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  • Interesting, I am also curious how much patience some have in regards to projects such as these.And now I know, patience is also key

  • @'hzr':

    If the end result is looking consistent and good then you do not really need all the fancy stuff anyways :)

    HZR is correct :D

  • If the end result is looking consistent and good then you do not really need all the fancy stuff anyways :)

  • Jeez! I envy you guys with your fancy render settings and SSS and stuff! My last product had over 1000 images in it (including animation frames), I'd still be rendering it if I really pulled out the stops! ^_^''''

  • When i browsed for information on MaxDepth, i read interior settings wanted higher values so i've cranked it at 6. (the manual says a ray wont bounce more than 16 times anyways).
    The sss i cooked from various sources scales at 20 (which is a bit low i think, i've had tests with better results at 30) but i suppose that information is useless without the rest of the shader ^^.

  • I am pretty sure that you need at least maxdepth 3 or 4 to have proper sss/translucency with the pathtracing kernel. with maxdepth 2 there is a bounce missing for the backscatter effects.

    Checked with a simple test just now and with maxdepth 2 there barely is any colour bounce inside the object when using scattering medium.

    Maybe you can work around this by changing the scale value, but havent tested it any further yet… if you know something more, let me know, I would love to get some better efficiancy with Octane.

  • Your render setup ?

    MaxDepth ?! I'm almost sure you have the default settings => MD: 12, tooooo much.
    You want fast render ? Maxdepth = 2, you want a mix ? Maxdepth: 4-8, the S/P slightly change between 4 & 8.

    MaxDepth = how the light bounce on your objects, more the light bounces more it took times to render.

  • thank you for your answers.
    the latest images i've rendered (interior, 2 characters with sss, props, path tracing, 1500x1000, 4000 samples) took around 2h30+. far too long time/frame to animate.
    now i'm working on images for a lil project, exterior, 1 character with sss, path tracing, 1000x800, 1000 samples = 2 minutes max. with that low render time i may do some animation.
    (in octane, with a geforce gtx 680)

  • The strength of Octane is you can save your node templates, it's very useful when you use very often a node template.

    For example the skin of my girls use SSS, i will not redo the process each time i setup my scene (main reason i'm not the creator of the templates i used :D) i just load the template to my characters hop magical! Nodes has been applied to my char.


    => Hair, cloth, girl & wall in 5 mins all is done, remember you can copy/paste your node setup to another node (you will gain a lot of time).

    Btw, Vray & Octane (as i know) are the fatest render engines.

    In the case of animation you have to test the 1st one to see how many times it needs to be clear of firefly then you can allocate for each renders.

    Another thing: your render setup can increase A LOT the render time needed.
    I have 3 Titan & believe me even with this i can spent 1-2h to clean a render. But more cards you will have more it will be faster.

  • This could be unusual for many, but this image below was rendered in more than 13 hours through Reality. My usual interior setup took around 12 hours as well.

    I can get 5 hours if it's not enclosed on a room, but the fastest I can remember is around 3 hours mark.

  • Using Reality It can be anywhere between 1-2 hours or more if the noise doesn't feel like fucking off. I just keep it going until its at the quality I want don't really have a specific time. Usually at the one hour mark though I'll make a call on weather its good enough or not.

  • I usually aim for 30 minutes, plus minus 15 minutes depending on the scene. Resolution is usually 720p on an amd phenom x2 945. When I get over this time on non close up shots then I start optimizing the scene until I am back in my target frame.

    I understand what you mean about Octane. It is fast on outdoor scenes and without sss. But once you start adding more complex stuff and something other than direct light, it will start crawling. Its just the sad truth with all the unbiased pathtracers. They suck on complex scenes because they simply do not approximate. Stuff like SSS and some GI computations would speed things up tremendously but it seems the devs of those engines have a stick up their own arse and rather like to say "its unbiased" just because it sounds so great, instead of making a few compromises when you will barely notice any difference in quality, if any…

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