Steps To Reset Canon Printer

  • There are 3 ways to reset your canon printer:

    1.Reset printer to factory settings
    2.Reset Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

    1. Ask Canon support

    Reset Printer to Factory Settings

    The first step is to reset the canon printer as by doing a reset canon printer will reinstall the canon printer back to its original position as it was installed inside the starting. Reset \ will put off all the settings and adjustments that you saved previously. You want to reconnect your printer with wi-fi or wireless network.

    This method will help to resolve the issue of how to reset canon printer troubles. It will fix all of the trouble which you were facing previously.

    Steps to Factory Reset Option:

    Switch on the printer and open the menu option.
    Now use the arrow to choose the setup menu option among other options.
    Now click on the device setting and then click on the ok button.
    Select the “reset setting” option.
    Now, press “Ok” to start the process of reset.

    Reset Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

    The next step is to reset the canon cartridge because when you try to install new or refilled ink cartridge on canon printer then you definitely face trouble whilst resetting. There are many methods to fix how to reset canon printer issues. The easiest way to repair the ink cartridge issue, simply to reset the printer. Perform these steps to reset the printer in the proper manner:

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