How will I reverse payment for the Cash app refund?

  • You are allowed to reverse payment to make a Cash app refund. If someone asking you to reverse the transaction, then you need to select that payment and make a refund. You will get various attractive features to complete every transaction in a second. To know, click here.

  • new york city, to try the original new york style cheesecake…sometimes I drive to this town that has an awesome pizza place from my childhood. drive there,eat,and drive back ^_^

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  • The question doesn't change.

  • @'Tiffany':

    To be clear: There are places I'd enjoy trying out their food or restaurants I'd like to eat at but I wouldn't make trips just for that.

    You do know the question was just for fun, right?

  • To be clear: There are places I'd enjoy trying out their food or restaurants I'd like to eat at but I wouldn't make trips just for that.

  • Well…being I'm Californian there's some special ones here in thisstate alone:

    The Redwoods, northern CA. Eureka, Trinidad, Arcata aka the green triangle

    Samoa Cookhouse. Family history there. One of my great grandpas is on the wall picture there of all the lumberjacks.
    This is the place the lumberjacks ate their meals back in the day when they were logging that area. All kinds of stuff available to eat. Their breakfast is to die for. You better count on HUGE meals.

    Katy's smokehouse
    Not a restaurant per se, but it has some of the best ever smoked salmon I ever tasted.

    Near there, there's also a restaurant and gift shop. Flapjack pancakes. Fucking huge. Enough to feed 3 people.

    San Diego CA
    University Avenue has a ton of variations of mexican restaurants. (well duh, it's right there on the border of Mexico)

    I wasn't there for La Paisano's little restaurant incident, but a friend of mine who lives down there walked in on an employee and his girlfriend having sex on the floor. He never went back. It's family owned and they have their own little grocery store across the street Also called La Paisano. They didn't do that while I was there thankfully enough. And with my luck I heard about it only AFTER I went there.

    There's also a little hut style restaurant down the street from that's called Filberto's Mexican food. It's literally the 15' X 15' indoor kitchen building made of concrete, wood, tile and stucco off white and dark seafoam green, dual waiting benches and rail in front, a drive thru/drive by order window side. Right in the middle of the property with some lawn and some trees on the other side of the drivethru roadway. It's like what you see at a park concession stand at county fair, only a permanent building.

    Near charger stadium, there's a Japanese restaurant that was pretty bomb.

    Also I remember going to a Russian restaurant--not exactly what you'd call cuisine but it was interesting enough.

    Rowlette Texas (East Dallas)

    Red Hot 'n' Blues. Ribs and country style food as an art form. In a small restaurant chain. You get to look at collectible photos and the genuine guitars used by the featured blues stars themselves at one point. Oh, and you ain't never seen a paper towel until you've eaten there.

    Texas...another city I think.
    A japanese Sushi Bar and steakhouse. Don't remember the name but...when me and my dwarf uncle breezed in, the locals stared. A gruff looking 130 lb dwarf guy in his early 50s, and an average size 16 year old headbanger guy about 130 lbs and 5'8" tall, coming in starving and ordering 90 pieces of sushi, and eating 80 of that 90. And the Sushi bar chef could literally not believe his eyes when we FINALLY got done. He said we out-ate the big guys from the NFL who regularly came in. A couple of Californians with long hair and heavy metal shirts.

    Nevada, Minden

    El Agila Real. Favorite place.

    Another place? South Lake Tahoe CA. Grew up there, born and raised. But I presume OP is talking about cities far away that I would visit, as opposed to somewhere I already know. Buuuut if you want, I can rave about Lake Tahoe's restaurants, as someone whose got history there.

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  • Rome does sound nice.

    I'd like to visit Chicago or New York City. Try the pizza and decide which one is better.

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    Rome, so I can eat all my favourite pastas, which is going to take at least a few days if not weeks to get through them all :D

  • Hell no.

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