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  • I have learned about it but not much, thanks for your information shell shockers

  • @'Katzekage':

    […] i think it only is good if you realy can see that they are happy doing it.

    Exactly. It is far hotter if the girl is seemingly cum-hungry rather than being repulsed.

  • I personaly don´t like facial cumshots this much, it´s only the end of a scene in my eyes. For the past years i changed in that part. My most fav now is the cumshot in th mouth while the blowjob (it looks stupid if the girl waits with open mouth..) and than she swallows without you ever seeing the cum and if you do only a litte. The best part comes after that if the girl (nearly only seen in amateur porn) don´t stop sucking and have the funtime of her life.

    Second one the the Creampie, man hand on the heart is there anything that feels better? NO! and that why i like it, it´s not the optic of that scene it´s the knowing how unbelieveble that feels.

    I don´t know if i find it or if it works but there is an amateur vid that will be my alltime fav for as long as i live (maybe, never say no^^) It´s a handy vid(say bad qualli) of a teenage pair and she gives him an blowjob after he is cumming in his mouth and she has swallowed she suck him again and you can tell both have realy fun doing it, and he cums a second time and she swallow again and if you ask me the only reason why that vid is not going on like this is his handy. She realy likes what she do, and that is the best.
    (Note that this is a Porn webside, it´s free and i don´t see any popups or something but i use firefox and the addon NoScript.)

    So if facial cumshot, creampie or what ever you like, i think it only is good if you realy can see that they are happy doing it.

    in honor katzekage

  • That strange that there's no post here :P
    Well I would like to say something about creampie. I think the guys like more because it looks more natural, but if someone wants to practice it must take many precautions, talk a few times with your gynecologist and trust in your partner.
    I do not understand some porn actresses as they do sometimes so unprotected and even sometimes with more than one man, that is very dangerous.
    Although I will not deny than :blush: I or my friends sometimes we have the fantasy to do it with more than one guy.:blush:

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