Unable to receive a Cash App Refund due to fault in home screen? Get assistance.

  • The fault in the home screen can sometimes prove to be a major concern if you’re dealing with Cash App Refund because it’s the main page from where you start your journey to seek a refund. Therefore, to fix the issue you can use the solutions that can be found in tech videos. You can also get assistance from customer support.

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  • @'aguinness':

    I always thought the movie poster for that film was unintentionally erotic:

    Maybe thats because you read the Furball comic "hell red hall" ;)

  • Of course I would. And they better have many daemons available, because my list is fucking long :)

  • I always thought the movie poster for that film was unintentionally erotic:

  • i doubt demons have much time to answer calls anymore, i hear they are insanely busy this era.
    but greedy as i am, i would have a nice list of people i never met : warlords, slavers, rapers, greasy haired bank managers, bald bank managers, ah, managers, in general… unfortunatly i would have very few names and i understand you need someone true name for those kind of things to work... lets see:

    • mugabe
    • putin
    • al assad
      …and so many more
      i tell ya, demons are overworked, angels show on the unemployment list.

  • I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone.

    Having said that, whoever's idea this was can go straight to hell: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-03/obama-administration-launches-plan-make-internet-id-reality

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