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  • Currently The Simpons and occasionally Family Guy, American Dad and South Park.

    And memories from the past:
    I liked most of the Disney stuff especially Duck Tales and the Gummi Bears.
    And other stuff like Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Saber Rider, Marshall Bravestar all the Marvel and DC Super Hero Cartoons, Looney Tunes well basically anything that TV offered lol
    And since I totally liked dinosaurs when I was a kid one of my favourits was Astro-Dinos(original title seems to be Dinosaucers)
    Getting up early on Saturdays to watch TV… certainly does not happen anymore^^

    PS: I feel kind bad for kids these days... most new cartoons and other Disney shows are just awful...

  • I will shorten it with only the names^^

    Swat Cats
    Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Quest
    Batman, Superman, X-men, Spiderman
    Galaxy Rangers
    Capt. Planet
    Ninja Turtles
    Darkwing Duck
    Duck Tales
    Marshall Bravestar
    Capt. Future
    Saber Rider and the starsherifs
    Kickers, Capt. Tsubaza
    Thundercats, Dinoriders
    Transformers, Dragonflys

    and many more. Past time was Toontime. To bad this will not happen again :( there was nearly always somthing to watch.

    honor katzekage

  • As a teen in the 1990's I loved the Batman animated series, couldnt get enough of that, my fave cartoon of all time, also the short lived Iron Man series (I…....AM........IR-ON..MAN, great theme tune over the opening credits)

    And the 90's Spiderman cartoon was great, that was part of my saturday morning ritual for many years

    The Justice League cartoon wasnt bad either, Has anyone seen the Batman/Superman: Apocalyse animated movie? any good?

    Does anyone else remember the Earthworm Jim toon? I loved that

    Tom and Jerry was and still is fantastic, as is good 'ol Roadrunner, and any Looney Tunes that featured Marvin The Martian.

    As an adult, I've sat and watched "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" with my niece, that toon is soooo messed up, but in a good way

  • South Park and Simpsons rank very high and close to each other on my list as well. Due to my childhood The Simpsons are my #1.


    Something kids are missing these days in cartoons. Lessons that work even with diverse characters.

    So true.

    Great thing that you also mentioned Ren and Stimpy, Gummi Bears, Ducktales and Darkwing Duck (awesome!). I basically grew up with them as well as Looney Tunes (never one of my favorites though, but definitely a recommended classic) and the epic Rocko's Modern Life. Such fun times…so many hilarious moments! :D

    I'll edit this post if I should remember another awesome-show-of-the-past.

  • Wow this is going to take some time to put together…
    Get ready for a rewind...

    Ren and Stimpy - (the Nickelodeon version)
    I remember these two wacky rascals that went on insane adventures. From bizarre quests as Canadian Yaksmen, or fighting with one another over who's the cute one. "Powdered Toast Man!" Or "Happy, Happy Joy-Joy-Joy"
    "Its log!"

    Captain N -
    Every gamer's dream, winding up in a game world and saving the princess. Only to find out that every baddie in the gaming galaxy has invaded cyberspace. Along the way making friends, and getting the girl.

    Super Mario Bros. Super Show -
    Aside from the bizarre live skits, the mini-cartoons were actually well put together. On their own, they took place within the Mushroom Kingdom and spin-off their own series.

    Thundercats -
    Five heroes, very few allies, and one evil mummy. It was a classic because the animation was insane, (but a bit choppy as its aged) But it was quirky, and fun.

    Gummi Bears -
    In a mystic land, a group of heroes (along with the knight in training) take back their homeland from invaders, and stop baddies across the land. Oddly enough it hit some dark spots, but it was an awesome show. Even with a bizarre premise.

    Transformers - (oh and yes G1)
    I was born right around the time TF barely lifted off the ground. And yet I understood enough of it by recognizing colors, characters, and the crazy adventures they went on. Robots in disguise worked out pretty well.

    Ducktales -
    "Like is like an aeroplane, here in Duckburg"
    Fun spin-off with Scrooge McDuck, his 3 nephews, an ace pilot, and an ex-detective turned hero. And the song was addicting!

    Darkwing Duck -
    Regular guy by day, crimefighter by night! Best premise ever!
    Oddly enough it was a spin-off from classic movie serials of the early tv days.
    Something kids are missing these days in cartoons. Lessons that work even with diverse characters.

  • Dexter's Laboratory! Little Dexter was so funny! And I loved the mom in that show, too. She was cute! (^.^)

    Powerpuff Girls! They're dad was cool. And I'll never forget the evil monkey.

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