Failed to Load a Cash App Card at Walmart because of net issue? Get help team.

  • There can be times when you wish to make a payment using the card instead of the app. But if you can’t Load a Cash App Card at Walmart, then you must check whether or not your card has money and add money into the card using the app. However, if there is a network issue, then you must get into a place where there is a strong network. If that’s not possible, then you can call the help team for alternatives.

  • I would give nothing whatsoever, even upon death, save for blood and only then to a close blood relative.

  • Not only would I give up everything once I am dead, I think governments around the world should pass laws that make that the default options.

    The 'organ donor' section on a driver's license should be for 'opting OUT', not 'opting IN'.

    That way, no one's fundamental rights are abused. However, lazy and complacent people can do some good once they are dead.

    Alive, I give up only those bits that regenerate (red blood, plasma, and I am on bone marrow registry)

  • Alive, yeah, I'll give blood and the like.

    Dead, what do I care? I ain't takin' it with me where I'm going!

  • I'm pretty much with what OP said. Unfortunately I'm not sure how well my fluids work. To be on the safe side I'm disqualified from blood giving as I was sexually assaulted when I was a child. Never mind H.I.V. and other blood born diseases don't show up. While I suppose I could just not say anything about that, I found it so insulting I don't care anymore about giving blood. So I would donate fluids if I wasn't considered "tainted", and I don't care to give my organs while alive. When dead, no not then either. Scientists have enough to play with. If they want to fund frivolous studies of shrimp on a treadmill, they don't need my organs. It's my choice, I can say no, and I take that liberty.

  • Allowing to use my organs once I don't need them any more (if, as said, something is usable any more) makes sense to me.

    Donating in a way that would restrict/hamper myself permanently would cost me quite an effort and, thus, need a good reason. Saving someone that you really value could be one of those reasons.

  • once i'm dead, you can have it all - if there is still anything usefull in there; i guess at least i can be a good practice corpse in medical school.

    alive… i give blood, sometimes, when my lazyness doesnt get the best of me. Otherwise, the medical procedures arent as easy as blood donation - time, danger, recovery... until then - and unless a close relative needs any of me, ill keep my pounds of flesh.

  • I've been an athlete all my life, it's hard for me to consider giving anything up at all because I need to be working at maximum all the time.

    I'm pretty much like you Fred. Blood, Plasma, Marrow, Part of my liver (reluctantly)…things that will regenerate.

    I wouldn't be willing to give up a kidney or part of my lungs...unless a family member really needed it (not gonna give up permanently lost organs to my friends or that uncle on crack, but I'd do whatever for my mother).

    Maybe I'd be willing to give organs to friends if my athletic abilities fell off to the point where I couldn't compete (I plan on doing Masters events eventually)..but right now...NOPE.

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