NEW Store Release - The Chronicles Of Dun'Ragon III: The Half-Drow

  • We've got another title lined up and ready for you as The Chronicles of Dun'Ragon III: The Half Drow by 3DZen is released in the Affect3D Store!

    Sure we could tell you the story (which fans of fantasy will enjoy greatly), but the sex in this title is the main things you'll love. First there's some beautiful sex between the queen and her consort in an ornate pool, with the queens mistress reluctantly joining the action in a scene full of vaginal, anal or oral. Then the heroine of the series Fae'aria who has been taken captive along with her Orc lover is magical forced to please not just his cock but a female Drow's pussy too! What will become of them both?

    Dunragon III Main Product

    3DZen has always had a great eye for creating pretty girls and hot sexual scenarios, both of these things you'll find in abundance in this latest installment of the Dun'Ragon series, along with a well written story. Whats more is that 3DZen has been busy improving every aspect of their art so existing fans and newcomers alike will be in for a treat. So check out Chronicles of Dun'Ragon III right now in the Affect3D Store!

    And don't forget the Super Summer Sale is still going on this weekend! Get the details here!

    Buy Now The Chronicles Of Dun'Ragon III: The Half-Drow over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

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