Steps to setup canon printer

  • opic/1708/steps-to-setup-canon-printeSteps to setup canon printer

    The first step is to check if there is the seal on the box from where you purchased from ie the seller’s seal it is important to have the seal as it is the mark that the product is genuine.

    The next one is to unbox the canon printer and take out the tapes on it.

    Now you need to place the printer on the flat base carefully also take out the accessories from the printer.

    Now you need to connect the one cord of the printer in the power switch and the other to the printer and connect it.

    The next is that now once you switch on the printer in the input tray put the sheet for printing.

    Now you need to do the print test if all goes good then you are done with the steps to set up your printer.

    Hence now you are done with the basic steps to set up the printer. So now let’s begin with the driver installation in your printer and then we will be briefing you about canon pixma mg2520 printer wireless setup steps further.

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    My rendertimes hover around 20-30 minutes usually, the biggest time consumer is usually the custom poses and sculpting of details into everything that gets touched or is floating through the air. Rendering with 8gig too btw, but I already have an upgrade to 16/32 gig planned in the near future.

  • hzr I'm really shocked to c how much renders u do in a short period of time. Dispite all possible optimizations my renders still slow. Maybe I need to change PC. Seems 8 gigs of ram is not enough.

  • Nice to know that youre doing a series of this. Cant wait to see more :)

  • 3rd image should be reddish or worm cause its a sun behind the window. It shouldnt be blueish like 2nd cause there is no cold lights in scene.

  • Pic4 is a start of image set. Its little bit slow rendering so did only 5 scenes. In process and will upload them all as I finish it.

  • Pics 1&2: well, it's a little late for christmas but better late than never. :D That lovely creature slipping a shiny slick dildo right up the ass. Awesomeness and I wish to see more! The overall theme is very good and realistic looking, I like it very much. I like her, too.

    Pic3: Nice. I hope you have some kind of story or continuation or something. 3 Nymphos and one naked guy sleeping with a hardon is always a good recipe. Love the normal casual bedroom setting. Makes it a little more down to earth and believable if urban. Seems like awesome is waiting.

    Pic4: Have to agree with above and want to see where this goes. Nice detail too. These two beauties are worth watching.

  • I kinda liked number #3 the most. More dimmly lit than the last one, but the last one has a bit too red color palette I feel. I like more the blueish color palette on the third.

  • Last one is the best by far. Very natural and sexy.

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