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  • Never played the Buffy game… but yeah, I think the combat is entertaining enough, although it's not complex.
    I actually expected the combat to be awful, but it has some nice nuances... stunned enemies will die with the next chainsaw hit, killing 3+ enemies with a single chainsaw swipe yields extra points and medals (to purchase skimpy outfits :D ). The game gives you something to aim for during combat...
    The beginning is the worst since only very few moves are available, but it does become better after a while.

    All you ever fight during the game are human zombies and they can't do that much, but there are nerd zombies, fat granny zombies, flying farmer zombies, rocker zombies etc. and most have at least one move, that is unique to them. You barely ever need a special strategy to kill them, but it was varied enough to keep me entertained.

    Sure killing zombies with a harvester is fun, but e.g. 200 would have been enough here imo. You have to navigate the machine through some sort of parcour with explosive barrels and run over some zombies along the way, but once you figured out your path, you just have to complete a bunch of laps, till you reach 300 kills.

  • wow, thanks for such in-depth analysis, you get repped for being so nice

    I'd pick up a few other games if I bought an xbox360, but lollipop chainsaw would be the first purchase, plus I have a lot of old xbox games which are compatible and never completed

    Well I wasnt expecting the game to have the kind of intense beautiful combat I experienced in the first xbox Ninja Gaiden game, or even DOA3, would I be right in saying the combat is maybe closer to the buffy the vampire slayer game? ie relatively simple but fun enough for entertainment?

    as for the question…..(is it really necessary to mow down 300 Zombies with a harvester...)

    I think the answer is yes!

  • I played it the last couple of days. I enjoyed it for the most part… certainly more than Ninja Gaiden 3...

    The character design,story and overall style is obviously over the top and a bit dumb, but I liked that.
    Juliet, the main char, is the stereotypical high school cheerleader plus a foul mouth and some Bayonetta-attitude, like kicking ass hard, the lollipop thing and some "I'm better than you"-arrogance.
    Her boyfriend Nick is also well written. Has some fairly amusing lines imo... the sudden emo attitude towards the end of the game was a bit off though.
    The other characters and Bosses are also funny.

    There are some complaints that the game is too vulgar and there ist too much profanity and it gets stale... well it didn't bother me at all.

    The major issue seems to be the gameplay, the combat in particular.
    It's not Ninja Gaiden (Black), Devil May Cry, or Bayonetta, but it's not bad either... and I'm pretty picky when it comes to action combat. I do not see how it should be worse than other western stuff, like God of War, or Dante's Inferno. Thing is, it is not free-form friendly like DMC, or God of War, so Moves do not connect seamlessly. If you recover, you recover... sometimes pretty long. The move set is rather small, there is only one weapon and you have to buy almost all the combos, so combat is a bit restricted at the beginning. I personally don't mind if you perform the same combo over and over, since all these games boil down to repeating a very limited set of patterns... if you play effectively.
    Still... since the game actually features three basic attacks (light Pom-Pom attacks, heavy Chainsaw attacks, and low Chainsaw attacks), the lack of combinations is a huge waste of potential.
    I did not notice many camera, or targeting issues.

    Enemy design is nothing special, but gets the job done... a few basic types and certain enemies have rather telegraphed special attacks, there is something new in each stage. Off-screen hits are a problem at times.
    Boss battles are note super-epic, innovative, or challenging, but fun for the most part.

    Some of the mini-games are nice, some are a bit repetitive and some just last a bit too long (is it really necessary to mow down 300 Zombies with a harvester...)

    The game is rather short (6 hours or so?) and not really hard, but does have some replay value. After finishing a stage you can replay it any time form the map-menu.
    There are quite a few collectibles and stuff to unlock (well unlock and then buy...) especially costumes, that's pretty nice imo. Probably helps if you are a bit of an anime-geek so the cosplay outfits tell you something...
    Soundtrack is pretty good and I think you can even choose the background music, while playing... never bothered with that.

    There is nothing outstanding about the game, except that a cheerleader kills zombies with a chainsaw, but nothing is remarkably poorly done either. I'd say it's an overall fun game. I certainly do not regret buying it.

    But buy a console just for this game... I probably wouldn't do it...

  • Has anyone here played lollipop chansaw yet? judging by the reviews it seems to be the kind of game people will either love or hate.

    Its got similar ratings/review score to the original Bloodrayne which wasnt a particularly good game but damn I enjoyed playing it. (Nazi's Demons and Vampires=cool, Cheerleaders chainsaws and zombies=also cool?)

    Basically is it worth me selling some stuff so I can buy an xbox360 and a copy of this game?

  • So… E3 took place last week, did anyone follow it and saw anything interesting?

    I think Ubisoft pretty much "won" E3... first of all they started of their press conference with dancing girls, instead of a dude in a suit. And they had a female host that said awesome shit like "You were all looking at the girls. Even the girls in the audience were looking at the girls. We are all a bit gay aren't we?" and after the Far Cry 3(?) Demo "Now I want a tiger as a weapon, kill something with it and then shoot it" lol
    Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed 3 looked pretty interesting as well.

    And there was some sort of Dead or Alive 5 "Tournament" at E3 and actually streamed it live... and I watched the stream all 3 days, 6 hours a day lol
    Well it's not Virtua Fighter... not even close and I think the did not really fix any of the severe problems, but provided decent workarounds this time. It's at least better than Dead or Alive 4 xD
    The commentary on the stream was actually rather amusing.
    Tina has bigger boobs than ever (shown below ...still small by miro's standars though) and they attracted a lot of attention... It was really funny, when the shout casters were beating around the bush as they tried to talk about her rack.

    Tina's new boobs

    PS: Lollipop Chainsaw at the end of the week… it's so stupid I had to buy it xD

    • Risen 2 will be out tomorrow. Might be a good oldschool rpg again.
    • Diablo 3 of course. Even though it might be a little overhyped, being a blizzard game just comes with that.
    • Dungeons and Dragons Online new update with the forgotten realms setting looks to be interesting.
    • Max Payne 3, interesting new scenario after the first two were in a dark and gritty new york in snowy settings
    • Assassins Creed 3 looks interesting aswell although I cant stay hooked to the series for long, even though it has solid gameplay and nice graphics, it just gets repetetive very quickly.
    • Tribes Ascend, already out but havent played it so far. I loved playing quake3, team fortress and other fast paced non realistic shooters, aswell as tribes : vengeance, so will definately give this one a shot aswell very soon

    Nice chronological release list btw

    Shouldnt be hard to understand even as a non german viewer.

  • any mmorpg/rpg that can make me customize my char appearence like i did in skyrim or aion… :P

  • Bioshock Infinite. The first two were both very good and I really like the look of Infinite. Very bright and colorful! (^_^)

    Witcher 2 is coming real soon. I've heard great things about the PC version. It also has 3D nudity. (~_^)

    I want more, but I'm just a poor college girl with no money and tons of homework. (>_<;)

  • Looking at the games availible now and upcoming makes me wish I had a console again :(

    Lollipop Chainsaw looks hilariously good

  • Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Reborn
    Lollipop Chainsaw
    Darksiders 2 Death
    Diablo 3
    Bioshock Infinit
    Aliens Colonial Marines
    Dead or Alive 5
    Tekken Vs Street Fighter
    Every new Dragonball Z beat em up
    Halo 4
    and maybe a few others that i don´t mentioned here.

    in honor katzekage

  • Not much… last year was definitely better with numerous RPGs^^
    I might have a look at VF5:FS... it's too good not to play it, but on the other hand the somewhat quirky animations and certain aspects of the combat system just turn me off... relative Footposition specific stuff and lots of Hit Confirmation and I'm out xD

    And I still kinda look forward to DoA5... NG3 is more or less a catastrophe(for a NG game), but the DoA5 Demo is decent.
    If they carefully consider the communities feedback on the game engine and -obviously- especially my feedback lol (crap I forgot to mention that they should reduce the pudding bounce on the breasts... focused too much on gameplay relevant stuff) we might end up with a slightly less complex VF, but with fluent animations and gameplay plus hot chicks with big tits.
    Accessible, complex, flashy graphics and boobs... this must sell well.

  • Yeah, really curious about the new Tomb Rider. From what we've seen so far it looks great. But one thing is a trailer and dev's presentation, the final product is entirely different stuff. So, really curious to see if it can live up to the hype.
    Bioshock is in good hands, I'm confident in it.
    The new Resident Evil is something else I'm eager to try.

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