Did Cash App Customer Service help to get wrong payment back?

  • If you make any wrong payment on the Square Cash app, then it can make you worry about your money. But, you are lucky enough, if that person willing to return the money. You can make a request for refund from Cash app. For it, first, tap on the activity tap and then select the payment you want back. Thereafter, press on the three-dots and harness on the Refund. And last, press on the OK button. If still getting issue, then use Cash App Customer Service.

  • Hey all. Been gone awhile.

    White and Dark so long as they don't have milk in them. Obviously disqualifying the third.
    (BTW Tiffany, lactaise and lactaid pills have once again allowed me to indulge cheesecake, now with only minor indigestion and that's it–thanks)

    I'm guessing none of you actually like the raw form of cocoa. Honestly, I don't mind if it's bitter so long as it has FLAVOR to it on top of that. If it's too sweet, it isn't real enough.

    Give me some 86% pure stuff and I'm cool.

  • It wasn't bitter in a bad way.

  • Why would you want bitter chocolate???? yummy white chocolate works for me!

  • I like milk chocolate but I have tried a very dark chocolate (I think it was made by Ghirardelli and definitely well over 70%) that I honestly took a liking to. It was good to savor a small piece of bitter dark chocolate then to wolf down a milk chocolate bar like I usually do.

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  • [attachment=2364]

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  • @'Sol':

    I actually like dark chocolate, about 70% is nice, not as sweet as milk chocolate.

    yaaaay at least one guy with decent taste for chocolate :D

  • I actually like dark chocolate, about 70% is nice, not as sweet as milk chocolate.

  • I can't believe that I'm here with so many philistines…

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  • Oh you guys and your weak ass white chocolate.

    We all know the best is milk chocolate.

  • Yeah, I totally knew that was coming. I hear it every time one of these topics pops up. Personally, I think it's nonsense though. It comes from the cocoa bean, the same as every other kind of chocolate. The only difference is that it's the fatty content from the cocoa bean and it's not recombined with the rest. It's just a different part. It's almost like saying that orange juice isn't an orange, or a cow's tongue isn't beef. It's just semantics, really.

  • Not to rain on anyone's parade, but having a friend who is a chocolatier, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that white chocolate … isn't technically chocolate.

    For me, the best part of chocolate ... isn't even chocolate ... it's the pulp from the cacao pods. It's an incredible combination of sweet and bitter at the same time and can be made into an awesome cacao jelly or fermented into a delicious wine. Of course, drying, roasting and grinding the beans for a spicy, frothy chocolate drink is a bonus, too. =)

  • White all the way.

  • I'm with Miro on this one, it's nice as hell in real ice cream as well.

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