Steps To fix Printer Not Responding

  • Check printer driver force

    The first step is to check the printer driver as the drivers installed are not correctly downloaded due to which my canon printer not responding issue is coming so to fix this problem you need to re-install the drivers from the renowned website that is suits your system.

    Reinstall the Canon Driver

    Maybe the canon driver installed is not updated due to which you are facing these issues so you need to install the updated printer driver to fix this issue.

    Check Wi-Fi connection

    The next one is to make sure that you are well connected with the wifi. You need to check if your wifi is all well connected in case if it is not then you can contact your service provider to fix the issue of my canon printer not responding.

    Check your connection

    The next step is to check that is the printer well connected with the wifi or internet as this issue of my canon printer not responding occurs when the printer is not connected well with the network.

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