Is ever need to pay for a Cash App Refund?

  • No, you never need to pay for Cash App Refund. Here, you only need to make a request for it or make a call from whom you want refund. To make a refund request, you should hit the profile icon and then select payment. Thereafter, you need to hit the main menu and then press Refund. And, then press the OK button.

  • I have not really participated in Steam Summer Sales before, but this year I went and bought around 25 games. Most of the time it is just one here and there, but this year I went all out and bought a lot.

  • First time taking part in the steam sale. At the moment though, thanks to primarily being a console gamer, there have only been a handful of titles I've been interested in. Picked up The Witcher 1 and 2.
    Also picked up the RPG Maker program, used to love messing around with one of the older versions, so for a little over a tenner for an official version was a steal!

  • I bought four games so far. Mostly indies. Will likely buy more games than I will even play as I do most every year. Still have quite the back catalog already.

    This year's adventure game is so rigged it's ridiculous. Everyone's team led at least one day by an insurmountable margin. We're supposed to believe that teams were crafting badges at double the rate than every other team on the days they won? What a crock.

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