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  • @'c0dist':

    ^ great… now make it into a thin laptop and sell it for US $1000 :D

    Easy, but if mine (with 1x gpu) is anything to go by, you wouldn't want it on your lap!

    PS buy a proper computer … inna box! lappies will always be a crap compromise if you have any heavy lifting to do. (YMMV)

  • @'Blain':

    Hi there what the guys are not telling you is that to do gpu rendering requires something like octane witch is around $400 i think then you have to ask yourself if you want to spend loads of money on a gpu ? the best advice i can give you if your starting out is to find a laptop that has the best cpu you can afford and then use Daz 4.6 - Reality 2.5 - luxrender as Daz and luxrender are free and Reality is only like $15 - $30 .

    This. So much this.

    Assuming I don't lose everything first, this will probably be the way I go.

  • Broadwell's behind schedule, if I'm not mistaken. No release set until at least the end of the year at the earliest, if not till 2015.

    As per a Retina-based Macbook Air, hard to say: There's been talk of a 12" Retina-based MBA with other bells and whistles (like a buttonless trackpad, :puke:) that is due in the mid-fall, probably after the iPhone 6/iPad 5/iPad mini 3. Odds are that if that happens, I suspect a price point of around $1200. It's prolly wisest to just use the next few months to save some more money in the process, if you're willing to do that. And be aware that if this new MBA happens mid-fall, it might not have Broadwell.

  • Well, sh*t… now Broadwell is right around the corner. lol

    I decided to wait a few more months and see what develops in terms of new laptops and ultrabooks. I'm still torn between Windows 8 and OSX, but I've never had a Mac so I'm kind of hoping Apple releases a Retina Air and keeps the entry price below $1k.

    Still keeping the Windows desktop around for the heavy work...

  • My 2 comps made for rendering have Core i7 Haswell with HD4600 igp.

    That graphic processor can handle my scenes in Blender easily. 3D browsing is not a problem. Now I don't ask that igp to render my scene, that's the job of the cpu part.

  • Lux is mostly CPU (the GPU acceleration is a bit… harder to use?) and 3Delight is CPU only.

    If you build a system around CPU only rendering, then you are stuck in CPU only. If you build a system that can do both, then you can do both.

    In the instance of an LGA 1150 machine you might be spending more for a mobo with more PCI-E slots. Not a bad investment in the ability to scale later.

    But if you are stuck on a laptop... then really there is no good solution for a rendering machine. Maybe a http://www.amazon.com/G750JZ-DS71-17-3-inch-Gaming-GeForce-Graphics/dp/B00IAACWH6 But then you just spent as much as getting a machine with 3 x 780 GTX...

  • Blain, thanks. Does that mean that Daz is using a CPU-only renderer?

  • Hi there what the guys are not telling you is that to do gpu rendering requires something like octane witch is around $400 i think then you have to ask yourself if you want to spend loads of money on a gpu ? the best advice i can give you if your starting out is to find a laptop that has the best cpu you can afford and then use Daz 4.6 - Reality 2.5 - luxrender as Daz and luxrender are free and Reality is only like $15 - $30 .

  • No need, I'm mostly looking to get a feel for what an ultrabok is and isn't capable of and what I can expect for the cost. As I said I've been out of the laptop arena for years so I am having a hard time knowing what to buy. I don't need a really heavy lifter.. just something that wont say no when I want to mess around with games, editing, rendering etc.

    Question: assuming the gpu uses system memory and has enough, would a slower integrated GPU cause lower quality renders? Or is it only a speed / performance issue?

  • Let's reframe the question a little: Why do you need a laptop to render? Why can't your desktop suffice?

  • ^ great… now make it into a thin laptop and sell it for US $1000 :D

  • Using the integrated graphics would allow for leaving all your PCI-E slots open for GPU's… FOR MAKE GLORIOUS OCTANE!!!!!


    In this case you could squeeze in 5 x GPU and rock the displayport / HDMI for your two monitors. Not bad for desktop class hardware. Then again, the mobo costs as much as LGA 2011 hardware….


  • Good point. Although, if true, that means that ultrabooks are basically out of the question and you're once again limited to either ridiculously expensive (15" MBP) or ridiculously thick/heavy gaming laptops.

  • If you dont go for a good gpu, then youre better off with cpu rendering. The gpu has its main advantage in speed for brute force calculation. Once you use a slow gpu, this advantage goes away and youre left with less flexibility, unsupported features in many cases (displacement, render instances) and not to mention little room for textures because gpu rendering makes use exclusively of the gpu memory on your gfx card.

    I used a gtx460 with 1gig memory from 2011 on and it always felt like a chore to render with Octane due to the high render times and sluggish response with a weaker card. Granted, the quality speaks for itself, but it takes ages to get a noise free render in a resolution of 720p upwards, when your gpu is not great (and expensive) ;)

    And since you seem to be a beginner, you will of course also make mistakes at first, which is part of the learning experience, but it also produces even more noise with non optimal material setups etc, so youre punished twice by this.

    So, my best advice if you do want to go for gpu rendering. Get a gpu that is up to the task. This is the critical part in the whole process. You will probably regret it to buy something small when youre waiting for hours for just some simple renders.

    GTX 770 4gig costs around 300 € atm, a gtx 760 with same amount of ram is around 230 €, while a gtx780 with 3gig sits at 390 €. Those might be what you should try to aim for because they offer good performance and they have a good amount of memory, which is very important or you will end up having to use very few textures and downscale them etc.

  • Thanks Ghost & Morfium. I'm comparing some laptops and am trying to gauge how much graphics power I really need/want out of a laptop without spending a ton of money. I haven't had a personal (non-work) laptop in years.

    My desktop, although several years old, is still a Core i7 and has a beefy GPU so I can get my gaming fix. I really don't want to compromise on getting a thick/heavy laptop just for the GPU. Something like the 13" Lenovo Yoga 2 series is right up my alley, except they haven't yet bundled an Iris Pro. The only way to get that at the moment (at least in a sexy laptop) is with the 15" MBP w/ Retina ($$$).

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  • Well, as far as I know 3Delight is a cpu renderer, that means it uses your cpu to reder out the images, you graphicard only renders the live preview, and that is usually openGl which doesn't need that much power with your graphic card if the quality isn't that high or the scene not extreme full.

  • I have: Intel HD integrated graphics 3000 with up to 1696MB total graphics memory. At least that what my system specs tell me. Works great with DAZ4.6 and 3Delight for renders. I'm doing all my graphics on an HP laptop. I'm surprised it works so well, I also use Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator on it. Graphics & renders work perfect, you can see some of my renders on my thread in the Creative Works section.

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