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  • There's porn I disagree with but it's rather the exception than the majority. I'm not sure what mainstream porn would be defined as.

    There's degrees to which I will walk the line but go no farther, to be sure. However, that would imply I'm more mainstream in my porn tastes than not.

    So I guess if I'm going to try to disagree with something mainstream in porn…I never really got off on humiliation, heavy bondage, or heavy S&M. There's elements I kind of like about minor bondage, but never got off big into that. I've worked on fics and characters, and these are about as far into it as I care to go.

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  • @'SinCyprine':

    This Aint Game of Thrones

    I disagree when the "dirty parody" of a movie is less dirty than the actual movie :)
    I remember a 300 porn parody as well, after seeing it, I was like: "the real think had more nasty sex, for god's sake…"

    p.s. And Tyrion is a midget, not a guy walking on his knees. That's just unprofessional :) If Martin gave a flying fuck about his books, he would've been pissed off.

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  • administrators


    I just get disappointed when the smoking hot glamorous starlet gets her head stepped on and she gapes her butt hole for us to see into the darkest nether regions of the abyss. I think "Aww, this was a good vid until that happened… Time to delete and continue my search for fresh sexual entertainment for the archives"

    so all the smoking hot glamorous starlets get head stepped on now with gaping orifices… perhaps it said "gaping" in the title, which would have given you a good indication no? I rarely find porn that is grossly mis-titled, if it's extreme you can easily tell by the site, the preview and title and avoid it... I personally don't like the how haters make it as if porn lures you into watching extreme porn

    I do agree there a lot of porn outfits that prey on people with shock value and that's one of the big things that needs to change about porn in my opinion, but never would I suggest it's porn that's the cause, it's some bad people and of course sexual repression is the main cause, because it demonizes sex and porn and make us believe it's something to be ashamed of and looked down upon, women who like sex become sluts, sluts deserve to be stepped on and so the vicious circle continues

    and also I don't like and know much about gaping so I won't claim it's good or bad or a "disgusting" fetish unless I have confirmation that the girls/ guys involved really hate it or similar, if they love it and are having a good time and don't hurting anyone, who are you to judge?... I may personally say that I find it disgusting, which is fair enough, but I would have to qualify that as a subjective statement which does not apply or should be forced upon others

  • Feminazis suck. XD

    I just get disappointed when the smoking hot glamorous starlet gets her head stepped on and she gapes her butt hole for us to see into the darkest nether regions of the abyss. I think "Aww, this was a good vid until that happened… Time to delete and continue my search for fresh sexual entertainment for the archives"

    I think that's all Fred was getting at. He just got a little vocab happy by invoking the soulless meat grinder term.

  • administrators


    I've been watching porn for nearly 20 years and what seems to be mainstream today would have been considered extreme a decade ago. I'm all for pushing boundaries and intense sex (and I've seen my fair share of the darker side that I wish I hadn't) but I dunno, rl porn used to have a bit of soul and humanity, but today it looks more like a meat grinder.

    seriously??? what utter freaking nonsense… not directed at you fred directly, but this is the stock standard radical feminist "argument" and I will address it as such and I just hate seeing this crap in our supposedly "liberated" porn forums

    it's an emotional appeal, not an argument

    here's how it works:
    radical feminists hate porn, very important to note (like a bieber hater on steroids)
    their goal is to eradicate porn, not fix, not improve, not change... ban porn! does that make sense to you? rather than take sex, which is innate to almost every human and consider that humans are social creatures and therefore wish to express their sexuality in a social setting = porn... no, that's not possible in their world view, can we at least agree that that's an insane proposition?

    so what do they do? pick the most extreme porn inflate it with emotional black mail and conflate it to all of porn = porn demonization
    porn demonization is the 21st century witch hunt, take a completely innocent and pure subject like sex and pile on the emotional derogatory garbage until it sticks

    instead of beautiful, intense, fun, exciting porn
    they wish to sell you soulless, objectifying, dehumanizing, extreme, degrading, etc porn
    no reasoning or facts, but exaggeration, cherry picking the "bad", junk science, misrepresentation, strong emotional appeals, victimization of women and children, straw man arguments, etc, etc, the list of fallacies goes on

    A hater will demonize anything easily for example let's say I hate electronic music, I will say crap like:

    • no real music
    • no real instruments
    • soulless, no feeling
    • doesn't take talent
    • they just want to make easy money with this crap
    • so much worse than the old composers
    • the poor children are mislead and brain zapped by this "awful" music
      Rinse and repeat all day long disregarding any arguments to the contrary, regardless of the fact that I don't have to listen to it, that it doesn't affect me in any way... do you see where I'm going with this?

    sure there is extreme porn out there, but it doesn't represent all of porn and as aguinness rightly pointed out there is a plethora of porn from very soft to very hard, try and look for loving, emotional soulful porn and you will easily find it on pornhub or any other mainstream porn tube, but you've now been condition to only see the extreme

    and regular porn becomes the "meat grinder", surprised you haven't conflated mainstream porn to rape already, lol

    do you think there aren't any extreme games, no extreme movies?

    also consider that there are bad people or even just jerks, you've never seen a bully or a jerk at a party or club before? do you think when they have sex they suddenly turn into a touchy feely "let the woman have her orgasm first" kinda guy?... unfortunately these people make porn too, but again they don't represent "all of porn" or even the notion of porn

    to an extent it's a good thing that there are more "extreme" forms of porn, it means we are actually being liberated sexually and are exploring, the reason why you find things much more extreme now is because 20 years ago we used to be even more sexually repressed and anal was the frontier of extreme obscenity

    Elvis used to be the devil's music... yes Elvis!!... today everyone loves Elvis :)
    please give me one or two actual arguments, rather than reiterating nonsensical emotional diatribe from the radical feminist's school book and I'll try and explain my points further

  • Well lets define mainstream as whoever has the most real world sales, or webtraffic/membership subscriptions, or is represented at the AVN's

  • I have to dissent.

    For starters, just what is "mainstream" porn exactly? There may have been a "mainstream" in, say, the 1990s. But since the advent of the Internet and the explosion in porn production, both at the amateur and the professional level, what we consider the porn industry is not one particular style of production and more a loose confederacy of different niches, with no single genre or production style not gaining a majority/plurality of market share. I mean, really, there has always been gape and rough sex pornos, it's just more are being made because it is cheaper to make them (there is really not much in terms of production: A nice looking room, a small amount of light equipment, and a few boom mics). Further, there are still the cheesy vanilla pornos you so speak of, and they are still incredibly popular in terms of actual sales (otherwise, why else does Vivid exist, especially when their sex tape division doesn't take up a lot of their sales?). It's just they exist in far fewer numbers in terms of production output.

    Because there are more niches, there's more to porn than simply "cheesy comedic spoofs." (Though that is still a very active niche, given how many Batman porn variants there are) There is also more to porn than simple gonzo-style rough sex compilations that you object to. We have alt-porn, we have BDSM porn, we have JAV (which I see as its own niche) gaining non-Japanese market share, we have cake farting, we have "ethical" porn, we have queer porn (not to be confused with gay or lesbian or even TG porn), we have a far more diverse porn comics and gaming market, and porn animation is slowly picking up. Look at the site that this discussion is taking place: A site committed to 3DX porn. All of this suggests a diverse industry, without a real "mainstream" to anchor it. I think that's a good thing, considering how depressing and unimaginative the "mainstream" is in other media.

    It also kind of waters down the whole "I disagree with this!" point. With so much porn out there, why do you focus on one niche that has a very small plurality of market share at most to begin with? There is other porn to watch out there.

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  • @'SinCyprine':

    come on… spoofs are still the cream of porn !
    This Aint Game of Thrones

    because its easier to create cheap movies, there is a lot more bad quality cheap stuff out there, vs the time when making a movie involved a lot more $ & logistics.

    What's the point? We've already seen the real Daenerys getting plowed.

  • come on… spoofs are still the cream of porn !
    This Aint Game of Thrones

    because its easier to create cheap movies, there is a lot more bad quality cheap stuff out there, vs the time when making a movie involved a lot more $ & logistics.

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  • I whole heartedly agree with both Fred and Tiffany. And Chimera's example pretty much nails it. Porn used to be cheesy, unrealistic, comedic spoof fantasies "Debbie Does…" & "Bonny & Clyde" come to mind.

    Now it's "Meat Hole Bitches Vol.8"
    And whywhywhywhywhy is there so much spitting and slapping and choking going on? And gaping... WTF?

    There goes the bone... moving on... XP

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