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  • I can say, the first game is much harder than the second two. Much, much harder. Nintendo Hard. Although, that makes it really rewarding when you get stuff. I've got all three, so I know what most of the characters look like. I fail hard at getting high ranks in the challenges and the arcade leagues, so I can't get a lot of the more obscure characters.

    274 characters. Three games. Too much insanity. TimeSplitters.

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    enough chars for entire village, impossible to remember them all :)
    but looks like an interesting game.

  • Hope this wiki helps! It contains the full roster of the entire series (including the characters Sirrion brought up on the main post)

  • Well, it's at least 300, probably closer to 400 than 300. Not all of the characters are women, though! That would be stupid…

    Basically, to get quickly acquainted with the series, watch the Classic Game Room HD reviews on youtube. TimeSplitters for PS2, TS2 for GameCube (because there isn't a PS2 one), and TS Future Perfect for PS2. They tell you basically what the game is all about.

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    Never heard of that game tbh. 400 is a lof of chars!! …. boobies overdose!!

  • Well, the series is pretty old (2001, 2002, 2005(I think)). One of the problems might be that there's too many girls. Over the three games there are at least 400 characters, so that's a lot of choice.

    Also, I'd never heard of WET until you posted. I went and looked it up on Wikipedia, and it seems that the critics are merely okay with it. But I've found that the critics generally don't know what the hell they're talking about. The IGN reviewer messed up the plotline of TimeSplitters 3, apparently confusing it for the plot of TS2.

  • Sorry, Sirrion. I've never seen any 3D/2D stuff for Timesplitters. I've never played it, either. (T_T)

  • I'm guessing because the game wasn't as popular as other titles. Popularity is really a key factor in the creation of any porn art made. I'm disappointed in the lack of Rubi Malone from WET. Hell, there's barely much of the girls from Unreal Championship 2 (I need me some Selket and Lauren!). Your best bet is to start requesting artists into doing some art of them or get a commission. That was the only way I got one out of eight pictures of Rubi onto rule34.

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