Reasons why you are not receiving AOL emails

  • AOL mail is just like other emails. At times the emails react differently while accessing it so one such issue regarding sending and receiving is most commonly faced by the AOL mail users.

    So we will be discussing about the AOL mail not sending and receiving emails but first, let’s discuss why does it happen.

    So let’s begin with the AOL mail sending and receiving reason in brief details below.

    Reasons why you are not receiving AOL emails

    The first one is that the browser in which you are the is not compatible due to which you are facing this issue of AOL not receiving some emails.

  • ^ Well then the Star Trek: The Next Generation 2 part EPIC "The best of both worlds" would probably terrify you :D

    Mr. Worf… fire.

  • As a kid, I was always scared by … The Doomsday Machine … in the original Star Trek. Yes, I was scared of a windsock dipped in concrete ...

    Thing was, I was too young to have "figured out" episodic television, and thus EVERY TIME I breathlessly watched that episode of Star Trek, I was totally and absolutely CONVINCED that THIS TIME Kirk was going to die! Even when I'd seen the episode before (it was in reruns) and thus knew and remembered the ending(!), I was still terrified that he wasn't going to make it THIS time while I was watching. Total immersion experience for me, I thought I was watching all of this stuff as it happened … LIVE.

    Needless to say, it's easy (for an adult) to spot the (child's) mistake in those assumptions, but like I said, I hadn't figured out episodic television yet, even by the 4th time of watching this episode in reruns.

    It didn't help either that the climax of the episode has Kirk activating a 30 second delay detonation of the ship he's on (the Constellation) and needs to get OFF before it blows ... only to have 93 seconds of screen time elapse before the climactic explosion actually occurs! So that entire sense of IMMINENT DOOM™ hanging over the entire climax of the episode is so gloriously drawn out that it was no wonder I was always in agony on the edge of my seat watching the successful conclusion as a kid. And to this day, The Doomsday Machine is still my favorite Star Trek STORY out of all the stories told in the Star Trek universe … even though it's really just Moby Dick in Space.

  • The only time I think I ever really got scared was either

    1. jumping a little when the raptor in Jurassic Park jumped up and snapped at Lex's leg.

    2. Friday the 13th part 1 as a little kid. I insisted on watching, and my dad didn't let me back out of it when it got too intense. After I saw Jason's mom laying dead with a puddle of blood coming out of her head and the frying pan, and I realized it was over then it was no big deal.

    I've seen some movies that fill me with dread, and some that creep me out, even some that made me think twice because I saw myself in them.

  • @'miro':

    the last time I felt seriously scared watching a horror movie was 'the ring' believe it or not, there was a lady in it, that had walking impairment :)

    Yes the "3D TV" moment in the japanese original scared the pants of me too

  • administrators

    the last time I felt seriously scared watching a horror movie was 'the ring' believe it or not, there was a lady in it, that had walking impairment :)

  • the ones we can barly see… the 1st Alien movie nailed it perfectly

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