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  • When it goes a ways beyond enhancing natural features and looks.

    Wile I tolerate the trailer park, goth, and slut-ish look (a few degrees from absolute slut/whore), it's becoming overbearing.

    Where they look like a literal doll, it's caking up and clumping, or just simply look like halloween…yeah that's too much. If I wanna go see an ICP concert or pro wrestling, I'll go see it. Otherwise I'm not interested.

  • When they're makeup shotgun is set to whore, that's when it's too much.

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  • To be honest, when most people say it's too much I wonder what the heck they're on about. To me, it isn't too much until it gets to a ridiculous level like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

    I have to agree with penciled in eyebrows though, that is just not attractive on anyone.

  • A little bit goes a very long way. Less is more.

    Eye brows that are waxed and penciled in are a visual offense and ought to carry assault and battery charges.

    Ditto overbearing eye shadow and caked on cover up.

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