. Molly simply had to meet Shaniqua and Allison; then she'd understand. "I'll explain everything to you then."

  • This was originally posted on FurAffinity in 2011. The characters of Lilith and Melissa belong to me.

    ! Fall Of An Angel
    © 2011 GingerM
    ! The battle between the forces of good and evil, between the host of Heaven and Hell's armada, is never-ending. The struggle has lasted through eternity, and will continue even past the end of Time; the war is waged at every level. Sometimes that conflict spills over onto the earthly plane, and we glimpse faces of that titanic, endless war…
    ! The demoness looked around. The alley was filthy; it stank of rotting garbage, stale fear, sweat and base lusts. Shielded from the Polite World by a chance dogleg of wall, the denizens of the alley indulged their sordid appetites. Pushers sold their wares, prostitutes and gigolos tiredly offered themselves for rent. Some of those rentals were conducted right here in this alley. Over by a barrel, a jaded blonde girl knelt submissively, passively accepting the pathetic cock being rammed into her mouth by one of those members of the Polite World who had taken a brief side-step off the path of propriety, prosperity and success. A pimp counted his roll while two other girls paraded listlessly, their clothes grubby and in ill repair, tarted up with cheap mascara, lipstick and hastily applied perfume. She smiled. Life was good.
    ! Ethereal, unseen, she strode among the dregs of humanity as they fought, fucked, shot up, and otherwise cheapened themselves until they were ripe for the plucking. A glow from the public washroom attracted her attention. What was causing that? she wondered. Curious, she paced over to the filthy room.
    ! Cracked white tile adorned the walls to a height of four feet, then cheaply installed drywall. It had been painted - once - in an off-white, many years ago. Now, however, it was a dingy grey, liberally covered with graffiti, dirt and stains. The floor was also tile - what remained of it, anyway. Under the tile was concrete, now pitted and cracked. A drain in the corner had long since backed up, and a standing pool of liquid - it was very unlikely to be water - covered it, noisome and rank. A urinal was mounted on one wall, a smashed and broken condom vendor on another. In the corner were two stalls, the doors torn off. The toilet in one was a shattered pile of porcelain, and in the divider it shared with the other stall, a hole had been crudely cut at about crotch height. The other stall's toilet was intact, but currently doing duty as a chair, on which a young man sat, covered with tattoos. His over-sized jeans were bunched around his ankles; sitting on him, facing him, was a whore, breasts and buttocks bouncing as she rode the man-boy's rigid cock. She moaned in well-practiced, simulated pleasure, clearly wanting to get this trick over with so she could get another john.
    ! In the corner, though, was an anomaly. An impossibly lovely woman stood there, clad only in a thin, white top and a sheer, short white skirt. The demoness' eyes narrowed, flickers of flame dancing in them. She ought to be dead already, she thought, puzzled. Or raped, defiled and filled… But the glow was coming from her, and as the demoness looked, she could see insubstantial wings rising in graceful curves from the woman's shoulders, nearly brushing against the filthy ceiling, then dropping so the pinfeathers trailed along - through, in fact - the equally disgusting floor. Just as insubstantial, a glowing circle of light floated above her like a heavenly tiara. Even her hair glowed faintly.
    ! Every hellish instinct screamed "Danger!", and instantly her shields slammed into place, ready to fend off the fierce, unbearably pure energies of the heavenly hosts. Yet… the attack did not come. Why? When Heaven and Hell clash, there is no quarter, no mercy! By rights, she thought, if the angel had not attacked, for whatever reason, she should already have summoned her hellfire and blasted the holy being where she stood. But she stayed her hand, though the fingers curved and flexed with an urge to throttle that perfect, milky throat.
    ! What is she doing here? the demoness wondered. She looked at that peaceful, pure face, noting the sadness - well, what does she expect with this scum? - and… a strange innocence... She was an innocent, Hell's daughter realized. She's never been in the mortal world, she doesn't know! Now that she looked at her again, she noted the youthful appearance. Angels never appeared old, but seemed to have a timeless maturity, just as she herself maintained an appearance of lusty vitality and youth, fuelled by the souls she had in her time dragged down into the Pit. But this angel didn't just look ageless and beautiful, she looked young; she looked, in fact, like a human teenager. The demoness grinned, showing her fangs. Angels, being part of Heaven's host, were of course pure and innocent, but the vast majority of them were… experienced. They had encountered their foes, they knew the foolishness of mortals. But this one looked... naive.
    ! Instantly the demoness knew what she wanted to do. Though she had orders, as indeed did all the denizens of the Underworld, to strike against the forces of Heaven whenever opportunity presented, this was far too good an opportunity to pass up; one that did not come in the way of demons and infernal beings very often… the opportunity to corrupt the truly and completely pure. To drag down one of the angelic host, to soil and debase her... that was a prospect far, far sweeter than merely engaging the angel in battle.
    ! She drifted like black, evil smoke back outside, then shifted her appearance. Red, oiled skin gave way to a deep, bronzed tan; hair of literal hell-fire to raven-dark tresses. Hm… clothing. She frowned, concentrating, and as she materialized in the alley, she felt a fishnet body stocking settle into place, along with a carved leather bodice and supple, black boots. Spiked arm, thigh, wrist and ankle bands appeared on her smooth limbs. She materialized a mirror and looked at herself, pleased with her handiwork. Yes, that'll do, to corrupt an angel.
    ! A heady mixture of lust, confidence, anticipation - and a small amount of fear, for she was daring the wrath of both Heaven and Hell - infused her as she stepped once again into the filthy public restroom. Her ears caught the practised moans of the whore in the stall as her john started cumming and she encouraged him to pump himself into her experienced body. The angel was watching the pair with an expression of mingled curiosity, loathing and… wistfulness? Oh my, this is perfect, the demon smiled to herself. This little angel-slut actually wants to experience the degradations humans inflict on each other!
    ! "Hello, little one," she said as she stopped next to the glowing girl. "Rather far from home, aren't you? Aren't you afraid you'll get in trouble?" She cocked her head to one side as she looked over her intended prey. The angel was, she noticed, wearing a gently glowing collar. I wonder… the commanders have said nothing about collars on our foes...
    ! The angelic girl turned to look at her interrogator. Her eyes were sparkling clear sapphire in colour, filled with the light of eternal youth and purity - and a complete lack of experience. "Hello," she replied, returning the greeting. "Are you a devil?"
    ! Dark Lord, I've hit pay dirt! Hell's daughter laughed silently. _I've actually met a blonde angel! Am I a devil? How dumb can you get?_ "Not quite," she answered. Both angel and demon conversed in the Eternal Tongue, incomprehensible - indeed, unhearable - by mortals. "I'm a succubus, a sex demoness. I serve Our Dark Lord, but not in the first rank. I serve by the arts of seduction and lust." Her green eyes glowed with hell-fire. "You realize, don't you, that you stand in peril?" _Warn her, show her the path down which I will lure her… and her fall will be the sweeter!_ ! "I'm an angel; I don't fear demons," came the unconsciously arrogant reply. She truly believed she could not be harmed by the foul seductress before her, and either did not know to use her otherworldly sight, or - like the young of so many races - felt the precepts and instruction of her seniors not worth heeding. The succubus smiled, her pointed, forked tongue flicking sensually over her full lips. ! "Is this your world?" the angelic girl asked, further revealing her complete lack of knowledge about the mortal plane. She looked around again. "I can only be here, in this realm, for a limited time. There is too much evil here." Her eyes were wide as she scanned around, clearly looking beyond the cracked and filthy washroom, observing the crushing despair of the mean streets spreading for blocks around. ! "Depravity and sin are my domain, little angel. This city, this world… as it is today, sits firmly in the camp of the Prince of Darkness." She smiled cruelly. "What name shall I call you, little angel? What name do you use in this mortal plane?" ! The white-blonde head bobbed. "My name is Melissa," she replied promptly. "It's my true name," she added, naively, then asked, "What is your true name?" ! _Darkness below us, is she serious? She's given me her true name, the key to her soul! Doesn't she realize what power she's handed to me?_ The dark seductress chuckled in sinful appreciation of her foe's folly. "Melissa… a pretty, sensual name." She reached out a long-nailed finger, gently tracing the sharp plane of Melissa's face. "Call me 'Lilith', Melissa." Her finger traced down Melissa's milk-white neck. ! The young angel grimaced - even an expression of disgust was perfect on her heavenly face - as she considered the filth and vileness that clung, like something living, to the alley and farther beyond. "Show me," she said. "Show me your domain, show me how you rule here, so I may report back and create a plan to wrest this city from your grip." ! Lilith grinned ferally. "Oh yes... I can show you many things, Melissa." She pulled the angel into her arms as she briefly closed her eyes, dismissing most of her clothing, keeping only her boots and spiked armbands. She grinned as the angelic girl started in surprise, then pulled her close, pressing her breasts against Melissa's. At the same time she felt her groin ripple and shift as a thick-lipped sheath and monstrous balls swelled from her flesh, and as her obscene endowment emerged she ground the slick, swelling organ against the surprised angel's crotch. ! "What are you doing?!" Melissa gasped in surprise and loathing. "The humans will see; you'll blow my cover!" ! "What cover, little Melissa?" Lilith asked, smiling lasciviously. "The cover of a kindly mission worker? A young nun, filled with holy enthusiasm, trying to save these souls?" She slid her hands down Melissa's flanks, lewdly caressing the smooth curve of the angel's hips, then slipped a hand between her thighs, seeking her angelic sex. ! "Noooo...," Melissa moaned, her eyes closed in a despairing mixture of revulsion and lust. "No... don't... you can't...." ! "Oh, but I can," the succubus' voice hissed, conveying untold depths of foulness and depraved, unholy lust. She smiled cruelly as the angel trapped in her embrace struggled feebly, seeking to escape. "You forget... this is my domain, where my powers hold sway…" ! "No..." Melissa repeated, her voice freighted with fear. She realized, suddenly, just how much danger she was in, alone with an experienced creature of the underworld. "My glow... it's fading, I need to get out of here..." ! Her demonic captor said nothing, only continuing to fondle her angelic prize, slowly working her fingers into that heavenly pussy. "If you stay, you will fall... and I will use you to slake my lust for all eternity..." ! "Take me out of here, please..." the angel-girl moaned helplessly, quivering as strong demonic fingers caressed and teased her. Her glow was fading as she had feared; her wings no more than a faint ghostly outline now, her halo nearly vanished. ! The demoness relaxed her embrace, her hands sliding down so they rested on the sweet, firm, angel-ass. _Let's see if she can still try to save herself,_ Lilith thought, savouring the experience. _She doesn't realize that she's already surrendered… when she does, my victory will be sweet indeed!_ ! "I… I can run now," Melissa protested dully, the clear cerulean blue of her eyes fading along with her angelic glow. "Nothing... nothing can stop me..." ! "Only your own will can stop you," the succubus whispered. "Will you give in to temptation? Will you give yourself to the pleasures of flesh?" She kept one hand on Melissa's pert, perfect bottom, caressing her all over with her tripartite tail, sleek and black. Tenderly she continued her seduction of her angelic prey, stroking Melissa's beautiful legs, her face, her smooth tummy, while her other hand worked sinful, diabolic magic in Melissa's pristine pussy. ! "No..." she gasped, frantic... yet unable to break her will free. "I can lose my wings..." ! "You can lose a very great deal more than your wings, Melissa," Lilith crooned as she stroked and fondled the heavenly flesh. Her demonic cock - thick, ridged, purple, topped with a wide,spade-like knob and fleshy spikes; twenty inches of unholy foulness - started to drip pre-cum as she became more and more aroused at the success of her unfolding plan. _What a coup I'll have scored, she exulted silently. When I complete her destruction, finish dragging her down from heaven and cast this beauty down before the Dark Prince of Hell… I will sit high in the councils of Hell for this! And perhaps, just perhaps, He will let me keep her..._ The succubus' monstrous she-cock, glistening and throbbing with unclean vitality, was unfurling, growing erect and pressing against Melissa's pure, virginal sex, barred only by the thin, sheer white skirt over her hips. ! "S-so big…" she moaned, her hand involuntarily going to rest atop it, feeling its massive girth, the infernal warmth of the slimy, meaty flesh. ! Lilith stepped closer to her, so she could feel the heat radiating from the monstrous cock and balls. "Yes... and it feels so very good... I know, I've taken one just like it in my cunt..." she chuckled evilly as Melissa flinched at the word. "Another succubus and I shared each other, and we both fitted our staffs in each other. She filled me so wonderfully..." ! "I... I should go... now...while I still can..." Melissa ground out. Her eyes had dimmed further, her angelic glow nearly gone. ! "Yes, I suppose... if you want to spend the rest of eternity wondering what it might have been like," Lilith affected a bored, dissolute tone, as though she really didn't care one way or the other what choice Melissa made. _She still thinks she can leave, thinks she can return to Heaven's fold._ "Wonder what it might have been like, to have your sweet little angel-cunt stretched wide, filled with warm, thick meat… feeling the heady, glorious rush of semen flooding into you..." ! Melissa doubled over, her arms wrapped around herself. "I... I must say good-bye," she whispered in a voice like ground glass. "I don't... don't feel well..." ! Lilith stepped back, relinquishing her hold on the angel as she collapsed, running the fingers that had been working in her prey's angelic pussy under her nose, then slipped them between her lips, shivering with lust as she savoured the sweet, heavenly nectar coating them. Through slitted green eyes she looked down as Melissa rocked, crouched over. "Feeling a little tarnished now?" ! "Your words... penetrating my ears... my brain," she moaned as she rocked, lost in her distress, unable any longer even to pray, to call for help. ! "Halo starting to slip?" Lilith taunted her. "With every passing second, you're becoming an individual, no longer simply a mouthpiece for Heaven..." ! "My neck... burning," the angel gasped in agony, clutching at the slim silvery band around her throat, which was radiating a fiery white heat. "...suffocating..." she gasped, vainly trying to hook her fingers into the constricting metal. ! "...thinking now of what you want, not what Heaven wants…" ! "Is a demonic trick, this?" Melissa demanded, her voice thick with fear and now a touch of anger. ! Lilith pulled her into a close embrace, her hot, throbbing dick pressed against the falling angel's crotch. Her long, supple, demonic tongue flicked out, licking wetly down Melissa's neck, curling around her ear, caressing her face and throat with a sinful lover's touch... ! "How," she purred, kissing the base of Melissa's throat,can it be - " she trailed her tongue down between those heavenly breasts, her sharp fangs easily shredding the filmy white material covering them - "a trick?" She finished as she licked each swelling nipple with slow, sinful intensity, then suckled eagerly at one breast before kissing her way back up. "Have I..." she nibbled playfully at Melissa's lower lip "... hidden anything?"
    ! "Aaaww.... You... you're trying... to enslave me..." the angel moaned, her voice freighted with loss and despair as the full magnitude of her descent began to register on her. "Trapped me... somehow... I feel... dizzy..."
    ! Lilith's arms rested loosely around Melissa's waist - she could break free if she really wanted - and her strong hands were warm and soft on the girl's ass, gently kneading, squeezing her angelic buns. "Shhh...," she crooned, her forehead resting against Melissa's. Her chained horns, black and gleaming, pressed against the white-blonde locks, and those locks started to turn dull, dingy, the blight radiating out from the proximity of the horns.. "Let me help you..."
    ! "Help me..." Melissa murmured, lost, cast adrift. She no longer knew who she was, who she served; all she could remember was that she had slipped, fallen so very far... and she realized dimly that she had not yet reached bottom. The soft offer of help in her ear was like a lifeline, and she clung to it desperately. "Get me out of here... please..."
    ! Lilith's voice was a low, seductive whisper, urging Melissa to give herself over to sins of the flesh, to think only of herself, her immediate pleasure and gratification. She continued to slowly rub her giant demon cock against the doomed angel's mound and down one leg. "Touch it..." she crooned, urging, teasing, luring her victim onward. "You know you want to... you wonder what it feels like... so big... so heavy... what does a demoness' cock feel like when it slides down your throat? You won't know until you touch it, taste it…"
    ! "Please..." came Melissa's voice, a broken whimper.
    ! "And if you don't, the not knowing will torment you forever..."
    ! "My head..." the beauteous, lost creature moaned, "Please... I'm so confused, so lost..."
    ! "You will have failed Heaven," Lilith's voice continued in a slow, insistent whisper. "Only by touching it, tasting it can you know... and thereby save yourself..." Her lips curved in a predator's smile as she watched Melissa's wings and halo fade away completely, her collar dulling, taking on an oily sheen. "You are lost, alone and confused..."
    ! "Please... you're... dominating me... no.... can't be..."
    ! "Follow my voice, listen to me... I can save you..."
    ! "Yes... please, save me..."
    ! The succubus' eyes glowed with unholy fire as she kept the doomed, dammed angel in the loose circle of her arms. She slowly slide her demonic cock against Melissa's leg as it grew longer and harder, pre-cum dripping freely from the shovel-like knob to ooze along the ridged underside. "Come with me, Melissa... I will show you how to save yourself."
    ! "I... I can't resist anymore," she muttered, hanging her head and slumping inwardly. "I... I will follow you."
    ! I've done it! Lilith wanted to shout her hellish glee, to summon brimstone and hellfire in the consummation of her seduction... but not yet, not yet... Her eyes glowed with bright, infernal flame, and she slowly traced a finger along the curve of the dull collar, a line of bright hellfire following her talon, spelling out the word DAMMED in the Eternal Tongue. She wrapped her fingers around the collar which so recently had bound the youthful angel to Heaven's service, pulling her down, forcing her to kneel before the succubus.
    ! " weak..." the dammed angel moaned. " me..."
    ! "Shhh," Lilith caressed the pale blonde hair of the kneeling girl. "You've fallen..."
    ! "Yes..."
    ! "...and I will help you up. But before you can rise again, you must fall all the way to the bottom. So..." The sultry demoness stood before her beaten angel, her legs slightly apart, her thick member close to Melissa's face. "Touch it, angel. Taste it."
    ! "Yes...," came the obedient reply. The girl's hands slid up Lilith's legs, cupping her heavy, hellish ballsack, fondling them as she explored the demoness' strong, sensual body. " big..." Her lips brushed along the full length, dripping and slimed with pre-cum, becoming glazed with foulness as Melissa fell into the yawning pit of desire.
    ! Lilith shivered as she felt Melissa's hands and lips on her throbbing, pulsing cock. "It is... big, and strong, virile, full of my seed," she hissed, her head back, enjoying her angel's ministrations, and the knowledge that with every passing second, Melissa moved farther from the possibility of redemption as she willingly surrendered herself, performing each depraved act of lust as ordered.
    ! "Mmmm," the angel-girl moaned with growing lust, "tasty... delicious...."
    ! "Yes," Lilith hissed, her hand buried in the white-gold locks. "Lick it even more... try to get it in your mouth."
    ! Melissa didn't speak further; instead she simply moaned more, longer, her voice producing a truly amazing range of noises of animalistic pleasure. She wrapped her tongue around the shaft, licking the underside right down to Lilith's sheath, slurping the fleshy spikes lewdly, nuzzling and kissing the mighty mass of turgid muscle, then letting her tongue rove freely over the surface of the succubus's hell-spawned sack.
    ! "Yeeessss...." Lilith growled throatily. "Suck on it... and touch my sack, hold my sack in your hands..." She tugged urgently on the girl's hair as her hips rocked forward, mashing her thick, throbbing cock against Melissa's face to smear the wicked, sinful juices leaking from her spade-like cock-knob over the angel's cheek.
    ! "Oooooh...." Melissa crooned in a lust-crazed voice. She shifted, her knees spreading further apart, and she smiled sensually up at Lilith as she continued handling the demon-woman's monstrous balls, hefting them in one hand, feeling the throbbing warmth of her testicles. "So much cum... so delicious..." One hand crept under the flimsy, sheer skirt as she began stroking herself, teasing where Lilith's hand had teased, and she moaned, her voice filled with dark desire. "I want to drink it all..."
    ! "You will, pretty angel," Lilith answered, savouring each evidence of the angel's complete and utter degradation. "It will be the wine that lifts you..."
    ! "Fill me with your cum," the fallen angel begged, her lips caressing the massive tube of flesh jutting arrogantly from Lilith's groin. "I can't stop tasting it... I need to drink it all..."
    ! "You want to drink it?" Lilith ground out as her hips bucked, her straining hell-cock fucking the air. "Over here, angel...!" Seized with lust, she gripped Melissa's collar tightly, dragging the girl, stumbling and off-balance, over to the urinal. Demonic strength fuelled her as she forced her prey back down to her knees. "Then open wide!"
    ! "Yes, please...!" she assented eagerly.
    ! Melissa's head bobbed hungrily, and the succubus groaned in unholy lust as she felt the angelic mouth stretching wide, the angel taking Lilith's hot, hard hell-shaft into her mouth. Lilith's knees locked as her satanic balls filled with unholy seed. "Mmmmm... so good, little angel-slut." She smiled down at the creature kneeling before her, a willing slave to her dark lust. "You like my cock now, don't you?"
    ! Eagerly, panting with her desire, Melissa nodded and pulled her angelic mouth off the dark, hellish cock filling her face, daring to raise her eyes to meet Lilith's. "Yes, yes! I love it!" she averred fervently, her eyes shining with unholy lust. "It's so delicious!" Her tongue ran around her lips, cleaning the pre smeared over her face from the thick shaft.
    ! Lilith moved, turning her slave, then stood with one foot braced on the urinal. "Your fall is nearly complete... then you can try to rise again..." she said, her stiff demonic cock angled downward. "Now get your throat around my cock again!" She grinned as her captive nuzzled hungrily, Melissa's sinful mouth gobbling the demoness' thick cock-pole down until Lilith's thick-lipped sheath pressed against Melissa's nose, her balls slapping against the perfect, piquant little chin.
    ! "Oooh.... Yesss!!!! Drink deep!!!" Lilith groaned loudly as she felt her balls contracting rhythmically, beginning to pump hellish semen down the length of her demon-cock and into the angelic slut's throat and stomach. Her hips bucked as she fucked Melissa's face hard, and as more and more spunk spurted from her heavy sack, she gripped her captive's hair tightly.
    ! Melissa, her face shining, swallowed eagerly, striving to drink every drop from the massive baby-makers swinging beneath the thick, muscled tube filling her throat. The demoness' load was far too massive for the fallen angel, though, and much of the hot streamers of infernal girl-goo bubbled from Melissa's lips, running freely down her cheeks and chin, dripping onto her perfect breasts. She pulled her mouth off the thick, slimy fuck-tube, cum running down her neck, and gasped, " delicious... I need more... please...."
    ! Lilith smiled, her heart bursting with pride at what she had wrought, at the complete domination and ruin she had brought to one of Heaven's host. Already she was seeing herself presenting her prize in Hell's court, receiving the special favour of His Infernal Majesty. "Are you thirsty?" she grinned as she stroked herself, aiming her spurting weapon at Melissa's face, now alight with depraved desire. She brought her leg down from its bracing position on the lip of the urinal, leaning forward, gripping Melissa's hair tightly. "Then drink deeply, Melissa-angel," she urged her as she drove herself back into the girl's mouth.
    ! Only a supernatural being could survive the demoness's brutal assault, and while fallen, Melissa still possessed all the powers and abilities of her angelic heritage. Her mouth stretched impossibly wide as she deep-throated Lilith's wicked shaft. Lilith groaned loud and lustily as she felt her balls tightening again, pumping her hellish seed into Melissa's mouth, down her throat. Gurgling moans of wicked, sinful lust came to her ears as the former angel's mouth and throat squeezed and rippled around the meaty shaft plundering its way into her, and the demoness' balls drained the last of her cock-juice into the angel's belly.
    ! Lilith smiled down at her dominated victim, hellfire flashing in her eyes. "Now... now you will take my demonic shaft!"
    ! "Yesss!!! I need you to take me!" she exclaimed. Her hands fumbled briefly at her flimsy top, shredded by Lilith's fangs, and ripped the remnants from her, freeing her beautiful firm breasts to sway enticingly as she knelt before the succubus. Those remnants were followed quickly by her filmy skirt, likewise ripped from her hips, exposing herself completely.
    ! The succubus picked Melissa up, raising her easily by her collar, turned her to face the wall... and brutally thrust her mighty shaft into the angelic pussy.
    ! "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!" the ex-angel's scream ripped from her throat. "So big!!!" She gasped as she was bent over the urinal and Lilith's booted foot kicked hers apart, opening her thighs as her quivering, dripping sex gripped tightly around the invader suddenly plundering her. "You... you're filling me... so full...!" Her face was locked in a rictus of pleasure as she rode the monster shaft.
    ! "Yes... I'll breed you with demon seed, angel-slut...", the demon hissed through clenched teeth. "I'll fill your heavenly little cunt with hell-spawn...!" With that, she pulled Melissa away from the wall and thrust her roughly down on the filthy floor, dropping with her as she kept her hell-cock buried, thrusting, still fucking the former angel without a break.
    ! "Please! Take me, use me, rape me!" came the urgent, lust-crazed plea, and Lilith grinned as her triumph was complete, the angel colluding in and demanding her own degradation.
    ! Still hard from fucking Melissa's mouth, the demoness was more than ready and willing; indeed, she would have done so anyway, regardless of Melissa's demand. She straddled the sprawled ex-angle, her tails whipping behind her, and released all control of herself. She growled through clenched teeth and gave herself completely to her hell-wrought lust, ramming herself into the former angel with brutal abandon. Her balls slapped against Melissa's ass with wet, meaty smacks, driving her fucking frenzy to even greater heights. She plastered herself against Melissa's back, her breasts warm against the shuddering body, her hips rocking, bucking, thrusting as she did exactly what Melissa had demanded and used her, stretching her cunt with each stroke of her powerful hell-cock.
    ! Nothing existed anymore for either of them; only the need to fuck, for the angel to feel herself stuffed beyond measure, gripping and rippling around the shaft filling her as she craved; for a demoness to fill an ex-angel's cunt, pounding herself again and again with deep, powerful strokes until she felt her release upon her. Both women quaked, screaming their lust to the night, and a torrent of white, wicked semen blasted from her monstrous, massive shaft, filling her angel's womb with hell-seed, damming her irrevocably. Lilith panted and grunted, thrusting, fucking, pumping her full load of cock-juice until the excess squirted out around her shaft, spraying them both with sticky ropes, until both of them finally subsided and lay gasping on the broken-tiled floor in a spreading pool of demonic jizz.
    ! Finally sated, Lilith pulled herself out of Melissa, heedless of the thick coating of jizz glazing her cock, balls and legs. In the frenzy of her lust she had let go of her self-changes, and her skin had reverted to its usual deep red and oily sheen, her hair once again the mass of living flame it truly was. Her boots had likewise disappeared, along with her spiked arm- and thigh-bands. Now she stood, naked, her infernal member still rampantly hard, glistening, the remnants of her seed dripping from the spade-shaped knob adorning the end of her cock, more sperm smeared over her ball-sack and legs. She smiled down at the ex-angel sprawled in the sticky puddle, legs parted, semen leaking from her gaping pussy. Slowly the girl stirred, turned... her face glowed with utter, lustful contentment and she licked her lips, smiling seductively up at the woman who had just finished plundering her cunt.
    ! "Come, my Melissa," Lilith said, reaching a hand down to her. The dammed angel smiled wider, as her skin flushed darkly, suffusing with colour until she had become as ruddy as the succubus, her skin taking on the same oily sheen. Her wings reappeared, white, but somehow now absorbing the light around them, casting a pall of darkness. Horns, shiny and black, sprouted from her forehead, pushing through her white-blonde mane of hair. She reached up, taking Lilith's hand and as she rose to her feet, the flesh of her groin crawled and rippled as a thick, meaty cock and heavy, swelling balls sprouted in front of her pussy.
    ! "Yes, my Dark Mistress," she replied obediently.

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