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  • thank you so much Stoper for such a detailed reply. really appreciate it !

  • Since I've made this wall of text, for the PM, I may as well post it here as well.

    First of all, you don't need to copy your existing library to create new one. Just make a new folder, in whatever place on your PC and name it whatever you want. Then you can install, or move stuff to that folder.
    To make DAZ Studio look for content in that directory, just do the following:

    0. Fist of all, go to Window -> Workspace -> Select Layout… and from the drop-down on the pop-up window choose City Limits and click Apply. That way, you'll the things more or less the way I see them. After my "tutorial" you can go back to some other layout, if you feel like it.
    With this layout:

    • on the left, you have DAZ META content, that required the META data associated with DAZ products (I don't use this one, so I'm not sure how it works and what is required, if you want to move and reorganize your content)
      -on the right, you have the Content Library which contains you library(s) and all the stuff you have (this is what I use).

    Now to add your newly created library, or if you've moved your old one and whatnot:

    1. Click on: Content Library(1.1); then on the small square with the horizontal lines(1.2), on top of the gray column; and from the drop-down menu choose Content Directory Manager…(1.3)

    2. In the new window you'll see your content library(s), organized in three categories: DAZ Studio Formats, Poser Formats, Other. Click on the arrow before each to expand it and see the directories added to the format. To add a new library/folder - click on one of the formats, DAZ Studio Formats(2.1), for example; then the button Add…(2.2); browse to the folder you want to add(2.3); and after selecting it, click Select Folder(2.4)

    3. Do the same for the other formats you need. If you're going to use a folder/library for just DAZ content, you don't need to add it to the Poser Formats, for example. But it won't hurt if you do it anyway, just in case you put some Poser stuff in it.

    4. After doing this, you should see your new folder/library in the Content Library tab, under the respective format. If for some reason you don't see it, try right-clicking on the desired format and choose refresh.

    Before we continue, let's just talk about the structure of the libraries and the stuff you see on the Content Library tab.
    Like I said, you make a new library, by just making a new folder and adding it to DAZ Studio.
    If you've added you new directory to both DAZ Studio Formats and Poser Formats, a thing to notice is that in the Content Library tab you see different folders and content in both formats.

    • In DAZ formats you see most of the folders directly inside the folder/library in question. What you don't see are the folders: data, ReadMe's, Runtime and Uninstallers. data and Runtime should not be touched/renamed/moved! ReadMe's and Uninstallers are exactly what their names say and are not important. The rest of the folders, the ones you see in the Content Library tab, in general, can be rearranged and renamed the way you like it. For example, you can rename the Props folder to Propsies and the content inside it would still be visible and working. And if you install a content in that library, that needs the Props folder, it will just make a new one, since you renamed the existing folder and you'll have both Props and Propsies.

    • Poser uses the Runtime folder. It consists of three very important directories: Geometries, Libraries and Textures. The first and the third you should leave the way they are, you don't need to change anything inside. Inside Libraries are the folders that you see under Poser formats in the Content Library tab. You should not change those directories, you can change what's inside tho'. And this is where your content management comes. You can move stuff from Props to Figures(which in the folder is caller Character), for example. Because every installer/extractor uses it's own logic to place the stuff, it can be very tricky to find what you're looking for. Sometimes the desired MATs are inside Materials, sometime inside Pose, a building prop can be in Figures(Character) or in Props

    Here's, for example, how my Figures(Character) folder looks like:

    I have made a Victoria 4 dir, for all the clothing for V4. And inside every clothing set, I have made a MAT folder for the material (which I take from the Materials or the Pose folder). In this case (AS-Peppermint), I have made a PROPS folder as well, because the outfit had some small props, that were in another folder (Props I think).

    Like I mentioned in the topic, I usually install everything on a folder on my desktop. Then I look inside it, take just what I need and place it where I want it.
    The only content I've installed were the base figures, Victoria 4, Genesis, Genesis 2, etc…
    You should also check the readme files, before installing products. They specifically mention if a product need to be installed in the same library with a certain base figure or another product.

    I hope this helps you. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

  • hey stoper!

    I'm new to daz, but i would love to set up my daz content like how you've organized yours. That's actually exactly how i wanted to install/organize my own contents until i found out just how messy the default installs are.

    But i'm really new so i'm not quite sure how installing certain stuff in different paths might effect the overall schematics and what not.

    If you ever have some free time, could you help me set up my directories ? :)

    I will be doing a reinstall on my daz3d and redo all the infrastructure.

    for example, how do i set up two libraries? just copy the existing one and rename the second one to something like libraries2 or something?

    sorry for asking for something so trivial, but the directories and pathing of daz is still very foreign to me and i'm not sure which directory or files are like the system file that's used by everything as opposed to other things that might be movable and more susceptible to customized changes.

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  • The only things that I install directly into my library are the base figures (Genesis/G2/V4…)

    If a prop has an installer, I always install fist on a temp dir, on the desktop or something.
    Then I rename and organize the files and move them to my library.
    I also have two libs, one for Genesis stuff and one for V4/M4.
    Till few months ago I was using DAZ's default system for generation 4 - figures in Character, mats in Pose or/and Materials.
    But then I decided to change it. Now I paste clothing pieces in Character and inside the folder of the respective outfit, I make folders for materials, props, poses associated with it, etc…
    All the V4 clothing, for example, are in: Runtime\libraries\Character\Victoria 4
    Like: Runtime\libraries\Character\Victoria 4\Aphrodite
    And the mats for this outfit are in: Runtime\libraries\Character\Victoria 4\Aphrodite\MAT

    The thing is, inside Runtime\libraries\sub-folder you have a relative freedom to change and create folders and organize them the way you like it.

    p.s. You should be careful not to change the folders in Geometries and Textures. But you don't need to organize these anyway, the props know where to find them.

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  • i created a folder c:\3d on hard drive and install/drop everything into there.. works fine and i can easy backup it onto my nas server automatically once per week… its getting messy anyway : )

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  • it will get messy, and messier overtime
    installers should place files correctly so you shouldnt worry there & .zip usually come with documentation that tells you where to place things.

    learn to use Smart Content in daz, its a time saver, specially as you add up Go of content.
    here is a tutorial i did
    and the forum thread

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