Did Cash App Dispute return money back?

  • Here, the issuer resolves the Cash App Dispute within two billing cycles. And, It can’t exceed over 90 days after receiving your complaint. In this case, Cash app may take maximum of six months to refund the holding charge that you posted regarding your credit card account. If you have any issues, then feel free to contact us.

  • aye, grinding is also my black spot in mmos - Black Desert being Eastern made will probably have a lot of it.
    Then again, watching other videos of the closed beta really makes me want to visit the place - the home-made render engine looks gorgeous, the game system also seems to encourage exploration for its own sake. Mini games like fishing or playing instruments sound fun (while waiting for a friend to log-in ?)…

  • I'd get it just to try out go "wow character customization" and "wow graphics" and then probably drop it after I level up a couple of times.

    I don't mind grinding as long as it feels like it was worth it in terms of rewards and abilities. Unfortunately it doesn't in most MMOs.

  • I've read that this murder sim is going to have gender locked classes. Either of those traits(gender locks, murder sim) get a great big 'nope' from me right away.

  • MMORPGs always bored me. Call me a leftist, but the notion of grinding or doing trivial quests or subquests for sake of items or progression always come off as being labor, and not all that interesting. Even those who "broke away" from the mold don't really change all that much.

    Now, Star Citizen, that's something I'm looking forward to. It'll be like a fun version of EVE Online.

  • Honestly, my biggest thing is graphics. I don't require that new MMO's be overly special in regards to others…I just look for aspects that I like.

    I'm rather attached to my characters though, and they take a large amount of time invested if you take pride in them being really powerful. If anything, that's why I play so few of them.

    With what I've said in mind, this game looks good enough for me to try out, but I have no plans for any long term commitment or abandoning the other MMO's I play. But hey...never know till you try...

  • That's always the problems with MMOs though. You get one that tried to be different, people will complain that its not enough like them, you try and replicate other MMOs, then people complain that its too similar.

    We gamers can be a fickle bunch at times.

  • Pretty much everything you listed every other game has… lol

  • @'Tiffany':

    The customization is good but does it have gameplay to back it up?

    well, you got all your classical mmo stuff as crafting, dungeoning and all.
    its ambitous with npc relation (and mini games of dialogues), huge siege of castle & cities, player housing, player controlled caravans of trade, horse/animal/vehicule riding, pickpocket (npcs at least), probably much more

  • Looks pretty good. Only problem is that we will have to wait about a year or 2 to play it after it comes out in Asia. And in that time something even more impressive will become available.

  • The customization is good but does it have gameplay to back it up?

    The game I'm looking forward to most this year is Kingdom Under Fire II. I haven't heard much about it for a long time but they say release is sometime this year. The trailers look really nice. I'll have to play it before I'd know if I'd actually like it though.

    Dragon Age 3 is coming in October too.

  • From a graphical standpoint, that's bloody impressive. I wouldn't be surprised to see a character creation kit of this magnitude working, I mean, FF14 is already pretty good, and lets you put in a lot of details, but this is a whole other level.

    Would love to see a system like this in single-player games too (Eldar Scrolls, Saints Row, ect)

    Will have to keep my eye on this.

  • Impressive looking MMO. I'm pretty critical about new MMO's though. I've played a lot of em and they always seem to have flaws. I'll keep my eye on this one.

    What I'd really like to see is a high quality (Like Black Desert visually), very in-depth (gameplay-wise) Fantasy MMORPG combined with a fully fleshed-out "3DX Chat" type sex environment. A one-stop shop for Raiding Monsters and Raiding Virtual Panties. I've seen lots try or pretend to try, but I haven't seen a game provide what I'm looking for.

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