How Do I Contact Cisco Support?

  • Cisco is one of the famous networking company offering reliable services to its users. Cisco routers are widely used to access internet all over the world. Some users face technical issues while using Cisco devices. You should contact Cisco Support to get help from experts to fix technical issues with Cisco devices. Certified techies are available round the clock to help customers.

  • So many fighting games in your list! My favorite would have to be Saints Row: The Third (and, by extension, Saints Row IV). Both have some pretty great customization options, including choosing your character's voice. The "Sex Appeal" slider is… interesting. My main character was a female Amy Smart lookalike, using the Laura Bailey V.O. Here's a picture of her using a nude mod, NSFW:

    Of course, the Mass Effect customization was pretty okay. It was mostly noteworthy because of the ability to carry your character over across all of the games (after they finally got it working for PC users).

    Skyrim has pretty in-depth customization features as well, including scars, battle-paint, and dirt. And that's without the mods that have added more hairs than you can shake a stick at, as well as new custom races.

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