How can I get Cash App Customer Service without a phone number?

  • While you are creating an account on the Square Cash app, then you will get a box where you have to enter your mobile number as well as an email address. It is basically needed for a verifcation code that uses at the time of accessing an account or forgets the password, and many more. You can opt live chat to get Cash App Customer Service if you don’t have a phone number.

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  • Present day Concept of an Artist

    Artist is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art. An artist also may be defined unofficially as "a person who expresses him- or herself through a medium"

    I believe we are all expressing ourselves somehow.

    another definition can also be

    A follower of a pursuit in which skill comes by study or practice

    if anything 3d modeling and posing is definitely a practice makes perfect kind of thing.

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  • @'fredfred5150':


    It's just… the vast majority of stuff is DAZ pre-made just posed around in provocative positions and that doesn't make someone an artist much more than putting Barbie & Ken dolls in risqué positions and dressing them up.

    By that logic I assume you don't think a Director or Photographer are artists either? (all they do is pose "pre-made assets")

    Anyway, Its a shame we can't find an actual art critic and get him/her to look at some stuff, I think their answers would be a lot of fun

    That would be correct. I do not consider Directors and Photographers to be artists.

  • I simply believe that Humans are artists by nature. Everyone is an artist. You may not like their art. They may not make images or painting or movies or music but they are still artists. You're definition or art may be different from theirs but they're still artists. They may be only a toddler doodling on a page. Still art, just not good art. Might be someone baking some muffins, maybe they get burnt in the oven, still an art form. Might be designing a computer program out of code, still art.

    There's a difference between art and "art" art.

    "Art" art being the art that you would commonly associate with the term art but it doesn't really matter since mostly everything we do as humans can be classified as an art form.

  • @'Tiffany':

    putting Barbie & Ken dolls in risqué positions and dressing them up.

    thats the thing, recognized artist do:

  • @'Tiffany':

    It's just… the vast majority of stuff is DAZ pre-made just posed around in provocative positions and that doesn't make someone an artist much more than putting Barbie & Ken dolls in risqué positions and dressing them up.

    By that logic I assume you don't think a Director or Photographer are artists either? (all they do is pose "pre-made assets")

    Anyway, Its a shame we can't find an actual art critic and get him/her to look at some stuff, I think their answers would be a lot of fun

  • I don't generally consider someone who does 3DX an artist though I do consider sculptors artists, whether it's 3D or otherwise. It's just… the vast majority of stuff is DAZ pre-made just posed around in provocative positions and that doesn't make someone an artist much more than putting Barbie & Ken dolls in risqué positions and dressing them up.

    I do think there's a level of creativity involved but it's more on par with a writer rather than an artist and I don't generally call writers artists. I dunno, it just seems weird to me.

  • Thank Morfium, glad you think so.

    Still, I like what Miro said and I think we should leave it here. Art or not art - it's irrelevant. Whatever gives you pleasure (be it sexual arrousal, deep emotions, laughter etc.) is worth it. So let's just watch porn we like, let's watch pictures we consider art and all the other stuff meant to entertain us in some way and let's just spend these moments with joy, because as fascinating as the discussion about art is for me, it's like discussing the subject of religions - everyone will always have a different point of view and there is no possibility to "convince" everyone that there is some general rule about it.

  • administrators


    Creating something good-looking, even if putting A LOT of work and knowledge in it doesn't make it art. What you described is called craftsmanship.
    Quality is good, but not essential for creating an art. Art has something besides quality and skill. It has a special feeling.

    And this special feeling you describe is not completely subjective?
    I agree that the amount of work doesn't describe art.


    … and I guess you also won't accept them.

    likely true, but I'm still swayed by good arguments… I just don't know how you want to argue blue is better than orange (subjectivity)

  • I would say Aspect described very good what I think.

    To miro, I don't start an discussion here, because at the end I'm not able to explain you with my english why I don't can go conform with your statement, and I guess you also won't accept them.

  • administrators

    In my opinion art is subjective and therefore can not possibly be standardised by any group of people, the claim to art remains solely with the individual and his/ her interpretation. I hear definitions that appeal to "quality", "feeling", "beauty", but again these are all subjective. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

    If you grant the premise that all humans are equal and that therefore all opinions are equally valid in the context of determining artistic merit then the conclusion is that only a generalized definition of art is tolerant of all human views, which doesn't put your opinion above anyone else's. This could read as something like: Art is creation for the purpose of evoking an emotion. Simply put.

    Considering the fact that even our views here are so divided that should give credence to the motion I have just proposed.


    Well, I can't define it properly, so I can't give you a real example. But for me Art has to wake some more than only these basic animal instinct in a human…

    All humans are mammals/ animals as per biology class therefore all human actions are animalistic.

    What does that even mean? In my opinion, it's a derogatory statement to attempt to degrade sexuality as something worthless. It's a basic animal instinct… so what? Give me a list of all the basic animal instincts and non basic animal instincts so I can cross reference all the human actions that can have artistic merit and which can not. I'm serious, produce me the list so we understand the actual meaning behind what you're suggesting.

    Sex creates life. Sex produces one of the highest pleasures and results in an even greater one the orgasm. Sex is pivotal to human relationships. 99% of humans have sex drive and participate in the life cycle of attraction, love and sex. If you don't see artistic premise in this, or if you see more premise in photographing landscapes or painting a house, good for you, but we have extremely different view points :)

    Are you saying sexual desire is irrelevant? Isn't the mark of a good movie that I made the audience laugh or cry, evoked an emotion? But if you get aroused it's meaningless or worse bad/ shameful/ evil?

    Arousal from porn is more valuable to me than enjoyment from movies, games, sports, etc because to me it's a higher kind of pleasure that mainstream entertainment can't reach. A great movie can't compare to great sex, to me it's not even in the same ball park. Sexual arousal is a much deeper, more intense feeling than plain laughter. In other words to me porn is more valuable and therefore can be more artistic. Obviously because of the tremendous demonization of porn, porn is at a huge disadvantage and does not have access to the same brain trust and budgets that the mainstream has and therefore the quality is currently much lower. But that does not take away from it's actual potential and I think we can and will change that :)


    but that is what porn is designed for waking the feeling of sexual pleasure. you know you won't call a fastfood advertisement art only because it wakes the feeling of hunger in you, don't you?

    again it's up to the individual to decide, maybe it was the graphic designer's first project and they poured their heart and soul into creating the best work they were capable of doing, to him/ her it's art if that's what s/he sees in it, even if the rest of the world doesn't agree

    So in terms of 3DX artists for example (and yes of course I call them artists) it's whether their aiming to achieve something new and interesting, whether they want to push boundaries, develop a unique art style, create something expressive on a tiny budget or even breaking-down traditional perceptions of sexual repression. All of these are perfectly valid ways to create art. And to me if an artist manages to make another person a total stranger cum, that's 100% art :D

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  • @'GhostHunter3X':

    But 3DX porn is for sure art. It's not easy to make it look good, it takes a lot of work and knowledge of the graphics programs you're using to make it.

    Creating something good-looking, even if putting A LOT of work and knowledge in it doesn't make it art. What you described is called craftsmanship.
    Quality is good, but not essential for creating an art. Art has something besides quality and skill. It has a special feeling.

  • Artist 100% I'm not just into the digital art, I also draw & paint. I did traditional art way before I ever touched a computer. But digital graphics is art too. Computer graphic arts have been around a long time. Just because it's not on a canvas doesn't mean it's not art. If someone is creative they can make art from just about anything. If one likes it or not is all subjective & a matter of personal taste. Not sure if I'd consider real porn art, making it I'm sure can be very artistic in the way of lighting, sets, costumes, etc. But 3DX porn is for sure art. It's not easy to make it look good, it takes a lot of work and knowledge of the graphics programs you're using to make it.

  • I'm an artist compared to some (who I think I'm more of an artist than might surprise you), but compared to others I'm a toddler playing with toys. It's all relative

    Its also in the eye of the beholder, as perfectly described by the first 2 sentences of Aspects' comment above

  • I think art is something that speaks to you outside it's form. For example, you have an image and if you experience different emotional state than the image's simple subject would suggest - it's art.
    Let's say an image is of a woman. A simple image of a woman. Most of images like this, are just that - there's a woman, not much to think about, you may like it or not. But there's this one image of a woman that somehow makes you look at it and feel all those different things, like there's something inside which makes you see more than just this woman. And that is art.
    Therefore, most of porn, be it 3d, drawn or realistic, is not art.
    But now we must understand the other thing - not everything has to be art. I did a ton of 3d projects that were just reconstructed real-life objects on 3d. No textures, nothing. Only the model. This is not art, but it is still good if it has good quality.

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