How does Cash App Customer Service help to log in account?

  • If you still not created an account on the Cash app, then create a new one. First, open Cash app on your mobile phone. Then, you will get a sign-in option, so tap on it. Now, harness on the register option and enter all the credentials which are necessary. Thereafter, go to login option and enter your username and password to access it. If there are any issues, then contact Cash App Customer Service.

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  • Nah, that's precision mode and it doesn't look like that. Precision mode is like a + with a space and a dot in the center all the time. I toggle it on and off all the time when I'm trying to work zoomed out with 1px brushes since it's the only way to see where it's going to go as deformed as the cursor looks.

  • You might have Caps lock activated.
    Don't know if it helps but toggling caps lock switches the cursor/crosshair in PS.

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