steps to block spam emails on AOL

  • Follow these quick and easy steps to resolve the issues for how to block unwanted spam emails on AOL to avoid cyber scams, hacking, etc.

    The steps to block spam emails are as follows:

    The first step is to open the web browser and go to the AOL mail login page.

    The next step is to enter the username and password in the box and click to log in.

    Now that you have successfully logged in you need to click on the top right of your mailbox.

    The next step is to click on the mail setting of your AOL mailbox.

    Now you need to click on the spam setting option to fix how to block unwanted spam emails on AOL.

    After the above step, the next is to enter the name of the recipient you want to block.

  • Check out this paragraph from chapter 1:

    ! The process behind fertilization is also quite different for Asata. Unlike a human's relatively simple process that involves a sperm finding an egg which is completely random, an Asata when receiving a genetic data transfer does not incorporate it into their eggs. Instead, that data is broken down into a storable form in something almost akin to a primitive brain which is situated in relative proximity to the Asata vagina. With it the Asata are able to consciously pick and choose the features to pass down to their youth. As such, an Asata generally does not simply have two parents but rather as many parents as the mother Asata has had successful intercourse with as various parts of each of their genetic data will likely be incorporated into her young. From an evolutionary standpoint it's no wonder how the Asata are vastly more advanced than humans. They are able to do naturally what humans are still unable to fully understand.

    Sperm for Asata doesn't fertilize, it only contains their genetic data. It's the mother that incorporates selected genetic data consciously into a new sequence to fertilize her eggs.

  • Ok so they can choose when their cum contains fertilizing sperm then?

  • The Asata are biologically immortal but their world is just as dangerous for them as Earth is for us, so they can certainly die to illness and accidents on Asa and its moons.

    Reproducing just isn't as important to Asata as mating is because it's more beneficial for them to get the widest range of genetic data possible from multiple mates before they reproduce since they know that their offspring will be very long lived and being very long lived themselves they don't feel pressured into reproducing.

    Having said that, Asata have their homeworld Asa which is essentially 15 times the size of earth in terms of surface area and they also have 4 habitable moons that are roughly the size of Earth.

    There is, however, a paragraph in Chapter 1 that answers your question I think:

    ! That's right, they will make you an Asata if you ask for it. There is however a condition to that and it's that you can never go anywhere on Earth other than Asatica but you'll be able to go to Asa and its moons, as well as a variety of the Asata's other terraformed worlds. Which, if you're wondering, are inhabited exclusively by Asata. Earth is the only world the Asata have ever shared with another sentient alien race.

    In short, the Asata span across many worlds beyond their own homeworld's system.

    I skipped chapter 3 and started writing on chapter 4 because the female perspective is more fun for me to write and I'm not even done with that, so it'll be several days before I'll have the next 2 chapters ready.

  • Nice work indeed. I loved how you managed to capture so many fetishes into the Asata body differences. Only question I have is how do they not overpopulate? Immortal beings that can lay up to 100 eggs with a pregnancy cycle of a few hours? Is fertility low? Or is the lifespan shorter?

    Anyway, it was a great read and I 'd definitely like to read some more.

  • love it!!

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