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  • I tried it out a few months ago it was fun at times but not enough to justify the price tag.

  • Well since the game is still relatively new and I'm not sure how many devs there are. I started making content for the game, some other community members have joined in as well so we are making new stuff to help expand the game :) It definitely has a lot of potential and it's nice to help it grow.

  • There's very few options for clothing, women have the most. For guys, there's like a couple shirts and pants… You can't even like increase penis or ball size (i find the balls extremely small in this game, bothers me).

    No tattoos or piercings. There is a premium currency but I think it's only for gifts. The house customization is probably the coolest part. Feels a lot like the Sims and has some variety at least.

    Overall, the character customization needs some serious work.

  • @'Electroflux':

    Okay, after having played a little bit, I do enjoy this game but I agree from someone earlier, it needs way more customization. I mean, holy cow, there's barely anything for you to modify.

    What can you customize? Since they don't have a trial you can't really find out yourself. What sort of body options are there? Piercings? Tattoos? Do outfits cost extra money?

  • Okay, after having played a little bit, I do enjoy this game but I agree from someone earlier, it needs way more customization. I mean, holy cow, there's barely anything for you to modify.

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  • That'd be a good advertising angle actually.
    Sick of Second Life? Like adult shenanigans in a 3D interactive environment? Try us!

    As to the whole girls online are boys IRL. Hey, even when you're NOT trying to be a girl …if you have a female toon for just about anything interactive you will inevitably get pervs who take it there anyway. You can't really get away from it. So this kind of game would be jumping "out of the frying pan and into the fire" for that.

    On SWTOR I made my jedi consular woman and inevitably I got random people who were always trying to get on or around my character--unless I looked like a nun or something. If you're AFK, just start to dance and see how many people join you when you get back to it. I talked to other players, and some of them just freely start flirting. No cues or nothing. In fact one PvP char I met prided itself on having a "slutty angel" look. In a club, I admit that outfit would be fucking hot.

    I was trying for a Zero Suit Samus look but since stuff for that is so damn expensive in game to afford I went with an undyed version of this:
    Check out the rest of that site, it has a ton of inspirational pics.

  • Hurray my pc will be fixed today so I'm going to try this out. It seems fun but I'm not sure for long term I'll like it. I used to play Imvu a lot but that was kinda before I had a life, too :P

  • Second life is really cool, however the graphics are pretty outdated now. There are more "sex sims" out there like Red Light Distric for example, but the graphics are horrendous by todays standards. The graphics are very appealing to a lot of people, especially in a sex game ;)

  • You guys interested in Virtual Worlds with lots of sex I would recommend Second Life its impressive and its free.

  • Video recording of the party Angels & Demons in the Night-Club @ 3DXChat
    created by GermanPenny a member of 3DXChat

  • now if i could only change chracters skin color to say something like…


  • You're doing god's work, Sol. :)

  • Hahaha, yea I've been helping out a little, fun stuff :) Would not mind continuing to do so ^^
    If someone feels it would be fun to make stuff for the game I can really recommend getting in touch with the devs, there be some perks in it for ya ;)

  • Speak of the devil. :D

  • Add an Ingame Pose Editor/Creator and you got my money ;)

  • I was able to play the game and it's pretty fun. The whole idea of the game is to roleplay, socialize and have fun. If you're just looking sex or if your view is cynical (i.e. girls being guys), then you're gonna have a bad time. But if you're playing as your character, talking with people, eventually you'll make a few friends and "friends". :) Even if you don't wanna socialize with people, there's a single player mode where you can make your own characters fuck. But the real fun is definitely in the social aspect.

    Sex Game Devil is constantly updating the game, so you're not getting it as is. There should be more poses and stuff on the way, which is nice. There are a few things I'd like Sex Game Devil to add as the customization options are pretty limited at this time. Characters (especially males) look very similar, especially when there's a bunch of people in a room. Also, what's with the lack of proper glasses? How else will the girls be sexy as fuck? You can't settle for just sexy as hell! :D

    Anyway, the game is definitely worth playing. If you're curious, I'd wait for others to review it and then consider trying a month out by purchasing a subscription over at the Affect3D Store so you can take advantage of the 10% discount (Oh you knew it was going to happen eventually. You just did).

  • Uptick: check trailer at

    It is pretty much the same as in game, so that is in-game footage.

  • wished there were some videos to give us a a little preview :D

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