Do you Talk to a Cash App Representative?

  • Yeah, you can Talk to a Cash App Representative to acquire more information. You can get a phone number via clicking here. You can also call them via navigating your home page of the Cash app account, and then select Contact Support option. You can discuss everything here to get an appropriate solution here which is more effective.

  • Best: fresh baked bread, can almost taste the butter melting on it Worst : Dead Dog Hill

  • Worst: Urine.
    A few days in a row when I was catching a bus home from work, there was an old guy who just reeked. And it was one of those smells that you cant really get away from, it just seemed to linger. The guy had probably lost his sense of smell, considering he couldn't notice it himself.

    Best: Freshly baked cookies.
    Been getting into baking recently, and I just love the smell of the cookie dough as it is baking in the oven.

  • The answer to both questions is vagina.

    Megan Fox VS Blue Waffle…

  • One of the best smells is cinnamon buns. Awww yiss.

  • I have no idea, I don't really think about it… I could give you an answer of something that I think smells rather nice and something that smells rather bad but I imagine if I really sat around and thought about it I could probably keep coming up with better or worse ones.

    I suppose the worst is rotting human flesh and burning rotting human flesh.

    As for the best........ I honestly don't know. I'm quite fond of the hand soap that I use, Softsoap Milk Protein & Honey. It actually makes me want to wash my hands more often because it smells so nice. While it is nice though it would be hard to say that it's the best smell there is...

    I dunno, I could name some perfumes or some foods I suppose. I think sweetened condensed milk is probably the best tasting thing I can think of and if that is the case then if one associates tastes with smells then it might be the best smelling too but that's a hard one.

  • best. baby skin
    worst. baby poop

  • Best: I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but I like the smell of pussy with just a hint of funk. I feel that requires some explanation. I'm not talking a woman that just hasn't washed herself for days. I'm talking, dancing all-night, after the club, bout to get laid, crotch-funk. She washed, primped, and perfumed herself, but her scent is just a little unpolished due to being horny and dancing all-night. Best smell in the world.

    Worst: My step-dad's farts/shit. Humans live a long time in comparison to most animals, and I think some old people (not all) just go to total rot down in their bowels. Saying his shit smells like raw sewage is actually a compliment…his shit smells like DEATH! It's like a corpse just up and walked straight outta his ass. Am I embellishing a bit because I truly don't like the dude...maybe, but he still has some stank of the first order coming out of his ass threatening to kill innocent people.

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