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  • A show has to be exceptional for me to sit down and binge watch. Breaking Bad's pretty much the only one.

  • I watched every episode of "The Wire" in about a month, does that count?

    BTW. Best Show Ever (Omar Strollin yo!)

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  • I used to buy lots of DVD box sets and watch the shit out of them. But things have changed the last 5 years or so. I guess it's me getting old, but I am less enthusiastic about TV now. Plus, can't really justify spending that much money any more, and totally ran out of space to keep the damn things.
    These days, I just try to keep up with the few things I watch on a weekly basis.

  • administrators

    rarely, watched Eastbound & Down recently, very funny :) … but usually don't find the time

  • I do from time to time when I find something really good, kind of like a book that you just don't want to put down. It'd be impossible to list all the shows I've done it with.

  • Wife and I binge-watched all of Breaking Bad and however much of Walking Dead was available on Netflix. Now we're continuing Walking Dead on cable TV (tired of waiting for things to show up on Netflix).

    We're hooked on Game of Thrones, but we have to wait for new episodes each week so I don't know if it counts as binge watching.

  • i binge-watched breaking bad when it was still on, and then started watching it when it was still being released. I was watching it when i had the flu…best flu ever! i also watched that 70s show just because its hilarious.

  • i do, or did since i didnt find anymore show to wreck my brain on.
    recently i saw Defying gravity, a realistic-oriented sci-fi which was very good but for the last mystic crap episode.

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