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  • The tech problems are quite prevalent and therefore if you can’t get a Cash App Refund due to a tech challenge, then you can run diagnostics to deal with the issue. The diagnostic tricks can be found on tech assistance sites. In addition to that, you can call customer care and get their help.

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  • @'Tiffany':

    […] without any consequences whatsoever […]

    […] anything you do could possibly irrevocably change the future […]

    My mind is blown. :P

    So assuming I can go back in time indefinitely and retain memory of the future…

    1. I'd probably get bored after living long enough and seeing enough things, or permutations of them. I'm tempted to say yes. However, always being able to return to a youthful state is a strong argument against suicide.

    Question: are you able to alter genetic conditions? Let's say you were predisposed to develop some kind of terminal illness, but you can't go back any further than your own conception. So there's no way you could ever change that part of your destiny, right?

    2. Not unless I found a way to overcome love and be able to let go of loves ones willingly.

    3. No, it would seem too much like killing them. I couldn't live with it.

    4. If I could find some way to prevent whatever killed them in the first place, then yes :) Otherwise, um, hmm... good question.

    5. I would like to think that I would let myself and my perfect wife grow old and die. If all we had was indeed perfect, then other iterations are meaningless and miserable in comparison. The trick is knowing that what I have is as good as it'll ever be and being happy with that.

    6. I would eat anything and everything I ever wanted, then go back in time and undo the calories and cholesterol. I would have any kind of sexual fantasy lived out with anyone I wanted and then simply "undo" all of it (while retaining the memory). I would also conduct social experiments to find out what an ideal government would be for humans to be most happy.

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