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  • ^ what he said.

    i liked these videos a lot actually just didn't know who was making them at the time.

  • Hey were have ya been?

  • Thanks Randomguy! I'm not to sure. All I know is I can NEVER get NM to play any videos on any mobile device I own. Something with the site I suppose. The vid file is a streaming mp4 so it should be right up your IPad's alley. Sorry that the site doesn't stream for you. Besides I'm looking for another alternative than NM to post movies. Anyone with any ideas?

  • I am so excited to see your stuff but I can never get naughtymachinima to work on iPad. Is there a workaround for that?

  • Thanks mate, Im glad your liking it so far. :-)

    As for the female, at another forum one of the female members asked if they could have their model added to the series and I obliged her. In regards to the Amazons, their fair hair colors and pale skin is for a reason which you'll find out in another episode. They're also 'greek' Amazonian and not south American Amazonian. It'll all beexplained in due time.

    Thank you! I hope you'll like the newer series and thanks for watching. :-)

  • That was a very nice introductory episode. I like your idea for the story. I can see the potential for lots of hot and sweaty Amazonian futa action! ;)

    One thing I noticed is that you made some curious choices for the appearance of the characters. The agent who was lost in the jungle has very dark reddish tan skin and long dark hair but the native Amazonian has pale white skin and short red hair. I respect this is the universe you created so anything goes but I just thought that was interesting.

    Oh, and a few other things I really liked…The agent's body was so, so slippery wet and shiny. It's almost like she was drenched in baby oil which is a big turn on. :) The sound effects were also a great addition!

    Keep up the good work!

    Episode One
    DL (175mb):
    Streaming: N/A

    More complete version than whats on NM link on first post.

    If you've already downloaded, or seen the streaming version there is little difference other than it now has sfx, and a little music including fixed camera drag, fixed and more complete dialog, almost all static poses are animated now, and new intro and outro credits.

    I hope you enjoy.

  • It's all good and expected mate. I apologize to you if it upsets you…

    But don't be angry!

    It's the same universe that Missing Agent is a part of. While the characters in Missing Agent, with a couple of exceptions, won't make an appearance, it is still part of the overall story arc. All the background detail that everyone wanted in MA is going to be spilled out in this new series pretty much from the beginning. A few of the agents of F.U.T.A. that haven't been given a face lift as new characters will make cameo's.

    The overly long major story I wrote was designed to be split off into other minor story lines that all eventually merged together. Each story line had a piece of the puzzle to create the whole. The Missing Agent story's purpose was to introduce everyone to this universe. With the termination of MA, I'm taking the important unused story bits and rolling it into the new series. You'll still get bits about what happened in the MA story line as flashbacks, references, etc., and some of the villain characters such as Princess Nathaly will make appearances in this new series, though they won't be as everyone quite remembers them... but I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't want to spoil anything. :)

    I have grand plans for the reboot of the universe and characters I'm sharing with everyone. It's a fresh start, and I hope you stick around for whats to come. ;)

  • I'm disappointed! That's a hard hit to the head for everyone, who awaited the continuation of your Missing Agent story. I can't believe that you are willing to scrap all scripts you've made so far…


    PS sorry for that short message, but I had to write something while I was angry, otherwise I would never had written anything.

  • With roughly 32 more episodes planned and completely scripted, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that I'm canceling Missing Agent completely. To those who followed the story and seen the new teaser and wanted part 6, I apologize. But with a lack of popularity due to the time from the last episode, and very little in the way of interest but for a few, I see no reason to continue with it.

    So with that sad bit done. I'm announcing that the "Lost World of the Amazons" is now the new series. Originally planned as a spin-off that filled in the back story to the MA series, Lost Amazons will be a new kick start point for me to get back into shape animating. The story deals with a hidden valley lost to time filled with vivacious Amazonian "Women" who are in an eternal struggle with the more savage Beast "Women" of Hekate. The valley is also home to monsters and the long imprisoned, and unworshipped deities who remain, that are hellbent on reclaiming their right of power over the mortal world.

    See first post for the WIP streaming link.

  • Oh no need to worry about folks not liking it.Most of your stuff is pretty original and thats a good thing.

    Thats why i keep checking.:P

  • i think the problem is in ur releases
    u usually release then time passes before u make some new stuff
    and i think that causes ppl to neglect ur stuff because i bet alot of ppl like ur graphics they look verry fitting and fleshy

  • Thanks man. Haven't gotten much feedback on it as well as the teaser I posted earlier. Maybe peeps have gotten tired of waiting and moved on or they don't like my brand of animation, lol. I appreciate the comment(s). :)

  • Good one Caligula, it looked very promising.



    A work in progress. Dialog errors, missing dialog, static anims that need to be animated yet, etc.. No sex, just a short bit of foreplay. Finished animation will be done next weekend along, hopefully, with the 2nd part.

    Vegas rendered it dark. Be sure to increase the brightness in your media player for a better view.

    File size is 136mb rar'd around 154mb unrar'd.

  • Thanks everyone! :)

    A small no sex teaser. For anyone who's been following my older stuff…

  • I'm dying to see Daughters of Hellsing. That vamp futa character is too gorgeous!

  • @'caligula':

    Haven't posted here in a while. :)

    Been working on some new bump textures and just wanted to show them off.

    That's very good. Keep at it M8!We're a patient bunch here.:D

  • I liked the Missing Agent series, wish there were more. :p

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