Reasons for AOL Mail Not Working

  • Reasons for AOL Mail Not Working

    Try restarting your laptop before gaining access to your AOL Mail account.

    Internet Connection

    The first reason is to check the internet connection as it might be the possibility that the internet is not connected or is weak or in case if you use the internet on your mobile device then it might be the reason that your mobile data is not sufficient.

    Clearing Cache and Cookies

    Another reason is that due to not cleared cache and cookies and browser history of your web browser you are facing issues in it.

    Incorrect Setting

    The next reason is the incorrect settings installed of SMTP and IMAP which is the reason why AOL mail account not working.

    Browser Compatability

    If the browser is not compatible then also you face these issues hence you need to make sure that the browser you use should be renowned and it should be compatible.

    Antivirus Issue

    Due to the anti-virus installed in your system, it refrains some application to work due to which the anti-virus prevent the AOL mail server to work.

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  • When I was a child, my mother told me that cooked rice had to be cleaned up quickly or else it would turn into maggots…

    I had SERIOUS doubts about the truth of it, but I wasn't completely sure until I read that spontaneous generation wasn't possible some time later. Fortunately for my mother, I also read that it had once been a serious topic of scientific that even though it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard...she was kinda off the hook.

    I still joke with her about that sometimes.

  • One of my former friends who I clearly read wrong uttered a last line before I cut him off for good.

    He tried playing the pity card by acting stressed about his life situation and revealed some new things he hadn't bothered to talk about for the previous two weeks, and then passive aggressively insulted me within the same breath.

  • I grew up in a small, VERY insular community in the rural Southern US, so I heard plenty of stupid things during my childhood.*

    My favorite was probably the anti-race mixing "science" we were fed by the community ministry. In essence, we were raised to believe that race-mixing (as opposed to inbreeding) causes an increased prevalence of genetic defects and disorders. The council was slick, too – they distributed photographs of kids in the third-world with cleft palate and other physical problems to scare everybody into believing their crap. Worked like a charm, for the most part.

    *I don't care for the stereotype that all rural Southerners are ignorant, but there are some pockets in the region that fit the bill and then some.

  • I like! :D

    …Problem with that is it assumes these people have a fair attention span. Though a monitor does have the "ooh pretty lights" going for it.

  • @'~ArgonCyanide777':

    Explanation for idiots

  • @'Morfium':

    There are ppl who think that, because food got heated up in a microwave oven, it got polluted by radiation, you know microwaves. So it is high poisned…and you can't eat it...without risking serious health damages.

    Not surprising given that slang became a substitute for describing the actual process over a relatively short period of time.

    "Durr, I don't see da harm in calling it nuking. It's radiation so it MUST be nuclear…err nukular."
    "Omilawdz! I am poisening mah self!"

    The only poisoning are misconception and possibly nutritional deficiency--probably from eating so many hot pockets.

    Explanation for idiots:
    Microwaves and Nuclear energy both "radiate", yes. The difference?

    • Microwaves are basically like sound, no residual energy left over. Food is hot and moist.
    • Nuclear radiation poisoning is residual contamination by very small particles that last a REALLY long time. Objects unsafe to remain in your vicinity.

    There, a physics lesson anyone with a reasonable reading capability can decipher.

    :dodgy: Wow. I must be a fucking physicist. Or an electrical fucking engineer.

  • Someone tried to tell me that eggs are a vegetable. They were a vegan with boiled eggs in their salad.

  • The level of stupid I have to put up with on a daily basis can essentially be boiled down to the following level of DERP:

    "I'm not real good with Cause and Effect. Why is that?"

  • I tend to get a lot of stupid explanations at work as to why IT equipment has broken, especially from the students.

    One of the worst was a student who tried to create a grand story about how he was running late for lesson, so he had ran through the halls, and just as another student was coming around the corner, they collided, and in that moment, he was able to hear a clear 'crack' come from his bag.
    Only problem being, that when we took his laptop to examine the damage, it didn't look like it had being damaged from a collision, it looked like it has suffered multiple 'collisions', as if he had been smacking it around left, right and centre.

    It was made worse when he complained to his teacher, who believed that an utterly demolished screen was caused by a single 'accident'

  • There are ppl who think that, because food got heated up in a microwave oven, it got polluted by radiation, you know microwaves. So it is high poisned…and you can't eat it...without risking serious health damages.

  • A small argument over who Blanka really was on Street Fighter, a friend desperately saying Charlie is the same name as Tommy, in reference to the differing background stories of Canon SF, and SF the movie.

    What I derped on in the super powers thread the other night because I was short of sleep. kicks myself

    One time I was scratching my ass at the end of 7th grade math class. Some little jerk was all like "Eew, hey look everone, he's scratching his butt!" To which I replied "Yeah you WOULD be looking, wouldn't you?"
    I mean, yeah fine if I was one of the most hated kids of my class, but you're really going to make a spectacle out of one needing to scratch himself and trying to do it discreetly? Come on.

    Asking a hardware store employee if they were out of flashing (thin sheet metal) for roofing…and she said "Gee, maybe the batteries died on it." It'd be one thing if she said it with a smirk or a sarcastic tone...nope, she was dead serious. What the fuck? She wasn't even a newbie.

    WWF war zone for N64 and PS1 custom character taunt: In a british tone "I am going to get mid evil on your butt-tox!"

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