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  • @'Tiffany':

    Yeah I think I've heard that term hotdog before too.

    What's this one called where the girl lays flat on her stomach and the guy does her from behind? All I can find in reference to it is "prone bone" - example:

    Apparently that one is called Rear Entry.

  • It's definitely not doggy style.

  • @'Tiffany':

    Yeah I think I've heard that term hotdog before too.

    What's this one called where the girl lays flat on her stomach and the guy does her from behind? All I can find in reference to it is "prone bone" - example:

    In ancient times, doggy-style was used regurlarly, and primarily for safety reasons, allowing the male warrior to slam away with one eye having a clear view of an entranceway to the bedroom, park-bench, etc. in case of an ambush. ( think action/porn flicks…always yelling "Get Down")

    The recieving 'dogette's' knees woul take considerable abuse after repeatedly being 'Pooch-Pummeled' (I just made that one up) and if exhausted or her/his/it's knees decided, 'enough of this shit!…down they flopped w/o missing more than 1 or 2 'ka-whams' for minor adjustment in position.

    This is where terms such as 'tossed to the turf' and 'thrown to the curb' got their roots. The original act of going prone was seen in the same light as push-ups from the knees is today...with me still? Bored? ok...the only reference I came all over twice…er, sorry doll...I meant to say 'came across' (not a concept I'm familiar with or see the sense in) is one used in The Center for Advanced Erotic Yoga Developement …a position known as simply: **'Downward-Pumping Pancake'.
    I'm gonna try this dish out later on and I'll add a sticky mix of syrup, whip-cream and maybe a fried egg or two. What?!, How is that so ridiculous?

    I don't have to share my breaky…it all stays neatly in that cute little dip...the one in the small of (some, not all) girl's shapely backs! And hey...if she does a reach-around, going for the grub, I kick the pleasure piston to 'TURBO'...she changes into a sort of 'human swifter meets impact driver' and I use the last couple of hours cleaning floors and finishing my meal; never missing a single power-filled thrust; eliminating any complaints from Broom Lady.

    So, you busy for about a week?…what?, it's a big place!

  • Yeah I think I've heard that term hotdog before too.

    What's this one called where the girl lays flat on her stomach and the guy does her from behind? All I can find in reference to it is "prone bone" - example:

  • I thought it was called hotdogging,

    "Urban Dictionary
    hot dogging
    when a male rubs his penis between another male or female's butt cheeks with out penetrating the anus.
    Jack hot dogged Sally untill he blew his load."

  • @'IBT':

    The term that the japanese themselves use for it is Shirikoki (尻コキ) … which functionally translates as "ass masturbation" essentially. A handjob would be Tekoki (手コキ).

    Te (手) = hand
    Shiri (尻) = ass

    So ... handjob ... buttjob ...

    Fun fact: Shirikoki is the least voted on item on the Affect3D sidebar poll. Probably because people hardly knew what it meant.

  • The term that the japanese themselves use for it is Shirikoki (尻コキ) … which functionally translates as "ass masturbation" essentially. A handjob would be Tekoki (手コキ).

    Te (手) = hand
    Shiri (尻) = ass

    So ... handjob ... buttjob ...

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