How do i talk to a cash app representative from Cash app?

  • How do i talk to a cash app representative, if your amount is deducted due to any fraudulent activities, then you will get money back from Cash app without making any extra effort. But, for this, you have to wait until investigation is over. At that time, it may be possible that they ask you to verify your account via putting SSN, date of birth, username. So, be active in it.

  • Ok on what speed RAM article should clear that up for you.

    On your amount of cores with how much RAM you have? I am not sure what you are saying there. Your 4770K will use all 4/8 cores even if you had a single 1 GB stick of RAM. So it completely ok to start with 16 and see if you need 32.

    Does 32 GB make a difference in speed? No… it mostly just allows me to have like 100000 programs open. Right now I have zbrush, blender, poser, live mail, PS CC, amazon music, foobar, renpy, calculator, chrome with 10000 tabs and jdownloader grabbing some youtube tutorials...

  • oh, and has anyone rendered with 16gb as well as 32 gb of ram?
    can you tell a significance increase in terms of rendering speed?

    right now, if i get 16gb (2x8gb) then it's not utilizing all 4 cores from the 4770k i7 quadcore so it's not the most efficient…

    however, i can perhaps get (4x4gb) = 16 gb which will utilize all the cores, but the problem is, if i want to upgrade to 32 gb later on, then i would have to throw away all 4 of these 4gb and replace them with four 8gb.. so when it comes to upgrading later on, it's kind of wasteful =\

  • oh i'm not running linux here, so no worries there :)

    i'm planningon getting the 16 gb kit (2x8gb) memory sticks, however, my cpu cooler is noctua nh-d14 (it's incredibly huge) so i really need to find a set of low profile ram sticks so they'll fit without getting blocked by the huge cpu cooler that i have. T_T

    by the way, what speed ram do you guys have? 1600? 1866? 2133 ? 2400 ? is the difference noticeable?

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  • @Uptick,

    This may not apply to you, but if you use virtual machines (for example, running linux within windows using something like VirtualBox) then you may be hindered by that 4770k. Apparently, for 64-bit VMs, you require Intel VT-d which is only available on the non-k version CPUs. Below is a message I got from VirtualBox when I tried to disable VT-d for my 64-bit linux VM.

    4770 vs. 4770k seems to be a tradeoff between virtualization support vs. overclocking support. Otherwise pretty much the same, with 4770 being a bit cheaper.

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    Found a way to get uncompressed screen caps so you can see 2560x1600 in full glory.

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  • I just snapped this from a game… I wish steam didn't compress the jpegs so much...

    EDIT WTF image hoster shrunk it...

    You can get into 2560 x 1440 for pretty inexpensive: 600012694&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=20

    The monitors from Korea should not be something to be feared.. they make most of the panels anyway.

  • Most software use cpu rendering right ? And is there a benefit in using gpu to render?

    And for rendering, animation, gpu is probably the least impotant right ? Unless i want to play the high end games that actually requires it?

    And omg 2560x1600 resolution !! I'm so captivated by it now lol. Costs around 900 to 1000 though. How do graphics actually look on these ultrasharp 2560x1600 monitors ?

  • There is nothing wrong with that build.

    I would get this mobo instead :
    Or open box for 100 less:

    Has 5 x PCI-E slots… if you start on GPU rendering you want that option.

    But yes... I would get a nice monitor too... @ least 1920 x 1080... I am on 2560 x 1600 and probably could not go back for any extended period of time. :D

    Hope you enjoy that setup! I

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