Steps to setup canon printer

  • Steps to setup canon printer

    The first step is to check if there is the seal on the box from where you purchased from ie the seller’s seal it is important to have the seal as it is the mark that the product is genuine.

    The next one is to unbox the canon printer and take out the tapes on it.

    Now you need to place the printer on the flat base carefully also take out the accessories from the printer.

    Now you need to connect the one cord of the printer in the power switch and the other to the printer and connect it.

    The next is that now once you switch on the printer in the input tray put the sheet for printing.

    Now you need to do the print test if all goes good then you are done with the steps to set up your printer.

    Hence now you are done with the basic steps to set up the printer. So now let’s begin with the driver installation in your printer and then we will be briefing you about canon pixma mg2520 printer wireless setup steps further.

  • @'Tiffany':

    Here's one

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    I've experienced this, girl gave me oral after eating chilli….so much pain!!!

  • Here's one

    "Sex Tip: Do NOT eat a bunch of spicy salsa before going down on your girlfriend."
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  • @'Tiffany':

    Well, I guess this isn't sex but it's bad advice: "A banana makes a great substitute for a dildo."

    Some bad advice is learned from experience. :rolleyes:
    I was young …

  • Well, I guess this isn't sex but it's bad advice: "A banana makes a great substitute for a dildo."

  • @'Tiffany':

    Skipping foreplay or even talking for that matter and going straight to anal sex is a great way to break the ice on your first date.

    Is that bad enough? lol

    99% of the time. There's always that 1%. :D

    Some bad advice:

    -A great lubricant to use is melted butter.
    -If you want to delay coming, just tell your girl that she's doing a bad job.
    -Having nude sex on sand at a beach without a towel underneath you is the best sex you'll ever have.

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