Forum Features #58

  • We’re back again with another fine forum features round-up, giving you an “at a glance” update on the happenings in our forum. One of summer's mainstay is music festivals, but unlike those our forum is festival of erotic delights and semi-intellectual debate that goes on all year round! We've always got new and established artists posting their sexy pictures and animations for your viewing pleasure, of course we have a few topics just waiting for you to grace them with your thoughts so come in and make your opinions knowns.

    Hot Topic: Forum's Reputation System: Your POV?

    Here at Affect3D we have a nifty little system for our users to rate the contribution of other members both good and bad for the purpose of helping us all. However the questions have been asked  not only about how “Reputation Points” should be awarded but also whether or not the system is being abused by people settling scores or holding grudges against other members. Our forum is meant to be free of insults, bullying and general rudeness, however for some this might not be the case. So let us know if you think we aren't doing a good enough job and need to improve, your opinions are important!

    Creative Works: Chinsen3D

    Chinsen3D's artists thread has been making it's presence felt since the latter part of last year.  Despite having originally chosen to focus on the more hardcore aspects of 3DX,  lately this artist has been making forays into the more traditional realms of erotica (check out Detention in the Affect3D store) If you like the idea of pretty, big boobed girls having lots of hot sex with an assortment of partners and you like images crafted to an excellent standard then Chinsen3D's work is well worth checking out. Check out their artists thread, you won't be disappointed!


    Other Topics To Check Out

    Steam Summer Sale: Online game distributor Steam has a sale on allowing videogame addicts to stock up on their drug of choice while keeping more cash in their pockets. Are you taking part in this bonanza or are you unfazed by their shiny promotions?

    Do 3DX artists make money? You may have seen some 3DX works by artists and think “That guy/gal deserves to be a millionaire” or watch the success of some artists and thought “I gotta get in on this, I want some bling!” But are things really as they appear? Is being a 3DX artists a license to print money? Visit this thread for the inside scoop.

    Would you spend the night in a haunted location? Whether you ain't afraid of no ghost or fear the things which go bump in the night it might be hard to resist the allure of spooky fun! Could you be tempted to walk where others fear to tread or refuse to tempt fate and stay on the safe side?

     Your favourite breakfast? Hey, it's the most important meal of the day so why not take some time to discuss it? (Incase you're wondering the answer “none” is also acceptable.)

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