How can i apply for Cash App Refund?

  • You are allowed to make a payment via tapping on the new payment option. Apart from this, you can scan a QR code for payment, use a mobile number, bank account number, #Cashtag, etc. As well as you can apply for a Cash App Refund via tapping on the same payment and ask them for a refund.

  • It's really a combination of factors that will contribute to a characters realism. A well detailed mesh will go a long way, obviously, in helping, but high quality, well detailed textures can make or break any character. For great realism, those textures will most likely include very keen bump/displacement maps for fine skin detail as well as specular maps and/or SSS maps to control light absorption/reflection.

    The HD addons for V6/M6 are morphs that add detail to the mesh itself such as minute wrinkling and fine muscle detail. Something that's not easily achievable with bump/displacement maps. They're not really meant to replace the need for high quality maps, but simply add another level of detail to the character. Personally, I have limited experience with the Genesis 2 Female (my next release will be the first real use of her), but I think the HD addons are a nice little touch.

    Also, remember that V6 can utilize V4 texture maps if you have the V4 for G2F product. If you're using Daz, there's even a script available to automate the conversion process to use V4 maps. So the Dublin, Paris, etc characters you mentioned will work just fine.

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