Do I activate Cash card without an app? Use Cash App Customer Service.

  • Hey, you can activate your Cash card easily. First, you need to select the mode like with QR code or without QR code. If you are selecting to activate the Cash card with the help of QR code, then you have to allow it to access your camera to scan the QR code. Once it scans QR code successfully, then you are ready to use it. If any issue, then use Cash App Customer Service number.

  • Hmm…I'll try to put this nicely...

    If you mean what the point of it generally is: The object is that you're playing detective as a potential suspect, in competition with the others, to see who can figure out first the crime scene, weapon and person responsible. Kinda like Jeopardy and taking a stab, you essentially have to make an accusation and have it stick. The better your detective work (playing the game and keeping tabs) the better your chances.

    If you mean literally:

    …I'll admit it's been years literally since I played it.

  • I understand the "it's the maid in the kitchen with the wrench" part of it, I just don't understand how to play.

  • @'Tiffany':

    I have Clue but I never understood how to play it.

    Best I know to tell you is that it's got a 1 in whatever (eight?) chance of being your player character and another one in such chance to be the weapon you chose.

    Best time to understand anything is now when you're questioning about it.

    You just solve the mystery of who did it and with what weapon. What really throws it off is you get numerous possibilities for the weapon depending how you solve it.

  • Yeah sure, sometimes.

    Uno, Sorry, Monopoly, Checkers, Twister. I have Clue but I never understood how to play it.

  • Risk, Monopoly, Connect four.

    Sorry!, Othello, Don't Got To Jail (offshoot of Monopoly)

    Checkers, chinese checkers.

    Even some good old fashioned Chess from time to time.

  • @'Jimjim':

    Play risk, Lotrsbg, 40k, monopoly, yugioh, magic, whatever. I generally have more fun with an actual board game than a video game.

    Yes, the advantage with board games Jim is that everybody has an even playing field. From the start of the game, everybody's got a chance to win it. But in most video games, you have DLCs, you have guys who log in tons of hours to level up their players therefore having a definite advantage over some who just stepped into the game.

    And if you haven't tried the Monodeal card game, it's a fun quick alternative to traditional Monopoly!

  • Go. There are online servers with a lot of people so getting games isn't too difficult. Helps that Go's handicap system is simple yet does the job.

  • Play risk, Lotrsbg, 40k, monopoly, yugioh, magic, whatever. I generally have more fun with an actual board game than a video game.

  • Fred, board games have made a decent comeback in the last 5-6 years.
    I have a buddy who picks up a new (different game) one every few months! (don't ask me how he remembers all the rules!) Some have simple rules to have fun for an hour or less, where some can be pretty deep with rules and stats to require a minimum playing time of 2 hours.

    I've been playing Settlers of Kattan monthly since January. Board games are face to face social fun with your friends, and the cool thing is girls get into it too whereas good luck getting your girl to pick up a controller and join you on Call of Duty.

    As for card games like Magic….my old Magic buddies keep talking about it, but we can never get it together to get a card night going. Lord knows i spent too much $$$ on damn Magic packs 1996-2001 :p

  • That does not sounds like warhammer 40k… were you playing w40k rpg? Different ball of wax... I play mostly the tabletop wargame... :D

  • i played warhammer 40k a few months ago. died like 3 times had to keep re-rolling characters

  • I play warhammer40k, warhammerfantasybattle, necromunda, mordheim… I am taking a look at Descent

    But I must admit I mostly paint and make the models now... Too much p0rn to be made not enough time...

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  • I love a game of chess, but unless it's online there's no one to play against. Having company that's interested in playing the same game seems to be the limiting factor for board games and card games.

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