How long will it take to refund by Cash App Customer Service?

  • Not any exact date and time fix to get a refund on the Cash app, but if you want a refund from any merchant then you may have to wait for minimum of 10 working days. If 10 days passed and you didn’t get a refund, then you can directly reach the merchant to ask about it. If still any doubts, then use Cash App Customer Service.

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  • @'Noble':

    I'm not sure what the difference betwenn animators and still image creators. I'm looking for someone who can do more than one or two images though. Ideally someone who could do a comic.

    Animators are people who try to make actual movies or videos with moving characters that they have to animate. Still images are just that; Still. They don't move and you can use them for desktop wallpapers and such.

  • I'm not sure what the difference betwenn animators and still image creators. I'm looking for someone who can do more than one or two images though. Ideally someone who could do a comic.

    Thanks miro. That's a lot to go through. Was just looking to fasttrack it if anyone had any favs they wanted to share.

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  • Are you looking for animators or still image creators? There is a difference between the two.

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