How to install HP wireless printer setup?

  • If you want to perform hp printer setup for the first time, follow the steps:

    Get the printer out of the package and check all the items are there in the list for HP wireless printer setup
    Pull up the scanner lid to untie the packaging tape around it
    Remove the tape and other packaging material from the cleanout area and Ink cartridge
    Peel off the sticker from the control panel of the HP Printer
    Get the packaging tape removed from the paper tray and push the paper tray forward until it clicks
    Plug in the printer to a power source near your computer and set preferences
    Press the down arrow in the control panel to configure the language settings
    Press the down arrow to select the country / region
    Press yes after each action
    Slot in the papers in the paper tray and push it back to its rightful place
    Load the ink cartridge through the access door which is raised and locked into place
    As the door is raised, the carriage automatically moves to an accessible position
    Take the ink cartridge out of the package and remove the tape
    Put the cartridge in its slot and push it until it clicks
    Close the ink cartridge access door and align the cartridge according to the instruction on the control panel

  • I doubt I'll ever get to drive a spaceship, so I'll just keep it real:

  • That said, if it's something that's already designed…Defiant/São Paulo-class ship from DS9. To put it succinctly:
    @SF Debris:

    "It's a set of guns, strapped to an engine." "Mr. Worf, prepare a high yield torpedo and write on it; don't fuck with the Sisko."


  • If we are talking atmospheric travel I'll have to go with the Macross VF-25. Its like flying a transformer!

    Space, SSV Normandy SR2.

  • Animals?

    The steel scaled thunderbird of legend.

    Hell in that case, God Bird from dragon quest 8, or his mother Lamia from Dragon Quest 3.

    I would say leviathan but that thing required so much food it eventually starved to death, according to legend.

  • Oh! If we're including animals…..... a motherfucking dragon!

  • Earthbound, anything that looks like it would have been designed by Moebius:

    Starbound, anything that looks like it could have been designed by Chris Foss:

  • Star Wars:
    A complete version of the same type as the Ravager, revived by Darth Nihilus.

    A Leviathan, like what flagships Revan and Malak had.

    A smuggler ship like Ebon Hawk, or the ship the Smuggler has in SWTOR. (Think offshoots of Millenium Falcon)

    Rockman/megaman: One of Dr Wily's getups in the gameboy iterations of the original series, or the Repliforce Satellite Weapon in MMX4.

    IRL: Subarus with manual transmission. Unfortunately that last detail is on the way out as 2015 is the last year models will have that feature. Shame too.

  • If I had to choose a vehicle I'd probably go with the Ancient's city ships from Stargate Atlantis. With 3 ZPM's they're pretty damned badass and you never have to leave the comfort of your home seeing as to how the city is the freakin' ship lol.

    I'd really prefer some kind of instant travel rather than having to board a ship though. Something like a stargate (SG-1 again) or Goku from Dragon Ball Z's instant transmission ability where he can just touch his forehead and go anywhere and bring anyone he holds onto along with him.

  • i'd be tempted to say Tardis, or Baba Yaga's hut but i've already mentionned it in another thread.
    There is another one that you probably dont know of, its called the Inn of the last travellers. (the inn moves from place to place -dream to dream- )
    If i had to choose a spaceship, it would be the Heart of gold

  • The Enterprise?…I'd rather have Voyager (fastest in the fleet), or the Defiant (built for one attack and defeat the Borg)

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