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    best assignment help

  • Studio Art Vartanian has a number of look-a-likes:

    And one from Sabby and Seven:

    Also one from Mihrelle:

  • She had a nude scene in Romeo and Juliet (1968) and she definitely has a nice pair of breasts.

  • @'Jake31':

    I'm still hoping someone somewhere will make lovely 3DX renders based on Olivia Hussey but it's just not happening. :blush:

    just google imaged her. the face can be definitely done. her face reminds of Genesis female.

  • If theres some morphs around for her I might :)

    She looks fine.

  • I'm still hoping someone somewhere will make lovely 3DX renders based on Olivia Hussey but it's just not happening. :blush:

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