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  • I'm not on for politics, especially when I come here to get away from it.

    In mainstream press it's easier to distract people and get them fighting amongst each other than to explain things. The best way to do that is a dichotomy to get people hyper focused on who is more to blame, less at fault, whose tally record is worse or better, etc. There's a saying: voting for the lesser of two evils is promoting the better (or more fortunate) of two liars. Lesser evil is still evil. Certainly makes special pleading a whole lot easier to do.

    Disaster kitchen has many chefs. If you're served a pile of shit, think first how you yourself might be at fault for your own situation before looking to stick it to someone else. Having lesser guilt never absolves anyone the entirety of it… it's easy to forget both sides are to blame, and ultimately everyone played a part in it.

    All while the rest of the world waits and the real problems are still there staring you right in the face when the witch hunts are over. Just my two cents.

  • I believe that Fox News isn't really in the business of selling news. I think that's just a front so they can televise their army of pin-up models in short skirts and heels. One day I may try to pay attention to what they're saying long enough to prove the theory. It's probably gibberish.

  • It can always get worse.

    They could do "better", but why would they? Their audience doesn't care to verify, clearly love sensationalism, and like personalities and stories more than creating those themselves. They are selling to their demographic. Obviously there's some manipulation involved too, but that always happens between a seller and a buyer. It's just that due to scaling, most manipulation these days only happens in one direction.

  • He phrased it badly. When he said "REAL news" what he meant was "good reporting" rather than news storys that can be presented as entertainment and exploited for views. A lot of important issues go unsaid because it wouldn't get a lot of viewers or would be unpopular with the executives, and some get talked about way more than they should and exploited to the fullest because it gets viewers.

  • What is real news then? Enlighten us.


    The entire notion of what is "newsworthy" has been perverted by the propagandists and Ebil Marketeers™ such that REAL news is no longer the purpose of "news" broadcasting.

  • Because they're owned by big corporations who have their own interests in mind and seeing as to how they're the ones controlling the government behind the scenes they also happen to spread that country's propaganda. And as for the reason good reporting isn't so important is because it's all about making money and good reporting isn't as profitable.

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