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  • I'm not using DAZ/Poser content but for posing and animate my characters, I use Blender. What I can say about it is that it has very flexible tools that you can easily mix to obtain great results.

  • I use Poser for all my animating. While it can't do fluids, things such as physics, cloth dynamics and wind forces are all there if you learn to use them in the program.

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    I personally use 3DS Max for lighting and rendering currently… but with Octane and Reality you have the same quality in Poser/ Daz as well now.

  • do you guys also do lighting & rendering with maya then? for still images.

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    I haven't used Daz, but Poser does do the basics of animation quite well. If you have never done animation before Poser/ Daz is a good starting point, one of the big advantages being that it comes with easy access to tons of pre-rigged character content.

    Maya, Max are definitely not overkill if you know how to use them, in fact they will make your life much easier, but the learning curve is higher and character content isn't as easily available.

    The bottom line is there are certain principles to animation (from my still novice understanding of it) that apply regardless of which software you use so you can get decent animation in any of these applications. For advanced physics, cloth, fluid simulation and game development I would look towards the high end though.

  • The only differences between Maya and Daz are their different tools, I have never used Daz to animate, only Maya, so I can't say how well Daz works. However the principles of animation are still the same and as long as you keep them in mind you can pretty much achieve the same results.

  • vanilla Daz is powerful enough on its own.
    if you need extra tools, there are KeyMate & GraphMate to complement daz aniMate.

    here Poser created animations: (i specially like )

  • I've used the animation tools built into DAZ and it work pretty good. I also have Toon Boom Studio, haven't used it too much yet, it's really complicated but can do a lot. For that you'd need to render all your images first then load them in and animate it all. If you're going with a 30fps. or higher frame rate that's a lot of images to render. Daz just renders the images as it's making the animation. Toon Boom is great if you're doing things from scanned hand drawn images or images created in another graphics program, it can even do stop motion animation.

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