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  • Hills and Valley Girls (~.^)

  • @'Supro':

    Here's mine.

    I should probably get that changed. Any suggestions?

    try this it´s always win win situation :P

  • Poor poor computer! Tsk tsk… (-.-) The wallpaper has never been changed? I'm sure Katzekage has a solution to your very serious problem. (^_~)

    If not, all hope is lost. (._. )

  • Here's mine.

    I should probably get that changed. Any suggestions?

  • Lately, I've had a few pics from Affect3d as my wallpaper.

    I currently have this one from the WIP thread. She's just too gorgeous! (^.-)

    I got in a bit of trouble with one of your images yesterday, Katzekage! I keep my laptop in my dorm and never take it out, so I don't worry about having nudity in a wallpaper. But, my roommate borrowed it when I was gone. She brought it to her class, turned it on and saw this:


    Luckily, only one of her classmates saw it and had a chuckle. But, it was really my roommates fault. She never charges her laptop! She thinks it has infinite battery powers or something! (>-<)

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