Steps to blocks emails

  • Steps to block email on AOL

           The steps for how to block email on AOL mail is as follows- 

    The first step is to open the web browser and visit on AOL webmail login web page.

    Now you need to type your AOL username and password and then click on the login button.

    The next is to click on the settings on the right corner of the mailbox.

    Now click on the mail settings to proceed with the steps for how to block email on AOL mail.

    The next is to press the junk mail settings tab.

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  • I'm tempted to say yes. I'm a little bi-curious, and if I'm allowed to choose my partner for this, I have a couple of people I know who I would feel comfortable doing this with.

  • I don't think that has anything to do with it, really. There's plenty of quiet girls that are bi as well, they just aren't as open about it.

  • @ Tiffany: Cool. I like how I can just be blunt with them and they aren't put off by it. Bi women are confident.

    Is it a normal thing of Bi women to tend to be alpha female? The ones I've met tend to be players to everyone they like, the same way alpha jock guys hit on women. I've had experiences and observations which prompt me to ask this.

  • 1: Yes
    2: A younger, attractive trap
    3: Pitching

    Hey, together forever with a dream girl? What guy (or girl) wouldn't?

  • I'm not les, I'm bi. I'm totally down for getting stuffed by a big cock lol. :P

  • Not for the promise of sex, no. If it were a perfect soulmate then it would be worth it (although a soulmate wouldn't require that of you), but sex is something that you can lose interest in after a while if there's nothing else to keep you interested in the person. Not worth it.

  • I do agree, though, that lust and love are quite adverse to sanity. However, Tiff, I think the equivalent hurdle for you here is straight sex. With a guy. (which probably has a snowball's chance in hell of happening).

    I'd imagine for a lesbian it would be a pegging fest with a femme guy…or a MtF tranny who hasn't inverted the cock yet.

  • Well if it's not even a perfect imaginary dream guy/girl it'd be kinda hard to commit to that. I don't know any real person I lust after so much I'd commit to spending the rest of my life with them.

  • No, limited to real world people :P

  • One round of gay sex with anyone to be together forever with the person of your dreams? lol, that's a steal for even the straightest of people.

    Can I have a foot long futanari?

  • Never thought of that, assume its a together forever deal.

  • Depends, is sex with your perfect person a one time offer?

    Or is it a together forever sort of deal?

  • Well…

    1. Probably yes under those favorable conditions...And I hope she doesn't mind likewise with a girl sometime, and getting some DP action with me and the other guy as soon as we got done with each other.

    2. I don't know, nor know of, any guy IRL. Like I said:

    I'd go for the blonde here. Rather fey if I do say so myself. Also I did kinda sorta look like the dark haired one. If I lost 30-35 lbs I could have that look back…if aged a little. Yaoi isn't really my thing though, too mushy and obviously meant for fems. But the particular cover art style does catch my eye.

    You didn't specify it had to be a real person, but this is theoretical anyways.

    I digress...

    1. Pitching probably more than receiving. But I suppose if it's all about reciprocating? shrug Both.

  • :cool:
    Bi-sexual dream or the perfect opportunity to explore for all Bi-curious…

    1.) Yes.
    2.) Someone of my sex I like.
    3.) Can we have both?

    (I guess this wasn't the response you were expecting, was it?)

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