Error in application while Cash App activate card? Reach help center.

  • To Cash App activate card you first need to enter the app. However, if there’s an error and you can’t get into the app for activation, then you can use the steps that are mentioned in the help sites or you can use the solutions that are provided by the customer care or the support team.

  • I have them all ^^

  • I'm sort of in the crossroads at this point. I initially wanted Poser (still kind of do) but now I know I won't be able to use things much beyond V4 Victoria. However I can see the attraction of Daz3D at this point being cheaper and easier once I eventually get my start.

    I have some definite sexy scenes and stories in mind, but I also like pinup art and I find myself enamored at the sexy clothes women wear, too. My uses would be those and non porn as I have some characters I have envisioned but just never been able to fully express.

    I've seen some of the new genesis models, and new stuff period that I know won't be compatible with Poser going forth from here. This new content wows me. They practically shower you with freebie offers at Daz. Their variety has the candystore effect.

    But those Star Wars models are for poser…It's kinda difficult to decide. From what I understand, you can import preexisting models from Daz to Poser that are still compatible, but you mostly have to make everything from scratch. For a proficient modeler, how difficult or easy is it to make decent looking custom clothes for each one?

  • I usually get the shapes. Especially now on g2f you get some nice definition with each of these and its always a decent starting point for a new girl to just mix 2 of them together at different strength and then change details with the regular dials and ShapeShift from zev0.

  • I've bought a few. One named Elle that I like and Sayuri a Japanese model & just got Giselle. I mostly just use the face & body morphs to make different looking characters.

  • I have them but am yet to actually use them. I got as I was going to move my characters from Gen1 to Gen2 but never got around to it. One day I will though and it will be worth it.

  • no, but i moved my character to Genesis 2 and can now use with some addons Gen 2 and V4 clothes. I have to say i am happy with the move, but some problems with shoes or gloves from v4, but in my opinion it is worth it, especially withz all the gen 2 morphs from the beginning.

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