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  • I just found this thread, and thought since I have a PS3, lying around not being useful, I may as well as help beta test this for ya.
    Yep, the MP4 file Miro gave for test will play on a PS3. Not wanting to quit there I tested some of the other Video previews. On a side note, Miro I just have to say the preview of Sayako's walk with the full on erection is looking SOOOO good on the big TV. :P
    Not satisfied with simple MP4 testing, I decided to try and put the G4E program on the same flash drive and test, and got No Joy from the PS3. It couldn't even see the folder, or files.
    So in summary; roper If you haven't already you could order G4e and request a MP4 version as Miro suggested. The only drawback is you are missing out on some of the features you get with the PC version. (custom movie maker, speed slider, etc… etc.) So not all good news, but you will still be getting a copy of the G4E movie, which IMHO is WELLLLL worth the price$$$$$. :D

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    if you can download and play this test video (this is a low quality test not actual G4E quality) then G4E should work on your PS3 as well, either way if you can't get it to run you'll be able to get a refund

  • yes it plays mp4. avc vid codec and aac aud codec….not sure if that info helps at all.

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    don't have a ps3 so I can't test it, but if playing mp4s (a video file) works on the PS3 then you can request the MP4 version of G4E by contacting [email protected] after your purchase, the MP4 version works on for example iphone and ipad, etc

    hope that helps

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