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  • I love me a time of gratuitous vandalism.

    The beach. Don't underestimate the wonderful times you can have here.

    Rivers. Rafting or even just swimming. Umpqua river is nice and warm.

    I'm kinda 'meh' about clubs in general but I don't hate them. I like small bars (example Nafelli's in South Lake Tahoe), or places with some kind of entertainment.

    I used to like arcades, however the home experience seems to be overtaking arcades as I see them becoming more and more deserted over time…everywhere I go it seems.

    I don't have any guns but I do love going out and shooting. Auto, semi auto, shotguns, handguns, rifles, aw hell.

    Pyro and fireworks.

    Sword play.

    Conventions when the occasion arises. War reenactment (civil war, world war 2), medieval/renaissance/S.C.A. (Society for Creative Anachronism), etc.

    Going to Fry's Electronics is cool with me even though online stores will totally own them in most categories.

  • @'fredfred5150':


    It depends.


    Who it is I'm going with, what kind of mood I'm in, what kind of week I've been having, what kind of week they've been having, the weather, any kind of special occasion that recently happened or is about to happen, whether or not I feel like dancing, whether or not I feel like getting hit on non-stop all night (and uh, maybe whether or not I'm single and horny), and a plethora of other things.

  • administrators

    don't go clubbing much anymore, but was my favorite, used to go out every week-end without fail :) … don't really like just drinking so pubs weren't my thing and well going to a restaurant is nice, but it's not much of a night out imo

  • @'Tiffany':

    It depends.


  • It depends.

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